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Monopoly - Marvel Spider-Man Edition Board Game - Play As A Spiderman Hero Or Villain $12 + Delivery ($0 Prime) @ Amazon AU


About this item
MONOPOLY GAME MEETS SPIDER-MAN: This twist on classic Monopoly gameplay features artwork, characters, and themes inspired by the heroes and villains of Marvel's Spider-Man Universe
FUN GAME FOR KIDS: In this edition of the Monopoly game, kids imagine suiting up as a favorite Spider-Hero to save the City! They move around the board capturing as many Super Villains as they can
USE SPIDER-POWERS: Grabbing the Symbol of Great Responsibility lets players use their Marvel character's special ability as shown on the Spider-Power cards
SUPER HEROES AND SUPER VILLAINS: Web sling into action! Use webs to capture super villains in a color set. Then attach Spider-Tracers and deploy Spider-Bots to charge even more rent
MONOPOLY: MARVEL SPIDER-MAN EDITION GAME is a great choice for game night, and it's a fun thing for kids to do indoors. The game makes a great gift for kids 8 and up

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    Price matching Target $12 for those who don't have prime or if Amazon sells out.

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      You could say that's their prime target.

    • thanks got one at target for $12 :)

  • +2

    surely there must be people who collect the hundreds and thousands of various varieties of Monopoly games

    • can't beleieve theres so many versions out there, not that i'm a collector but anything unique i'd buy it lol
      in saying that i only have the game of thrones monopoly and i'll buy this one now .. won't go crazy though lol

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    Thanks bought 5

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    I had to beat an old lady with a stick to get one of these.

    • sadge

  • My preferred theme of monopoly is the Warcraft one from some 10 years ago. Dress it up up how you like but monopoly is still one of the most rage inducing board games, up there with the end game of Catan.

  • showing as sold out for me

  • Bought from Target as it's OOS on Amazon.

  • Still in stock even after OzB taged it as OOS. Purchased! Thanks OP nice bargain.

  • Still in stock. Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Is it any good?

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