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Dual Zone Portable Fridge Freezer 75L $599 in-Store @ ALDI


Feels and looks quality, price competitive with Jaycar's 75L Brass Monkey $729. I say its a deal :)

Long life link to offer
Product Description

  • Compartments work independently
  • Includes AC and DC power cords
  • Steel body and lid
  • Superior insulation with 60mm walls and 53mm lid
  • Aluminium lined inner body
  • Secop compressor
  • Weight: 30kg (Edited, was 34kg)
  • Size: 80cm(L) x 47cm(W) x 51.5cm(H)

Warranty: 2 Years by Protel Australia, [email protected]

More info here, almost same model, Kickass brand.

Replacement Cable to suit Waeco Fridges

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  • +5

    34kgs. Goddamn.

    • Same here. Was tempted even though my trust 60L Kings is still going strong being run 24x7 since Covid started.

      I can only imagine 34kg plus fully loaded with frozen items, how painful it’ll be unloading from the back of the SUV.

      • +3

        I have a similar sized fridge from a different brand. It’s too heavy to move with all the food in it. But the food goes in baskets, you just take it out, move the fridge, and put it back. Having a fridge/freezer on a 1wk+ remote camping trip is gold.

        Not great on sand, but works elsewhere pretty well. This is what we use for the fridge chest/battery bank if we need to move them from the van. Thing is tiny when folded up, can fit it into the book/map flap in the back of most car seats.

    • +4

      Yea.. Jaycar’s is 24kg, not a feather too. And im thinking permanent in car install, not lugging it around.
      Also, Kings Stayzcool 75L from 4wdsupacentre is 30kg, Dometic CFX3 75DZ - 28kg, just for stats.

      • But the Kings is $900….

    • Aldi fridge weighs 30kg. Packed weight is 34kg. Says so on the box.

      • Updated, cheers

  • Are the compartments fixed?

    • +2

      It sure looks like it

    • Fixed dimensions, yes. There is a solid, insulated wall between the cabinets with individual hinged lids.

      Fixed temperature, no. Each compartment can be set at it's own individual temperature between -18 and +10C.

  • -1

    We just take a bar fridge camping. We only use powered camp sites and it's what everyone else does these days too. Maybe that's why campsites are now $59 a night haha.

    Can pick them up for $100 second hand and double capacity.

    • $59 for a campsite, that’s crazy talk!
      Last time I went to paid accommodation was in 2020 and it cost me $200 for 4 nights in a cabin at a caravan park.

      • Can + this. Spent $150 for a family of 4 at a big 4 at a powered site for a weekend. Cheaper options there but yeah it's exxy for what you get.

      • Yep they were $35 a night back then :( now $59.

        We now try to stick with NRMA parks at $49 a night,.however these will increase very soon too.

        But if you look at some campsites like Wilson's prom it's booked out years in advanced. They could charge $300 a night and people would still go.

    • Gold

    • +4

      Great idea for powered camping, my idea of camping is that there is no power and no people lol

  • +1

    Still running the last Aldi adventure ridge 65L, still going strong

  • +2

    If you’re after something smaller and from reputable brand, then I’d suggest mycoolman cep47:

    I bought it today with the cover for $599

    • -2

      Risk your money and time with Anaconda. They took my fridge order, no delivery, no cancellation/refund for few months. Only if I lay my hands on it in store.

      • +5

        Never had issues with their online store and returns. I found their customer service to be quite good.

        I bought this from the store anyway. I wouldn’t trust delivery guys banging the fridge around.

      • About 40 orders last year and no problems.

        Looks like you have taken the bad luck for everyone haha

        • Yes, it starts to feel like it, fark my luck :) But actually no, they outright lied on the phone about the status everytime I called, I'm keeping away from it now.

    • Costco also selling this online for $599.97 delivered.

      • I think this is the without the cover.
        Mycoolman covers sold separately, it costs $99.

  • +3

    This looks to be the same fridge as the Kickass 75L, albeit a re-skin with a slightly different controller (no BT?). I have run the Kickass for a year now and it's been great. This is a great buy for the price.

    • Yes, only difference is in electricals. Thanks, I added its additional into to deal.

    • And same as XTM 75BT 75L Fridge Freezer?

      • XTM is dimensionally the same, but it has a different compressor.
        See my detailed comment below for info.

    • LOL "Im Clayton, founder of Kickass. I did not bought it off-the-shelf, I design all my fridges from ground up myself" in video

  • +1

    Secop compressor, I have had an old original one of these for over 20 yrs in a fridge I bought from Repco. They are good, I understand these are too.

  • +1

    A glamping location I stayed at had one of these fridges, it worked really well and kept our food / drinks chilled for the 3 days there.

  • Can this plug into a cigarette lighter and kept running while you're driving along?

    • Sure. But don't leave it running with engine off. It'll discharge your battery so your car won't start.

      • No power from 12v sockets without ignition on .. food will go bad .. car will be fine

        • +1

          All of the cars I’ve ever driven have powered sockets when ignition is switched to accessory.

          • @mapax: Then it's pretty obvious what's going to happen .. not something that could be a mistake

            • @matt-ozb:

              It'll discharge your battery so your car won't start.

              So nuker was correct

            • @matt-ozb: I judged by the asked question. Anyway, for running this boy I have dual battery setup, under bonnet lithium and Redarc for charging. Still need to figure out wiring and sockets.

              • @nuker: Under the bonnet will kill your lithium due to it getting too hot. My tightarse setup has my fridge connected directly to the battery in the back of the Ute. It means I’m running off the 2nd battery while driving and not charging but quotes for wiring up the dc dc charger have varied from $300-$900.

                • @bennybaubles: No probs, will buy another lol. I got my 100Ah for $250, and some say it wont die under bonnett, some say it will … we’ll see.

                • @bennybaubles: Yea, Redarc charger price bites, but you get under bonnet install, and its waterproof, those creek crossings. I got BCDC1240D for $450 used.

    • Depends how much current it draws. If it draws too much it will burn out the wiring of a cigarette lighter.

      • Yeah hopefully in that case it's fused correctly and just blows the fuse rather than literally burning through the wiring lmao!
        What I've seen of these fridges is that they run around a max of 2A under load, which is fine for the usual 10-20A accessory lines run to cigarette lighters. Now, if you're a power-user and plug heaps of things to a single outlet, just gotta make sure the extra max load of the fridge is less than the total fuse amps.

      • Not an issue. It comes with a cig socket plug. Expect max 6A draw if you use it as a freezer only, 2A for a fridge.

  • Pretty keen to pull the trigger unit I started reading some reviews for the Kickass 75 equivalent on product review but then again it is product review. My old boss was given an Engel on his 18th birthday he is now in his mid 50's and has never missed a beat. Might save an invest in one of those.

    • +2

      There’s a much higher chance the newer Engle’s won’t near that long. Some people have great reviews of them, others horrid even after multiple replacements

    • Interesting thing to get on your 18th birthday lol. Not a car but a car fridge

      • A new Engel is worth more than my first car was!

  • +2

    Only thing with Aldi electronics (large and heavy ones like these things and UHD tvs) is that Aldi doesn't deal with warranties. Can't just take these back to stores.

    • +1

      Just learned that yesterday, lol. Thanks, I added info in the deal.

      • Oh wait - what did you have an issue with? For me it was the 75" Android tv from two years back. Remote was acting up and the warranty partner basically said they will have to come out n see the device - if it's a warranty case then they'll fix it - if it's not then they charge a call out fee as a minimum.

        • +1

          No issues so far, I just found out that you don't bring it back to Aldi, thats all.

  • -1

    "This product is delayed"

    • +1

      it is not, got one in store yesterday

    • The info online is 100% unreliable. It said that in NSW, the fridge, tent poles and trailer net were all delayed, however, I bought all three on the day of sale.

  • Excellent deal for a larger fridge/freezer with Secop compressor, and the individual compartments give great flexibility. Like to see specs on power usage and noise, but Aldi’s not the only seller or manufacturer to keep quiet on those.

    Also on sale are the VoltaX 100ah lithium battery for only $429 and battery box for $49, excellent price on both. Throw in a 160W portable Solar panel kit for $169 and you have a complete off-grid system at bargain rates.

    • Check the "more info" link in my post, there is Amps if you scroll down. My take was 2A averaged over 24H (48Ah/day)

      • Cheers. Decent specs at 32 degrees ambient. I am sooo tempted but it's just too big for my current needs. I wish Aldi had a 45-50L model.

        I'm almost hoping my home freezer dies. Then I could justify buying this as a replacement, and use it on the road further down the track.

        • I wish Aldi had a 45-50L model

          me too, still a bit unsure, but decided to bite. I checked some square bodied 50-60L, size is not radically less than this.

    • +1

      FYI that battery box is legit awesome (for the price).

      For anyone who previously bought Adventuridge 38Ah AGM battery (maybe 4-5yrs ago), this battery box was MADE to fit 2x of them.There isn't a single mm spare.

  • I'm a noob but how do y'all power these if you aren't going to a powered camping spot? It says it has a battery…but doesn't mention anything about battery charge longevity

    • Buy Aldi's lithium 100Ah battery for $429
      It should last at least 48 hrs. Probably much more if you have reasonable temp settings and keep it covered, and load it with frozen water bottles @ start.
      Add a solar panel to go even longer.

    • The people who do off the grid camping (unpowered sites) do it for about 2 nights as you can't live without electricity in 2022 😂

      Alternatively they choose that option as they get to the site at say 4pm, camp a night and leave at 7am and they have done this as they're on the way to a Destination.

    • These fridge units DO NOT have a built-in battery.
      They require power from an external 12V, 24V or 240V power source.

  • There's no battery. It runs off AC or your DC car socket, but to run it off-grid you need to buy a battery. See other Aldi deals in my post above. Their lithium battery is a good price for a good size. Pair it with a battery box for easy connectors to power fridge, lights, charge phones/tablets etc.

  • When it says 'Compartments work independently', does that mean both sides can be a freezer?

    • +1

      yes both sides have their own temp setting and can be any combination of freezer/fridge

  • @atlas Yep

  • +1

    A cover would be good to sweeten the deal!

    • What if you use two covers? Three? What if you put this fridge inside a bigger fridge? Lol Joking. Yeah, would be nice to get!

    • The KickAss 75L and XTM 75L dual-zone fridges are dimensionally the same as the Aldi 75L, however the XTM has different panel cutouts to the Aldi.
      See my comment below for info.

  • Grabbed one today from Balwyn VIC. Still 2 left.

  • Picked up one Underwood QLD. Also 2 left will probably pick up a kings insulated dual 70l cover for it $64.95 pick up.

    • +1

      Let me know how it fits.

    • I will be rolling naked

    • Did you manage to pick one up to see if it fits?

    • +2

      Kings 75L fridge covers will not fit.
      This one has totally different dimensions and cutouts.
      And this one will fit dimensionally, however has a different lid split and different cutouts.

      However, the KickAss 75L and XTM 75L dual-zone fridges are dimensionally the same as the Aldi 75L, however the XTM has different panel cutouts to the Aldi.
      See my comment below for info.

      • +1

        I was looking at the 70L dual zone from kings.
        I believe the measurements are the same and the cut out as well. Will check once I get one.

        • Yes please keep us posted.

        • Still interested in your findings for when you try one! Cheers.

  • -1

    my aldi dometic broke firs time plugging it into 12v.

    • -1

      Cool story bro. That is not this model or even the same manufacturer.

  • Has anyone found stock in WA?

  • +5

    Runtime, Power draw tests and product comparisons

    Power draw test results from my unit purchased earlier this week.

    Product: Aldi Adventuridge 75L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer
    Model number: HMCZ75DD

    This fridge has:
    - Steel body and lid
    - 60mm wall and 53mm lid insulation.
    - Aluminium lined inner body
    - Genuine Secop (aka DanFoss) Compressor.
    - Internal LED lights for both cabinets
    - Spring-loaded, Load-rated tie-down and carry handles.
    - 12VDC, 24VDC & 240VAC power input.
    - 2 year warranty

    Comparative products

    KickAss 75L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - $1049
    Nearly identical product, with very subtle differences.
    KickAss has BlueTooth connection, 2x extra USB sockets, 1x Cigarette plug, and a 12V Anderson plug input.
    5 year warranty.

    XTM 75DZ Fridge Freezer (BCF) - $699 Club Price
    Same dimensions, different compressor, plus a few small differences.
    Identical dimensions and layout to Aldi 75L.
    2 year warranty
    XTM has a different control panel with BlueTooth controller, lockable latches.
    XTM has a different compressor, being EvaKool DL22DC.
    XTM control panel is located higher than Aldi's.
    XTM power panel is located further to the right than Aldi's.

    Protective/Insulated Covers

    Aldi does not sell covers for this model.
    Insulated protective covers for KickAss & XTM 75L fridges will both fit the Aldi Adventuridge 75L fridge.
    The XTM cover has slightly different panel cutouts and is not listed as being magnetised.
    KickAss cover is not listed separately for sale, but is included with the fridge purchase.

    Initial Test Setup:

    Tested indoors.
    Average ambient temp ~18-20C (Sydney).
    Set temperature: 3C (both cabinets).
    Cabinets were pre-cooled to 3C while empty. Power usage measured below, but not counted for the run-time test.

    Runtime Test Setup

    Set temperature: 3C (both cabinets).
    Empty cabinets pre-cooled to 3C.
    Contents added:
    - 1 cabinet filled with 9x pre-cooled 1.2L drink bottles.
    - 1 cabinet filled with 12x room temp 1L UHT milk cartons.
    Doors were opened a few times, but probably less than normal camping usage.

    Power Supply:

    EcoFlow River Pro Lithium Power Station, Capacity: 720Wh (60Ah @ 12V).

    Power Usage:

    70-90W during initial startup at room temperature.
    Stabilised running power usage with modes:
    - 30W eco
    - 45W norm
    - 60W max

    Cycle time was not accurately measured, but (anecdotally) the fridge cycled on every hour (roughly) for approx 5-10mins.

    Runtime results

    (% remaining/used is based on the EcoFlow Power Supply capacity)
    12 hours = 86% remaining (14% used) = 8.4Ah (101Wh) consumed.
    24 hours = 68% (32% used) = 19.2Ah (230Wh) consumed.
    48 hours = 25% (75% used) = 45.0Ah (540Wh) consumed.
    60 hours (2.5d) = 2% (98% used) = 58.8Ah (705Wh) consumed.

    Average power consumption over time*.

    0.85 Amps per hour
    10.25 Watts per hour
    * Measured as the average power consumed per hour over the duration of the test, not "compressor running" hours.

    Temperature Accuracy

    Storage temperature is critical to food-safety, especially with high-risk food items like raw chicken.
    I BluTac'd 2x external probe thermometers to an item in each cabinet to measure the liquid temperature of the contents, rather than the air temp of the cabinet.
    Note: I assume my thermo probe is reading the correct temps, however I have not verified its accuracy.

    3C fridge/cabinet set temp.
    6C external probe thermometer.

    I then dropped the fridge set temp to try and find a food-safe range (<4C). Measurements were taken after several hours to allow the content's temps to stabilise.

    2C fridge/cabinet set temp.
    4C external probe thermometer.

    1C fridge/cabinet set temp.
    3C external probe thermometer.

    Warranty Information

    The fridge has a 2 Year warranty, managed by an Aldi agent called Protel Service, not the Aldi stores.
    However, Aldi, as the retailer, can not deny your rights to a return or refund for faulty equipment under Australian Consumer Law.
    Protel Service have a local Australian phone number and email address.
    More info here:

    Results and Conclusions:

    Excellent value for money.
    Nearly identical to KickAss 75L model.
    Be careful with temperatures - Food contents was consistently reading 2-3C higher than the set cabinet temperature.
    Long-term durability results unknown for either Aldi or KickAss model.

    • Downvotes WTF?
      I spent days doing these tests and hours consolidating the results, only for some neckbeard to downvote the post?

      • +2

        Here you go +1 to compensate. Don’t take it too seriously, sometimes it’s accidental.

        Thanks for the analysis btw

      • appreciated it!

    • +2

      Cycle time was not accurately measured, but (anecdotally) the fridge cycled on every hour (roughly) for approx 5-10mins.

      That is the main measurement for consumption. "60W but only once in a while" is not good enough :) You need this power meter I additionally bought this battery capacity monitor

      Both these meters integrate power over time

    • I just read this comment on this thread I subscribed to, but obviously missed the previous comments.
      Went to upvote, but no votes allowed after 30days, so made a comment to say thanks.
      Don't let a silly neg stop you from helping out others in the future.

  • +1

    Aldi north rocks had three of these when I left an hour ago for half price. $299.50

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