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Cheddar $50 Sign up Bonus on First Purchase @ Get Cheddar App


** This has been changed to $20 as of 20/04/2022 so marking this as expired **

This had previously been posted, but the offer had expired. It is now back so posting again. Previous link … https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/684607

Someone has noted below that they needed to download the app then click the link again to open the app to see the $50 offer before actually signing up.

So best path is (please comment if this is not correct and I will edit):
1. Go to Deal
2. Download and install app
3. Click link again which should open app with bonus sign up screen

T&Cs …

Only valid for users who activate a Cashback Offer in accordance with Cheddar’s Terms of Use within 14 days of joining Cheddar. Cheddar is currently only available to iOS & Android users. Limited to one per user, and per device. Special Offer will be credited to your account once your purchase has been approved by our merchant partner, which can take up to 90 days, and will appear as ‘Pending’ until approved. Cheddar Terms of Use and standard merchant terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 11:59PM AEDT 31/12/22. Not valid in conjunction with any other Cheddar offers and suspicious activity may result in your rewards being forfeited.

This Special Offer may be varied or withdrawn at anytime. Users must use the activation link provided to be eligible for a Special Offer. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Cheddar is not liable for any defects or errors (including on the App or activation link) which occur in the processing of a Special Offer.

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$25 for both referrer & referee, after first purchase.

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  • How do I know if it tracked? Still no notification or email regarding my big w tracking. Made 2 days ago

    • INterested to know too, no tracking from Bigw purchased on Friday.

  • BWS order yesterday still has not tracked

    • Took near 3 days
      But Tracked just hope it is at the 20%

  • Actually do you even get any sort of email confirmation either on sign up or tracking?

    I feel I have done my cash here

    • +2

      I didn't get any emails - sign up, purchase tracking, bonus. All in the app.

    • I didn’t get any.

  • Trying to install on iPad but when I click the download on AppStore link on website , it just keeps looping back to website instead of to AppStore.

    Any tips on getting this to work.

  • does the $50 bonus only apply to the first transaction made within the 14 days period? i have to cancel my order from the first transaction and about to make another transaction within the 14 days promotion period. does anyone know if i will get the bonus approved by having the first transaction cancelled and making another order within the 14 days period? thanks

    • +2

      @getcheddarapp perhaps you can clarify?

      • @getcheddarapp yeah please clarify?

        Big W cancelled my order, i ordered again elsewhere to qualify for the bonus.

    • +2


      The cashback bonus does not only apply to the first transaction made. As long as you complete any eligible transactions within the 14 days of signing up, you will still be eligible for the cashback bonus!

      Let us know if you have any more questions!! ✌🏻

      Have a good day! ☀️


      • So the $50 is instead of the expected cashback?

      • +2

        Store rep- why does it still say "shop now to reedem your $50 bonus, offer expiring in x days" ? When the purchase was already made and tracked?

        Made a small purchase from big w as there were no TnCs in cheddar app suggesting any purchase limit.

        App can heaps more user friendly, for instance there's no way to look at your profile info, including email, name etc. Only DoB can be visible.

        Sometimes user don't remember which email they used what happens in that case?

        Please reply to all the above questions, thanks

  • +2

    Did they tighten the conditions or raise the minimum purchase price or something after the flood of new accounts? Spent about $10 through the app but still no tracking yet. CR usually comes through within a couple of minutes.

  • My chemist warehouse purchase tracked but does not show pending amount, only purchase amount. Not sure if this is right?

    • How long did it take to track your purchase?

      • Pretty quick, maybe an hour or so? But it doesn’t show a pending amount..

  • +1

    did purchase pizzhut 12 hours ago within the app
    no sign of tracking yet

    • Same here :(

  • $50 bonus showing pending.
    Once I get my cashback from Bundaberg brewery I’ll be essentially up $50 AND a pack of smooth refreshing Bundy alcoholic ginger beer, available now at all good liquor stores.

  • +2

    My two purchases at Big W and Liquorland have finally tracked.

    • Yeah my BWS took near 3 days
      but menulog was quick

      App needs more functionality like the others
      Click history and expected cashback

      • And email notifications. So odd not receiving emails even for signing up, tracking etc.

    • same, wonder how long big w will take to confirm and cheddar to release the $50

  • +1

    tried to sign up but it says offer expired. now the sign up bonus is $20? a bit confusing

    • +1

      Yes, it has definitely changed from $50 to $20. I will mark the deal as expired.

  • Hope everyone who transacted on the $50 gets the bonus. Keep screenshots

    • +1

      Is yours eligible for withdrawal yet? Mine is still pending

      • It switches to confirmed when your transaction on the online store gets confirmed

      • Mine is still pending (9 April from BWS).

  • +2

    Anyone any luck with withdrawing yet? I requested a withdrawal on 17 April 2022, status is still "pending"

    • 31 Mar Bonus from Cheddar $50
      31 Mar Pizza Hut 100% cashback $14.95
      08 Apr Pizza Hut 100% cashback $14.95
      16 Apr Withdrawal $79.90
      20 Apr Deposit received $79.90

  • +1

    having doubts that this will get paid out at all

    this app seems dodge as

  • -1

    Just got paid guys

    • +1

      Where did you buy from?

      Still hasn't tracked my Myer, it's been over 10 days.

      • -1

        08 Apr Bonus from Cheddar $50
        08 Apr Pizza Hut 100% cashback $15
        18 Apr Withdrawal $65
        28 Apr Deposit received in bank $65

  • +1

    It seems there are a few issues with tracking and/or tracking being slow from reading the comments - hopefully this improves. My Chemist Warehouse order didn’t track at all but I had a positive experience by emailing support who manually added the cashback amount. Here was my timeline:

    16-Apr: Signed up to Cheddar.

    16-Apr: Purchased from Chemist Warehouse.

    21-Apr: Emailed support from within the cashback section of the app. I also sent the Chemist Warehouse invoice.

    27-Apr: Support replied saying they’d investigate. At this point it was 11 days since I made the purchase and it still hadn’t tracked (tracking time was 10 days for Chemist Warehouse so I’m guessing they waited).

    02-May: Support replied saying they’d credited the cashback from Chemist Warehouse and approved the bonus. I also withdrew the money the same day.

    04-May: Money received.

    Hopefully that helps someone - YMMV though!

    • +1

      My mileage was the same, looks like someone authorised support to manually process all the issues.

  • What does resolved transaction mean?

    But the actual amount is still pending.

    The app is very confusing.

    • I agree regarding the confusion, would be great if there was also expected timelines on cashback. Maybe @getcheddarapp could help.
      I have a resolved transaction, but it is still pending, I assume this means I will get the bonus still.

  • This thing doesn't track purchases and support ignores your email requests. Now the $50 intro has expired.

    • 4 emails got me my $50 and my cashback tracked/approved via what appears to be a manual process. Just harass them.

  • I've asked the Cheddar rep on here about this, but interested to hear real-world experiences too.

    Have you subsequently been able to access more than one Cheese account on the same phone, in the case where the accounts were originally created on separate devices? I'm looking to sell my phone (which I used to sign up to Cheddar) and want to be able to access that account on my partner's phone (she already has Cheddar installed too).

    PM welcomed, if necessary.

  • I've sent 2 emails in the past week and no reply from Cheddar.

    Under my cashback I can see:

    Pending transactions
    Bonus from Cheddar $50 - Requested on Apr 15 2022

    Resolved transactions
    $7.73 spent at Big W $0.77 - Purchased on Apr 18 2022

    I have no idea what the pending vs resolved means as my 'available to withdraw' is still on $0. Pending cashback $50.77.

    I can also see this when I go to my profile:

    "Shop now to redeem your $50 bonus expiring in 6 days!"

    This app is truly ridiculous.

    • This is what I think.

      A resolved transaction on Cheddar is equivalent to a tracked transaction on CR/SB.

      A pending transaction on Cheddar is the pre-tracking event - there isn't an equivalent on CR/SB - but tells you that the transaction has been "logged". It's useful IMO, once you know what it is.

      Pending cashback is the same as CR/SB - it is cashback in your account prior to confirmation/approval which takes anywhere from from 3 weeks to 3 months.

      • Actually, based on our experience on the weekend, I think a "resolved transaction" is something a little different. We had a transaction sitting as "pending" for 4-5 days that only converted to "resolved" when we collected the item from the store (Myer), which was also the time when payment went through on the CC.

    • Any chance you received a response from them?

      I sent an email of a similar nature to yours on 13/05/2022, nothing back from them yet.

      • +1

        Yep I received a respond after 3rd email to them.

        The email confirmed both my cashback transaction and cashback bonus are tracking well but can take 30-90 days.

        • +1

          Confirming my cashback was available today for the Nike spend + Bonus. Withdrew the $115.45 today! Yippee 🥳

  • This should be banned, this app has no support and consistently doesn't track your purchases

    • I've had no problems here. Is your phone browser's tracking protection set to ON?

    • Hi @Willyslicks,
      Our team have responded to your query and please feel free to DM us with your support request ID so we can prioritise further.

  • Did anyone have issues getting there money sent to them.. I did the withdrawal ages ago and still no money…

    Contacted support and they came back with when did you do it even though I have them all info I could. Crazy and unreliable.. and still no money

    • how far back did you submit a withdrawal?

    • Hi @BilboBargains,
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble withdrawing your cashback.
      Can you please slide into our DMs with your support request ID so we can investigate?

  • +2

    I am pleased to report my $50 can be withdrawn now - the system is buggy as all hell but we got there in the end…

  • My $50 just cleared my bank account today.
    7th March initial purchase, admittedly I've not been keeping a super close on on the pending $50 being cleared.

  • I have been able to withdraw. Just takes time.

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