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[PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX] F1 2021 $19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU (also at Harvey Norman)


With the Australian Grand Prix happening this weekend, both Amazon and Harvey Norman have dropped the price of the popular and highly rated F1 2021 game for PS4, PS5 and XBox One/XBox Series X to a historic low price of $19. If you are not averse to handing your hard earned to Gerry, here's the link to the Harvey Norman product page.

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    FYI itโ€™s on Xbox game pass

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    Shit just bought it on ps for $22

    • Me too. But at least it was the deluxe edition.

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        I (profanity) up and bought the normal edition for 25 a few days before deluxe went on sale for 22…. Rudeeee

    • As an FYI it's free if you have ea play

  • F1 2022 soon?

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      It has been a US summer release since 2015 so we can probably expect F1 2022 around late June/early July. (~3 months)

  • Sold out @ Amazon for PS4?

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    They still don't support vr, I think

  • Never again I am buying any Xbox game till I have Xbox pass, I bought some $400 worth games on boxing day and black friday. Did not even open a few and they were available on Xbox pass. Worth $50-100 now :(

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    I'm so sadddddd, paid $35 and now $19 and still sealed.

    I may as-well wait til games are this price before buying :|}

  • Am i having a moment? Or is it sold out on PS4 for amazon?

  • pc no love?

  • PS5 also sold out now (amazon)

  • PS5 stock is back

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