Klarna Didn't Mention Minimum Spend Required on Their Email

Hi OzB, I am wondering if it is legal to not mention minimum spend on offer email?

I only can find it on their promotion page after click on tiny T&Cs link, it not even on the top section, it was mentioned under Q&As section. The email shows 4 steps to get the offer but no minimum spend mention.

Email screenshot
On promotion page
Link to there promotion

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  • Who will prosecute them?

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      Judge Dredd

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    What does the *asterisk link to

    • No idea, maybe link to the moon.

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        So you didn't bother to look at the * term and get your knicker in a twist when you don't understand/follow them?

        • I admit that I assumed minimum spent usually shown near the title or on instructions as others normally do. Honestly, I didn't see little T&Cs below.

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    Is there a footnote at the bottom of the e-mail to go with that asterisk? Those screengrabs are a bit tight.

    • No, I dont know why they use asterisk there. I attached the link above.

      • T's and C's are at the bottom with the minimum amount listed under the 'The Offer' expandable section. Have to agree with you though that it's a bit hidden. I would log a complaint to their support team and if they don't provide an adequate resolution then close your account.

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    Klarna are such dodgy C#%&s, they've hidden the minimum spend under the section Terms and Conditions (of the offer).

    For eligible customers making a purchase between $60 and $2,000 using Klarna during the offer period, Klarna will:
    for Pay in 4 purchases, deduct $15 off the full order value by waiving $5 from the customer’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th instalments; or
    for Pay Now by Card purchases, refund $15 to the customer’s credit or debit card linked to their Klarna account that was used to make the purchase.

    Who is going to find such a needle in the Klarna haystack?

    • I told them exactly like that. such a bait advertisement.

  • i guess you didn't bother to read tiny little T&C's of all those ebay deals and cashback offers posted here

    surprised this is your first missed T&Cs

  • New customer or existing?

  • On the link to promotion page, if you scroll down to "Promotions FAQ.", the answer to minimum spend is the first one.

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