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Quilton 3-Ply 180-Sheet Toilet Tissue, Pack of 45 $21 ($18.90 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


An ozbargain popular deal back in stock again. $1 price increased. This time is for Quilton 45rolls,

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • this should flush out the crappy jokes

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    inflation is real.

    • 4 ply price also gone up.

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        We made an investment into a bidet a few years back, it has really paid off, way less toilet paper needed. I highly recommend! plus its cleaner…

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          Just make sure your bidet is installed by a licensed plumber. If not there might be back flow of chocolate gold into the drinking water of the community.

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            @pandadude: Bucket and garden hose, can't go wrong. No plumbers, better pressure and limitless choice for nozzle patterns

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              @schquid: Any advice on best pattern?
              Looking for sensation and cleanliness.

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                @cook99: Please, step into my office…

                I can highly recommend the combined shower and centre of the Pope deluxe wand. It offers an all round solid clean, with a delicate shower around the drop zone combined with a powerful clean in the central area. The 70cm length offers excellent ergonomics and reach, no need for advanced yoga poses.

                If you're dealing with a more stubborn offender, or having a Crayola day, I would suggest a jet wand to guarantee a thorough clean. The user experience is a little industrial, but when you've got a barnacle that won't budge this is the tool for you.

                Now if you're looking for sensation you can't go past a lawn sprinkler such as the Holman 3 arm. If you combine it with the Pope wand it will offer a sublime circular pattern backed by the all-round cleaning power of the Pope.

                Finally, if you have exhausted all other options, you'll need to enlist the help of a friend and a high flow nozzle. If this won't move it, perhaps try eating something other than rice and steak in future?

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                  @schquid: Please schquid! Give up your day job and become a comedian!

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              @schquid: 3 sea shells is all u need!

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            @pandadude: That's one helluva fart to pressure water back into a spray nozzle and then into the mains.

          • @pandadude: Backflow stopper will do the job.

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          Smearing 💩 is so 2020

        • I hope you dont cop a spray for those remarks

    • It is now

    • how much was this before?

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    Thanks OP i ordered myself 90 rolls.

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      90 rolls only for yourself?

      ordered myself 90 rolls.

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        I like to make hand gloves :)

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          Nothing wrong with that… Just make sure you make every finger count!

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    White cash yo.

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    Thanks, been using pine cones since the pandemic

    • Try using baby wipes. There is no turning back afterwards

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        Try using baby wipes.

        Make sure don't throw it in the toilet and put it in the bin 😏

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          I did that, but now I've run out of babies!

  • has anyone seen the kirkland toilet paper @ costco recently? been awol last several times i visited

    • Got some from Moorabbin yesterday. There was heaps of stock available.

    • yes. its there.

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    here for the toilet humor

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    With new strains coming, TP will again be a wealth storage vehicle..

    • Toilet paper is like cigarettes in WWII

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    Should be compulsory to add price per 100 sheets with all TP deals.

    edit: 23.333333c per 100 sheets for the s/s price

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        Pretty normal to standardize a price of something? Like price/kg or price/l. If over 25c/100 sheets I wouldn't purchase, 23c is OK.

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        Well isn't that the entire point of this website?!

        It's the whole reason why I'm here.

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      Thank you! Unit price is fundamental - should go in the title as well. For those who don't want 45 toilet rolls, this is an equivalent unit price at the moment at Woolies:

      Icare 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue Double Length White 3 Ply 6 Pack (24c/100 sheets).

      Aus made, top quality, prefer over Quilton.

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    with the cost of food rising toilet paper isnt going to be a problem soon….

    • with the cost of food rising toilet paper

      So we will eat it to recycle it?

  • Thanks was running low

  • Expected delivery in 4 weeks.

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      Mines tomorrow

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    This is probably more expensive than usual because every time someone posts the regular everyday price of $20 here it sells out that day even though it had been in stock at that price for weeks beforehand between front pages here. The 48 pack was $22 ($19.80) for the last couple of weeks supplied by amazon and just sold out when this was posted.

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      the regular everyday price of $20 here it sells out that day even though it had been in stock at that price for weeks beforehand

      People needs ozbargain to remind them they are running out of toilet paper.

  • 🐚🐚🐚

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    looks OOS :(

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    Anyone still buy both this and the Aldi one know if they are still pretty much the same?

    Those are cheaper from memory … (if you find a store with stock anyway!)

    • Yep no difference imo, havent seen any in the aldi stores for months so been grabbing these.

  • Thanks OP bought a pack to deal with all the crap! Maybe this is also a good alternative if someone please can explain how to use it:

    Limited-time deal: Toilet paper gel https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01N8VHHYB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

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    just missed out :( was ozbargained

  • Missed it as well

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      For a 30 pack, not 45

      • 4 ply , so make sure you use less.

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    My last order in June 2021 was $14.40 for S&S. I don't think we're ever going to see it below $18 again :(

  • Inflation showing up… High time is gets controlled.

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    With the crazy speed these bulk packs sell out and the pandemic toilet paper shortages im really concerened there might be serious issues with the average Australian ass

  • Lol toilet paper selling out again quick? Damn

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      Flushed away very quickly!

  • I swear I bought few days ago but order didn't go through???

    • Name will soon check out.

      • ok Eric Stoltz

        • Ouch!

          • @McFly: hahaha TP is back in stock go buy some to wipe ya big boy tears

            • @Poor Ass: Luckily, my S&S delivery is due next week. I might not need roads, but I do need TP!

              • @McFly: ha if no stock it'll still be cancelled

                • @Poor Ass: I presume they allocate stock a while before due for S&S orders. Is that not correct?

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    Not that I want to be accused of being a tp shill, but I strongly recommend giving 'Who Gives A Crap' a go.

    I used to order these ones through Amazon and between 2 of us they would usually last about 3-4 months.

    Bought WGAC in Oct, 5 months later and we still have 25 rolls left. So it'll likely last us another 5-6 months from now (we've only used 20~ of the 48). They're double length so much better mileage.

    It's more expensive, but with referral discount the bamboo is $50 (would recommend this over the normal variety). $50 for almost an entire year's supply of glorious bum cleaning material, and they donate half of the proceeds.

    That's pretty legit I do say.

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      Still more expensive than this even with the first discount!

      • +1

        To each their own, but we're talking a few bucks here.

        I'd say worth it for:

        • No hassle re-ordering
        • Not dealing with extra massive boxes + packaging
        • Feeling good about the donation

        Quality is probably the same, or not different enough to comment on!

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      Gee whiz, they make you pay for the privilege of getting bamboo paper on your bum and once you choose the 48 rolls for $66 they add the obligatory $8 del charge and then they inform you they don't deal with PayPal so just leave us your credit card details thanks.

      So $74 dollars to make you feel good and they claim the individual wrapping of each and every bog roll is friendly, friendly to our environment.

      I reckon it's the classic make you feel bad approach to lifestyle changes. The plastic that my Amazon ordered TP is recyclable as is the individual wraps of the TP. Where is the problem there?

      Wife wants to order the bamboo TP, I'm against it as it appears as virtue signalling but I'm happy to be informed that it is indeed a good thing.

      • I don't think it's that expensive, unless the prices went up recently? I didn't pay for delivery either.

        Won't get into the whole plastic thing but you know most of it isn't recycled yeh? Paper is always going to be better.

        I don't see how it's virtue signalling if they're actually doing something good. They're using some of the proceeds to help build toilets - I get being cynical in today's day and age but it's also possible that there are good people doing good things out there :)

    • Isn't their tp made in China? Most tp in Australia is actually Australian made.

    • Wait what? A 45 pack would last myself about 4 years. Maybe around 1.2 rolls a month. I do like number 2 daily and use 2-3 pieces each time. Dunno how you're wasting it by using like 2 rolls a month. That's like 4 rolls for two people. What a waste.

      • Good for you mate. Unfortunately the rest of humanity don't ration their tp quite as well as you, but if they did, we wouldn't have these deals! What a dilemma.

  • Was just on Amazon doing my bi-monthly toilet paper stock up. My regular choice is out of stock. Hmm… Get on OzBargain, now I know why.

  • Can't believe we need to jump on toilet paper deals again.

    • -2

      Do you use your bare hands to clean your bum?

      • I was just hoping more deals that last longer

  • bought 80

  • +1

    Back in stock

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    Inflation is now a deal?

    Now that people are buying this at the high price, it’s sets in a new support level for the price. We won’t see it cheaper again.

    • Fairly sure most things get more expensive over time. Maybe supply an demand is playing a pert, but don’t think it’s the cause of price increases over time.

      • I disagree, somethings get cheaper with time. Technology and improvements in manufacturing make some things cheaper.

        The computer I had 20 years ago would be cents on the dollar now.

        That being said. This was $18 before now it’s $21. That’s more than a 15% increase, so you can’t blame this solely on inflation.

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    Bought from Costco $19.49 Pack of 48 last Saturday

    • which one

      • +1

        Costco — Auburn
        17-21 Parramatta Rd
        Lidcombe NSW 2141

  • Ah what the hell might as well

  • Isn't this cheap on costco? 48 for 19.50

  • Bought it. Can't go wrong here. There's no TP on sale at either Coles or Woolies this week. That was never ever the case pre-covid (or even later after the TP hoarding ended). Same with paper towels too. Seem to be in shorter supply and costing more.

  • +1

    Ah shit. 45 roll OOS.

    • its back

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