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Mattress In A Box, Single $159, KSB $189, DB $219, QB $259, KB $299 @ ALDI Special Buys


Mattress in a Box

Our Estelle mattress is expertly engineered with premium pocket spring technology, a layer of memory foam for enhanced support and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort
Finished in a polyester jacquard quilted fabric
Mattress comfort level: medium feeling
Mattress expands to full size once unpacked (cannot be repacked into box)
Wheels and handle on the box for easy transport
Includes 12 month warranty

Prices up slightly from last yr except King seems to be same price

I’m personally hoping to pick up a Double so would love anyone who bought one last year advise how it’s going 1 yr on.
The price of the ZZZAttelier which is what I normally would get are still too high even with eBay codes.

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  • How many have you bought OP?

    • None yet but looking now at reviews it may stay at none :(

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        FWIW, I've bought 4 ZZZAtelier (1QS &1DB for me + 2DB for parents) and 2QS from ALDI (for me). I'd give ALDI a miss…In my opinion ZZZ is the superior product at a competitive price (check out their reviews). They often have great Ebay discounts with quick and free delivery in eastern Australia.. The overall price of a bed delivered to Perth isn't overly expensive, particularly when on sale.

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    Damn reviews for this are brutal

    • Was just going to post reviews are bad .

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    avoid at all costs - not even worth buying to donate to the homeless …

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      You donate? I make them do stuff.

      Like getting them to keep a watch over me from vampires.

  • We've got one of the original KS ones from the first time they sold them - still going strong after what must be 5yrs now?

    We also got one of the KS beds at the same time - replaced the slats after 6 months with solid 18mm ply. I'm pretty heavy, 1.95m tall, 120kg and still no real sag but I suspect part of the issue with mattresses is just using a poor base.

    Being ex-UK we were staggered at how much Aussies seem to spend on a mattress. We had to junk an Ikea bed when moving over as Ikea use metric sizes in the UK which are different to those here. An expensive mistake.

    • Yes, Australia is hanging on the imperial system!

    • We have Ikea there you know..

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      Being ex-UK we were staggered at how much Aussies seem to spend on a mattress

      It is a cartel. All the manufacturers make the same mattress but name and package it differently to sell at all the retail stores at a significant mark up.

      Quality mattress (single / double / queen) I expect $300 - $500.

      replaced the slats after 6 months

      Slats are also a problem. Most of them are very weak and also spaced far apart. Too far in most cases.

  • May go well with this?

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    I feel like these are better for children or guest rooms.

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    I got one of these recently and I love it. Very cheap compared to other brands and very hard (to my liking).

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    I bought a bed and mattress last year, tried it, and did not like it at all.
    The bed frame had a strong and horrible chemical smell that did not depart after airing the room repeatedly (sliding doors open)

    The mattress was okay, but very cheap and firm.
    No side cushioning, so it will collapse more at the edges.
    Very very firm, minimal cushioning, might be suitable for some, but not me.
    You get 60 days to return if you don't like it.

    If you're desperate for a cheap bed, then maybe…

    • i'd like to see a person returning rolled up mattress one day.

  • Is there anywhere to test how the extra firm Atelier zzz compares to the new and improved 7 zone? I like a firm mattress but am wondering if the extra firm is too firm and the 7 zone has 15yrs vs 10yrs for the EF. The 7Z also has lots more tech in it and if it's still pretty firm I might end up going that. Any help would be MOST appreciated. I'll do some Google-fu now too.

  • wheres reviews?

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