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LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach 76908 $22 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Countach is $6 cheaper than recent deal.
Additionally, there's a series of this Speed Champions that are cheapest at Amazon at the moment, particularly if you're getting free shipping (with Prime or just buying multiple) or having trouble finding local stock in Big W/Target etc.

For instance:
LEGO Speed Champions Lotus Evija @ $22
LEGO Speed Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M @ $22
LEGO Speed Champions Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Project One 2 Car Models Set @ $47
LEGO 76900 Speed Champions Koenigsegg Jesko @ $22.40
LEGO 76902 Speed Champions McLaren Elva @ $22.40
LEGO 76901 Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra @ $22.40
LEGO Speed Champions Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro & Vantage GT3 @ $47

I should point out that some of these sets, like the 1970 Ferrari, will be cheaper here for those with eBay plus (and a voucher/discounted eBay giftcards)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Aston Martin link is going to Merc

    • Apologies. Fixed now

    • I think the link was correct the first time. I would have left the Aston Martin going to the Merc, just like in real life and on the race track….Tracing Point? Hmmmm that's probably not fair anymore

  • +2

    Bought. Thanks.

  • +2

    aaaaand there goes another heap to add to the collection, thanks!

  • This is my favorite of all the speed champion builds

  • +4

    Thanks! The Supra design is a little ugly, but the Countach looks awesome.

    • Hella ugly more like it looks like a munted Supra

      • +1

        I was so keen for the supra before I saw it…. Got the merc's instead and the Countach is a strong maybe.

  • +1

    Definitely didn’t need one—bought it anyway.

    • That Countach looks awesome… taking willpower not to buy

      • Bought the Countach and Merc F1. To go along with the BMW bike from yesterday. All great sets!

  • +1

    Wish they did the supra in something other than that hideous bananarama yellow

  • +6

    Needs a minifig leonardo dicaprio/Jordan Belfort to complete the set

  • thanks OP!

  • The Merc F1 set is pretty cool!

  • Merc set has gone from $47 to $52

    • Seems to be $47 in Target, but not available for delivery for some reason.

      • It is now, I just ordered one just then. Free shipping over $45

        • Confirmed.
          Free delivery for the Mercedes-AMG set at Target for $47.

          Assuming it doesn't get cancelled

    • +1

      FYI AMG back in stock at $47

  • I am LEGO.

  • Fantastic build!

  • +2

    Not a Ferrari guy, but that 1970 Ferrari 512 M model is just classic.

    I think the classics work really well with this scale.

    I've got myself a bit of a collection going now. The highlights for me are.

    The Quattro, from the golden age of rallying.
    The Segg, awesome model.
    The 512M, hot hot hot!
    The Evija, comes with extra spares in true Lotus form.
    The Countach was awesome, but none of the pieces lined up. So it's definitely genuine.
    The Senna works well.

    Had a few in my cart for some time, $22 is sweet so will get some more. Previous low was $23.

  • +1

    All of these Speed Champions models really deserve a Lego Technic flagship-scale variant in the size of the Lamborghini Sian/Bugatti Chiron/Porsche 911 GT3 RS sets.

    These minifig-scale sets just don't do them justice.

  • +2

    The product details for the Aston Martin set has this: Includes 2 LEGO racing driver minifigures, each with a racing suit, helmet, wig and a wrench to compete against each other 😂

  • +1

    Stack with CR 25% off at Big W today.

    Just in time for school holidays…

  • +1

    The lotus looks really good .

    Also 3 in 1 creator sets on sale, eg https://www.amazon.com.au/LEGO-Supersonic-Helicopter-Buildab...

  • +1

    Anybody else wish the Lego man was wearing a killer outfit from the 80s

  • Just bought 5 speed sets to start my collection!

  • Countach back in stock at $22

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