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Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper (USB-C Chargable) - US$14.24 (A$19.73) Delivered @ ENCHEN Official AliExpress


Jumping on the hair clipper trend to share a product I purchased after lots of research, that I am very happy with, particularly given its price!

I was mainly looking for something:

  • relatively compact so I could take travelling (USB chargeable instead of a dedicated power adapter)
  • could do different lengths that didn't require lots of different individual guards (this has a single guard that slides up and down)

I've been loving it, using it to trim my beard with the No.3 setting a few times a week, and using it with no guard for general shaving. Unsure how good it is for actual hair cuts, but I can't see why it wouldn't perform well. Battery has lasted surprisingly well, can expect at least an hour plus runtime out of a charge.

Many more reviews online and in previous OzB deals, but wanted to share a great cheap alternative after having gone down the $50+ Philips road before and getting frustrated at the proprietary charger and having a mess of individual guards.

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    The ergonomics of that look horrible!

    As someone who shaves their own head, these look like they'd be a nightmare to use.

    • +1

      Any better options in YOUR opinion?

    • +1

      a head-shaver i know swears by this:

      What do you recommend?

      • I got the Skull Shaver Beast when it was on special for $40 earlier in the year, can't complain at that price.

        • is it worth $130? what's the most you'd pay for it? looking to get something for a relo

          • +1

            @andresampras: Tough question - the box it comes in looks a bit cheap/generic, but honestly I reckon up to about $100? Good adjustability, good cutting, and the USB charging is quite useful.

            FYI it doesn't do completely bald, but is the shortest I have found. If you want bald I would look at a Skull Shaver Pitbull.

            The one you have linked to looks pretty good as well, but the curved clipper probably wouldn't work that great if being used for a beard. I think I have seen that one on special closer to $70 at times.

          • @andresampras: After noticing I had 3 dead Phillips shavers in my draw at home I decided to stop supporting the well known brand.

            I originally bought a pitbull shaver but after reading how the previous model had a bunch of quality issues I returned it unopened. (I can't seem to find the article now, all the top google links are obvious marketing "reviews").

            I use a Xiaomi s700 now, it's a face shaver but it doesn't bother me.

            The Xiaomi shaver has better build quality than my $250 philips, can charge via usb C, and replacement heads are under $30. It's also completely waterproof. It even won a red dot design award.

            It doesn't do lift and cut like the philips heads, but for skull shaving I find that is actually better. The blades are apparently ceramic so they should last longer.

            • @Shacktool: Interesting. I was gifted a (very) expensive philips tri-head shaver a few years ago. Used it rarely, only to find one day the thing was utterly and completely dead. Because it was a sealed, induction-charged unit, I wasn't game to open it up - plenty of comments online of similar stories for that model.

              So I had what looked like a shiny, brand-new premium shaver…..but it was deceased.

              I have however had a couple of Philips trimmers (plug-in rechargeable) that have been fantastic for many years. Wondering if maybe Philips just don't do induction charging that well?

              EDIT: this was the luxury shaver with a bum ticker: https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/RQ1250_17/shaver-series-9000-...

  • I have been using Philips for general hair cuts.
    Mostly happy, but with their guards have teeth that spaced too far apart. Their 2mm attachment is great and I wish they had similar ones for other lengths. But it's personal. I have not tried other brands so hard to compare

  • Got one a while ago. Not even using it. After charging it, if you leave it let's say 4 days, there┬┤s no battery left :/

    • +2

      You must have gotten a dud. Mine still holds full charge after 2 weeks of no use. I've had it for almost a year now, still the same.

    • Yes, definitely sounds like a dud.

  • +1

    I got one in June last year (for $13 from Kogan). I grab it every now and then for quick trims, and I don't think I've charged it more than twice (including initial charge). Probably a bit narrow for a full head shave, but I reckon it's a great purchase.

  • These are great for puppy too. A lot quieter than most human or pet clippers

  • Can this be used for shaving/trimming beards?

    • +7

      I would always recommend reading the post before commenting!

  • Any good for manscaping? Asking for a friend­čśÄ

    • With some care and precision, sure thing!

    • It is

      I shave my balls and gooch regularly with it

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