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SCHEPPACH 'Silenced’ Air Compressor 24L $149 + Shipping ($299 RRP) @ ALDI Online


Do you have something dirty you want to blow late at night without making too much noise?
This is the perfect product for you!

Silent Air Compressor to get the job done at all hours of the day.
Exceptionally quiet with only 60dB LpA.

Only 140 seconds to fill the vessel and off you go!
Pair it with this to give those dirty items a good blowing - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-100mm-air-blow-gun_p581065...
Or if you want to give something a good pumping, get this - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pistol-grip-tyre-inflator-...

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  • Anyone knows if it’s good enough for a nail gun?

    • Need to check the consumption specs of the nail gun. Pressure should be ok, so long as not going too fast it would probably keep up (anywhere between 1 shot per 2 to 5 seconds, depending on the gun)

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      Is blowing and pumping not good enough for you, so you need to nail something too?

      What kind? Finishing and brads would be fine, framing might be a stretch depending on the gun.

      • Is blowing and pumping not good enough for you, so you need to nail something too?

        Screw it, do em all.

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    In case anyone is wondering, the important details Aldi always leaves out of their listings..

    Effective delivery quantity at 7 bar approx. 50 l/min
    Effective delivery quantity at 4 bar approx. 80 l/min
    Effective delivery quantity at 1 bar approx. 110 l/min

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    I have a lot of silent but deadly air

    • Yea but the buyers want to know how many bar and l/min

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    Was seriously considering then looked closely at the pictures and there is a 87dBA sticker as well as a 60dB LpA sticker. Not sure if this is
    1) sound pressure vs sound power
    2) different frequency weightings
    3) measured at different distances (distance not stated) the further you are away the quieter it gets. My compressor is absolutely silent when you listen from New Zealand.

    The manufacturer seems to be doing the right thing by providing comprehensive information but I bet it is only meaningful to 1 person out of 1000. Best thing would be just to test it, but I don't think I'm going to risk losing the $20 delivery fee for the hassle. 87dBA is quite loud.

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      It's 60dB LpA (sound pressure level), 87dB LWA (sound power level). They're two quite confusing measurements that are related but not directly comparable. LWA is a measure the sound energy radiated from the device, ignoring the environment. LpA is the measure of the sound pressure level (roughly, how loud) in a specific test setup that defines an environment.

      If you replicate the LpA test setup you should get 60dB, if you stick this right in the corner of a concrete building and stand close it'll be much louder than that.

      • Thanks schquid, you sound like you know what you're talking about (1 of the 1 in a 1000). Still, to be meaningful a testing distance needs to be stated. I believe 1m is standard - got burnt buying a Stanley silenced compressor earlier in the year which was advertised with a low SPL but was measured at 5m.

  • Is the word silenced in quotation marks, because it's not really silenced or because somebody decided the ad should look suspicious and not trustworthy?

  • Has anyone had one of these to know how loud it actually is? I wouldn’t mind expanding to get a few air tools - but at the moment the only thing I want it for is air brushing and unspecified future projects. I don’t need a giant noisy bastard of a thing as a deafening soundtrack to my failed attempts at airbrushing 3D prints.

  • Have ordered one, my current air compressor is terrible, just makes a lot of noise…. so much noise…. so so much noise.

    Although this delivers less air, ill be happy if it is quiet!

    • It definitely can deliver a lot of air. My old unit is super loud compared to this new one.

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    Pump, nail and blow, legally and for only $149.

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    • These sorts of tools usually require a great deal of air supply to operate continuously. Otherwise you might find you have to wait for the compressor to catch up.
      This compressor is fine for nail guns including framing guns but I suspect it will be no use for air tools that require continuous high pressure air flow.
      I would not recommend it for spray painting or impact wrenches.
      However these are cheap enough to warrant buying multiple units and running them in parallel to double or triple the air supply.
      You could buy 3 of these for $450 and join them up together for some serious amount of air power.

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    how did no one comment on this ?
    i am so disappointed :/
    thanks OP for the great setup

    Do you have something dirty you want to blow late at night without making too much noise?

    • What's there to say about it?

    • Sometimes I have an urge to blow my garden's leaves into a neat pile at night time.

    • wow neg votes for thanking the OP for setting up some obvious innuendo.
      is it no sense of humour or prudishness ?
      either way kind of sad.
      thanks for trying OP.

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    Got my compressor yesterday. Works well and heaps quieter than my old one. Definitely worth it!

    • what was delivered with the air compressor unit, were there any inflator tools included?

      • +1

        no tools. just compressor. I already had the tools.
        Someone above commented on tools for $19 from Repco.

    • That's quick. Wish if Aldi was going keep running these online only deals they'd pull their finger out and make it available to all of us..

  • Need a cheap compressor for nail gun to frame up a partition wall. How would this Aldi one compare to this from Bunnings? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-21l-1-5hp-oil-free-air-com...

    • I'd go the scheppach. Much quieter.

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