Haval H6 Receives 5 Star ANCAP Rating, Will This Change Your Mind about Buying One ?

Breaking out from the "China Bad" argument and now that Haval has its 5 star ANCAP safety rating, will you consider buying one ?


Disclosure, I have actually placed an order in for the new H6 Hybrid landing here in June/July.

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    Still many other factors:

    • Service locations.
    • Parts availability.
    • Depreciation.
    • Brand snobbery.
    • Reliability long term (post warranty).
    • +1

      Thats fair, Ill counter however.

      1. There are 3 service locations close to me so that one isn't a issue I don't believe.
      2. I'm sure for some this might be a concern, however I don't plan to sell for at least 7-10 years to ride out the 7 year warranty. I think with the ANCAP it will retain a little better
      3. True
      4. True ( however could probably look towards other GWM vehicles for indications )
      • +5

        Parts availability would be fairly high up the priority list for me, no point getting a nice cheap car if it's off the road for 6 weeks every time it needs routine maintenance.

        • Parts availability

          What kind of parts? oil filter , fuel pump, belt and plugs?

          For last 20 years, four cars which I driven. those are the only parts I had to replace. Most of the new cars, most parts are coming from same supplier.

          • @boomramada: Because you drive Toyota.

          • @boomramada: Yup, exactly those parts, the workshop experience will also be vastly different in terms of the maturity of their processes and procedures (warranty, recall, etc) but as long as you're going into it eyes open…

    • +9

      I'll add one more;

      • That fugly Haval badge splashed across the rear liftgate as if the car isn't already screaming out "Cheap and Nasty" everywhere you look.
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    it's still an SUV, and FWD at that

    • +4

      and a POS

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    I thought all new cars got high rating these days, I wouldn't place it as a high priority when buying one

    • Not sure on it, but I hear that a lot of uber drivers and taxi drivers where waiting for the ANCAP because you cant drive in VIC without the 5 star.
      Also, It seems to be/was a major concern from all the other Haval threads on Ozbargin, So people must place some stock in it ?

  • -2


    I'll never buy a Chinese car unless it's made by a US/JP company.

    • +1

      Why? Do you not trust Chinese manufacturing at all? Or just cars specifically? How many things were you using when you made that post that were made in China?

      • +11

        To be fair though, China does have a reputation for cutting corners, putting money over safety/health etc, unless managed/controlled by non local company (Ie. Apple, Philips etc). Not just for cars, but in other industries too, like food and construction.

  • So, they "made it"… like every car maker before it. Next.

    • +3

      "I can tie my shoe laces, can I be CEO now"

      • +1

        Only when you Stop. Eating. The. Crayons.

  • +1

    No, I would never buy an H6

    • Technically I wouldn't either. Am I double standard? I don't know. But if I had 40K, no any other funds and desperately need of mid size SUV, I would rather get this than toyota which driven around the world several times. Or I rather save for another few years and buy a brand new BMW i5 instead of Toyota, thats my mind set.

      But if someone like OP thinking about Haval, this is a great deal as Haval comes with all the latest tech, 7 years warranty, 5 year roadside assist, cap price service and the new car smell.

  • +8

    “cHiNa cAr bAd. USA/JPn/KoReA/GeRmAn cAr gOOd.” Then these same people go out and buy a new car with a different badge but still that made in China sticker under the bonnut.

    “cCp BaD. I DoNt SuPpOrT tHe CcP.” As they tweet from their iPhone and drink their coffee from a Chinese made coffee maker, while enjoying their air conditioning made by a Chinese manufacturer, sitting in their furniture made in China.

    Most of the “cHiNa cAr BaD” rhetoric comes from the same place that the “KoReAn CaR bAd” and “JaPaN cAr BaD” came from in the past. Ignorance.

    NOTE: I do NOT support the CCP, nor do I condone anything they do. I will not buy anything I don't have to that has a "Made in China" sticker on it. But I don't kid myself about it and sometimes it is unavoidable. I DO think that Chinese cars have come a long way since them being dumped on our shores and much like Kia/Hyundai of only recent times, they are getting better and are much better than what people make them out to be because they just want to hate on something. Would I actually buy one? Possibly. But my not buying one would be based on other factors than just blind ignorance and "CCP bad" rehtoric.

    • +3

      Most of the “cHiNa cAr BaD” rhetoric comes from the same place that the “KoReAn CaR bAd” and “JaPaN cAr BaD” came from in the past. Ignorance.

      Nah, it comes from the fact that build quality in china is often cheaper unless strict controls are put in place. When a non Chinese company like Apple gets things made in China, the quality is going to be different than a Chinese company making stuff for export.

      Just look at Great Wall and how they had asbestos in the panels.

      • Wasn't that back in 2012 ? and it was in the gaskets/engine.
        They re-called ? Recalls happen all the time with every manufacturer no just GWM https://www.vehiclerecalls.gov.au/recalls/browse-all-recalls...

        You will notice that Marc, Toyota, Holden, Ford have the most.

      • +4

        Great Wall and how they had asbestos in the panels.

        LOL.. What a load of shit. It was asbestos used in exhaust gaskets and this was recalled and only affected a small number of vehicles and Workcover was quoted as saying "It posed a negligible risk while the gaskets were in place." This is the sort of misinformation that breeds ignorance.

        And some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world come from China. SAIC, GWM, Geely, Dongfeng, FAW, BYD, etc… and a lot of the time they are making vehicles and/or parts for non-Chinese manufacturers. You don't get to make over 6 million cars a year (ie: SAIC) by turning out shitheaps.

        • +1

          how stupid do you have to be to think that they went to the trouble of putting as asbestos layer to sheet metal panels

          in a $20k ute

          panels are not under any kind of heat pressure so why

          do people have no critical thinking?

      • +1

        Nah, it comes from the fact that build quality in china is often cheaper unless strict controls are put in place.

        Or when they realise they need to step up to get more market share, just like Japan and Korea did. It's like all free market lovers think China is somehow perpetually excluded - why?

        • +2

          Are Australians still raiding supermarkets buying up the baby formula and shipping them to China?

          • +2

            @rektrading: Nah. It’s chinese purchasing large amounts from Aussie supermarkets for baby formula.

            • +2

              @Euphemistic: That came after the Chinese baby formula makers poisoned the local babies, wasn't it?

        • +3

          Or when they realise they need to step up to get more market share

          Still cut corners. Again. Asbestos in cars.

          I won't eat garlic that is from china let alone drive a car…

    • -1

      The car I drive is made by a US/JP company.

      The phone I use is made by a US/JP company.

      The workstations I work on is made by a US/JP/TWN company.

      The tools I own is made by a US/JP company.

      I try my best to not buy Chinese tech goods. It's not always easy but I do what I see as reasonable.

      • Do you have a Sony phone?

    • Bonut only has one n. ;)

      • Poor one-nut Bonut.

    • @pegaxs.That’s the irony of it, literally everything in the modern home is of Chinese origin.Back in 2000 I purchased a new AU Falcon Futura(good car actually) but what really surprised me @ the time was some of the electrical cabling was made in China!People seem to forget when the Japanese automotive industry was in its infancy, people said that the first Datsuns & Toyotas(mid 1960’s) were just garbage & that they would never buy one.Look @ them now.Chinese vehicle?First ones were absolutely rubbish.But fast forward to the present, look how well they are selling.Only going to get better.Do I like them,or would I buy one?Absolutely not.Not because they come out of China, they just do not in any way appeal to me.But each to their own.

      • +1

        The first Chinese cars were brought here to be the cheapest (Chery, Great Wall). They’ve now discovered that Aussies don’t just want the cheapest, we also want some sort of quality so this round of Chinese vehicles has upped their game. They are still trying to be on the cheap end, but also trying to be a more quality product. They’ll keep their super cheap vehicles for other markets but sending us their ‘bit better’ ones.

  • I don't care how a car crashes, I care how it drives. I'd mutch rather avoid the accident than survive it. Depending on how the dynamics are I may consider it, but cannot give a flat yes or no answer.
    If it drives like a Ssangyong Korappo or Daewoo Craptiva no chance, if it's closer to a Kia/Hyundai or Toyota then it might get a look in.
    Regarding quality, hopefully they have better durability than their cousins at LDV

    • +3

      remind me to never get in a car with you

      • +1

        What, that I don't want to crash?
        Feel free to use your 5 star rating all you want, cause I definitly won't be going anywhere with you.

        • Doesn’t 5 star now require active crash avoidance systems?

    • +1

      Yeah, because no other car manufacturer has ever been taken to court because of shit quality vehicles, only the Chinese ones.

      • Whats wrong with asking for durability out of a $30,000+ purchase?
        Even if you pay $280,000+ you are not guaranteed quality and durability. Is that better?

        And I never said they were crap quality or the didn't handle, I have not driven one so cannot give feedback. I also said dependant on a few ifferent factors I may consider one.

        Funny how some defend car makers/countries and some ridicule them, but I don't really care about that, I care about quality and durability.

  • +6

    That's not a question I would ask from a Toyota / Tesla forum.
    You should check with people who already bought it.

  • +2

    The 5 star rating is actually pretty lenient, and almost every new car these days will score a 5 (or revise the design until they do)

    Look at some of the reports of cars on the lower end of the 5 star vs those on the higher end, big difference in how you and the passengers actually fare in the crash.

    This car got 90 which is on the lower end.

  • +4

    People who say will buy or own a Tesla should automatically be added to "yes" to that poll.

    Personally I will stick to Japanese and Korean cars.

    • There are more Tesla factories outside of China than inside.

      • +6

        Australian delivered model 3 are made in China.

        • -4

          Yes, you are right.

          Tesla sold in Australia is made by a US company.

  • +1

    people who were thinking of buying one, especially on this site would have done enough research before the ANCAP crash testing to know it would get 5stars (based off previous overseas testing).

    this won't change those with prejudiced views about chinese made.

  • +3

    An ANCAP rating does not wash the stench of Mainland China.

  • +1

    Although i 'hear' the China argument my issues is more it 'hasn't been around long enough' most companies 'promise' the world but when shit hits the fan do the deliver?

    Assuming you are looking as a basic family/Small SUV companies like Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda etc have a record of 'looking after customers' esp when things go wrong.

    Im pretty sure Kia has the 'worlds best' warranty in terms of if something goes wrong they fix it for nothing during warranty periods.

    Im not saying Haval will always have this if in 10 years the reviews are good i'd look into it but i look at Jeep, Ranger Rover, even Mercedes to some extent and how i read stories of shafting customers and i wouldn't want to take that risk.

  • +1

    i think this place actually represents the extremist view… which I'm not immune to

    i drive around around various areas of sydney and really a lot of people drive based on what you can get for your money and what the company's long term obligations are to you

    and for example, if a company brings you a product that has above average features + at least the illusion of a long warranty then that's enough

    i see the Cannon ute., the Jolion and HEAPS of those Chinese vans around… driving by all kinds

    and to be realistic these maybe be short term things, keep for three years then flip

    and to me I might think these people are 'stupid' or 'delusionial' for buying Chinese

    but to them its just transport, it gets you from A to B

    they dont attach their personality to it, its not like as if President Xi assembled it, hell I doubt he's even been in a GWM lol

    let me put it like this… we have an absolute pile of Chinese made electronics industrial equipment at work… some we have because we specifically bought it… some of it it actually Indian, some has brands like ABB, Allen Bradley, Honeywell and other establshied US German EU brands but when I have to dismantle it, underneath it says "ODM Shanghai Power and Electrical" on it…

    This is how I try to think…, does the tool do the job? I dont have the GWM badge on my forehead… does it matter?

    • Another one of your ‘well thought out’ posts,not.Saying a lot without saying anything.Had to take a break reading that garbage.

      • and yet you read it

        who the bigger fool i wonder, one who takes the time to read and excrete a comment and adds no value or retort of his own

        purely a hack

        • +1

          Only got through half of that drivel,& just gave up.

  • +1

    Have we learnt nothing from recent bullying from the Chinese regime when they didn't like the Australian perspective/politics?
    If we want to be the successful, "clever country" we need to lessen our dependence on China not increase it. Government has to play a role in this but so do the citizens, the consumers. Individual consumer choice does make a difference when it adds up.
    Of course, sadly, we live in a pretty self centred society.

    • did you not take heed of the last election

      i cannot expect people to lead when the leaders dont lead

      i cannot expect people to take in these macro issues when they have structural unemployment and rampant inflation and unaffordable housing

      people get the political party they deserve

  • +1

    This article is about LDV but I would take it as a warning for all crap Chinese cars.

    • you'll find posting Cadogan here isnt the slam dunk you think it is

      but yes that was a funny case…. basically guy has some rust in a ldv ute… dealer goes you live near coastal areas

      dealer is like 500m from the beach

  • Well guys, I have to say - not a single comprehendible reason was presented to why someone shouldn't buy a Haval.
    There is truly some absolutely redonk comments in here
    It realistically boils down to brand bias and personal feelings.

    • +3

      How about waiting for quality and reliability to be PROVEN in Australia? How about resale value? They are selling because cheap at this point. Lots of us, when spending a large portion of our income, would rather buy something with a gold reputation.

      • Okay, ill wait 10 years to buy.

        • They way they are upping their game 5years should do it.

          China can make anything to any quality. You just have to pay more for good quality.

          • @Euphemistic: So next year ? As the HAVAL F7 was released in 2019 - and has no issues ?

            • @CyberDyn999: Yeah. You go buy one champ.

              Reputation is still not great. It’s going to take another 5 years to build it.

              • @Euphemistic: ah okay, no worries - I'll wait an additional 5 years on the one you already recommended. So 10 years now.

                I'm sure these arbitrary numbers are going to hold up true.

                • @CyberDyn999: Yep. You hold me to that fact I have heavily researched and calculated to the nearest month.

                  People are currently buying them because of the price. If/when the quality proves itself they’ll lose the ‘China car bad’ reputation just like Hyundai lost their cheap rubbish reputation some time ago. The Chinese products seem to have a lot more $ behind them to increase brand awareness and address quality issues more quickly than Hyundai did.

    • +1

      A neighbor has one, it has excellent paintwork, is very comfortable and the finish looks OK to me.

  • Maybe they should up come with a Quality Star rating instead.

  • +1

    Maybe they should up come with a Quality Star rating instead.

  • GWM introduced a new SUV - Haval Dargo http://crweworld.com/article/news-provided-by-pr-newswire/23...

    It is interesting to see their Chief Engineer of the Chassis R&D Department is Japanese and Technical Consultant & Validation Expert is German. It seems they try to lure a lot of talent from other countries with a strong car industry.

    • Lots of talent for the design phase. Same production line and quality control?

      • Probably be still better than Tesla US quality control or Mercs (they had x3 recalls than other brands), then again they actively fixing it ;)

      • +1

        Definitely, on the same level. If you watch videos from their factories they are very modern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6YqW3JOK5g

        GWM is the most popular SUV car maker in China. Most owners are happy with them, so if you dismiss them thinking they are some low quality cheap car maker from China you are missing out.

        • that video is super impressive

        • Most owners are happy with them,

          Most Aussies were happy with HQ Holden quality at the time too. If GWM sells a better product than the next most popular doesn’t mean it’s as good as a Japanese built one, just means it’s better than what those buyers are used to.

          so if you dismiss them thinking they are some low quality cheap car maker from China you are missing out.

          No doubt GWM discovered fairly quickly that Aussies don’t buy on price alone and have upped their quality game making a decent product, but it still has a reputation built on the original ute and suv that weren’t very good.

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