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Coleman Instant Up Connectable Tent 3 Person $99.00 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Imo a pretty good price for a full fly pop up tent. 3 person but actually bigger than my old cheap 4 person dome tent from Big W. Heaps of ventilation with windows/openings on all four sides. Just picked one up last night and tried setting it up today, really quick and simple to set up. Awning is pretty decent for this size of tent too.

BCF Video of Set Up Process

Downside is it's definitely heavier than a normal tent of comparable size and because of the pop up mechanism it's quite long too. Just fits in the width of my hatchback boot but only behind the wheel wells. Big enough to fit a queen size airbed with 20-30cm to spare and tall enough to almost stand in. (L244 x W183 x H147cm)

They have the 6 person instant up connectable tent on clearance too but it's only got a partial rain fly, and a lot of the reviews trash it. Probably wouldn't recommend unless you really want to connect multiple. Connection gimmick seems to be unreliable as well as on Amazon there are numerous reports of leaking between the connections & the zipper not lining up.

Free click and collect or add a cheap item for free delivery (bulky item not eligible for free delivery). Plenty of Stock at least in Brisbane, the store I went to (Greenslopes) had another 2 or 3 in stock but didn't show it discounted in store. Came up the correct price once scanned.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    The only down side is max clearance is 145cm.
    It would be good tent to put the kids in.

    I think the Aldi 4p instant up is good value. It has a max clearance of 185cm

    • If you can get one - they didn't come to our stores with the 6-person. "Delivery delays".

      • I hunted around for the 4p version. Got one on my third try.
        There online stock wasn’t accurate and i think each store only receive 2-3 per item

        The 8p version can be bought online

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          4 in Dromana/safety beach
          3 in Epping plaza
          3 in Epping

    • Does anyone know if the Aldi 4 and 6 person instant up tents are reasonably waterproof?

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        Yes i put one up and tested
        Used sprinkler and then it also rained overnight
        No water ingress

        The orange pegs and peg hammer are also good.

  • One of the comments on the BCF page indicates that it is only suitable for light rain and another suggests packing a trap to cover the rear of the tent.
    It seems that the rear is just an "open" end with a bit of a small cover, but there is only one photo, so difficult to tell exactly.
    Does anyone have any direct experience or has seen this in person and able to explain how this works?
    Thanks in advance.

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      They have a point, the rear connection point doesn't have a fly all the way down to the floor so I could see that in heavy rain with wind, water could hit the interior wall.

      However there is a rod that goes through the connection point making it a small awning. In the BCF photos the window is also rolled down to see inside but it can be zipped up. Moreover, the wall is pretty vertical - I don't think it's super likely but if you are that concerned as that person mentions a tarp could be used or maybe water proofing spray could work. As I said in OP I haven't used it yet let alone in a storm so I can't speak from experience.

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    Photos of the tents connected to each other - reminds me of that old wholesome family movie, The Human Centipede

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    Love my Oztent Rv2..

    • about 5 times the price :)

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        $400 used once.. better than $1200 new was :)
        but I use mine regularly so its paid for itself.

        • pharkurnell - how is the waterproofing on the Oztent? I am looking for a new tent that doesn't need a tarp. I currently use a Snowpeak hexa tarp over my tent.

          • @raytriplej: So far excellent, haven't had any issues but haven't been out in pissing rain or snow with it yet…
            Had much frost on it at Merringtons few weeks ago, layer of ice on the top nothin inside but a warm fat bloke.

  • I saw coles selling 8 person tent for $139, some brand never heard of, worths a try.

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      Is not instant up, it pain in ass to set up.

      • ah, I see!

  • I'd use this for the beach but looks so much more complex than the intended purpose

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    Thanks fir posting this deal. Mother in law wants me to build s granny flat but I will offer this instead

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      Go the shipping container instead.. bit more $ but you can lock the doors and have it removed and shipped easier.

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    I love my dome Coleman tent, have set it up more times than I could count without fault. But I dislike my instant up Coleman marquee, that broke after maybe the third or forth use… the instant up hub mechanism was very rigid and packing up with a bit of wind twisted a pole right out of the hub socket. Now they might have fixed that issue on this model but for such a cheap price, I’d prefer a few normal poles and an extra minute or two of setup time, rather than the something that if one of your friends helping you bends it slightly the wrong way or something, it’s broken and very difficult to repair…

    • Definitely was one of my concerns with all these pop up tents. It's more mechanically complicated and therefore more potential points of failure. But I figured at this price, with the 1 year warranty I'll accept the risk. Prior to this I was looking at the Gold Series darkroom instant tents of theirs at several times the price. At that price I would feel ripped off if they didn't last at least 2-3 years.

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