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Saint Boots $99.95 (RRP $249.95) + Free Express Delivery (Save $10) @ Culture Kings


Saint Boots start from $99.95 while stocks last.
Free express delivered via Code SHIPMEFAST

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Culture Kings

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    Add code "SHIPMEFAST" for free express shipping

    • Thanks and updated.

  • RRP according to google

  • Sick boots. Thanks!

  • Did these belong to Chris Bailey?

  • Tempting, but unsure of size and the return policy is rough!

  • Woah, great lookin' boot in the colours on special too.

    Can anyone else attest to the fitment?

    • I ended up pulling the pin, except I forgot to add the code for free shipping… >.< DOH!

      Grabbed a $5 sneaker touch-up pen anyway to tip it over $100 for free normal shipping.

      Thanks OP!

    • +1

      I ended up going in-store to try them on. I'm usually a 10.5, but ended up going with the 9 in these. I was very surprised, all my other boots are 10.

      • Oh woah.. any chance you've got narrow feett? Guessing you're a taller and slender build?

        I'm usually a 11 in sneakers and have recently been fitting well in 10.5 sport shoes but I have a wider foot, average height and quite stocky.

        I only just realised aswell I went up in size in-case, thinking boots need a little more room. Wonder how I can return for another size now if it doesn't fit.. :'(

        The look soo good in the pictures though, hopefully it's all good..

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          Tall and slender, yep! I always have fitting issues with jeans and long-sleeves!
          My feet are on the slightly wider side. I'm 10.5 in Reebok and Vans, I wear 11 in Nike.

          I would have gone the 10s if I had just bought online. But you never know how they'll feel until they're on.

          I hope yours fit well! If you can get to a store you can probably exchange easily enough.

          • @upliftcontrol: Oh woah, great job getting in-store to try them on and find the right fit!

            Mine just arrived in State, a couple hours ago and already onboard so hopefully good news today! 😅

            BTW, which colour did you get? There are only 4 listed on the sale page. In a previous reply here, I realised atleast online in the pictures, the stretch panel bit only seemed to match on the "light stone" pair.

            Anyway, randomly one day I googled the pair again just to see what colour roughly to match with clothes I'm looking at online, then came across this link Totally weird. I'm not sure if it's a new range, but they're not on special and (atleast the colour I chose) has changed name from 'Light Stone' to 'Taupe' if it is the same.. 😅

            • @DisabledUser415032: I actually got a couple of pairs. The dark grey in Legion, and the light stone in the Revenant boots. I'm a little disappointed in the colour of the Revenant ones though. I didn't get to see them in person beforehand, the only ones they had in-store when I tried them were the black ones.
              I see the black Legions are now on sale too!

              • @upliftcontrol: They are too, nice find! Thinking to pull the pin for my old man to replace his heavy-ass Colorado walking boots, birthday in 3 weeks too! :D

                I think my Legions are the same colour as your Revenant. I wasn't a fan of the more renegade cowboy style though, I wouldn't have been able to pull it off. Although, I do dig the colour, however, lookin' back at the images now, the model image of the colour definitely did not come out right. But I was happy the stretch panel bit is basically matching in this colour, compared to the images of the others.

                I think they need to be broken in slightly, I haven't even put both of them on for a test walk yet, but they feel really nice and rigid. How did you like the black in-store before you bought any pair? Guessing you liked the fit if you grabbed a pair of the Legions? How's the blackness of the black? This photo makes it look terrible though, to my eyes anyway..

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                  @DisabledUser415032: I liked the black in-store, but because they were full price I didn't even consider them! I can't confirm the blackness from memory, and the lighting in the store was terrible, since they're going for that 'street club' vibe haha.

                  • @upliftcontrol: Trueee! So you're not grabbing one in black? 😅

                    I was trying to convince my to-be 67 year old dad he needs a new pair of everyday boots, even though he rarely goes out, or stands up for more than an hour at a time really.. 😅

                    But this morning I just found his 15 year old Colorado's and he's being stubborn.. 🤣

  • Side note, did anyone else notice the beige is the only colour that seems to have the correct colour-matched side stretch panels?

    I would have grabbed the darker colour but the non-matching stretch panel colour put me off. I grabbed a pair in the beige because it looked the most uniform.

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