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Muc-off Dry Oil - Bike Chain Lube $8.99 @ ALDI


i usually use progold prolink - but this a great price for 100ml of dry lube and muc-off has a decent reputation - at this price vs the progold it's worth a try

note it's the third pic in the link

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    I think this is one of many Aldi Special Buy bike products that is "experiencing delays" so it could be very patchy where it is available. No dates given yet for a new "on sale" date (at least for QLD.

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    Picked up a few having missed this in the years prior. Also on offer are the degreaser and general bike wash - great value for quality name products

  • None of the muc off products at my local. Just got back from there

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      Same in cbr

  • Same in WA

    • Anyone got this in WA stores? Really keen for these. Thanks.

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        None when I went in store today. I checked the website and it says that the Muc-off special buy products have been delayed for WA. No ETA as of this morning either.

  • Is Muc-Off Dry Oil different to Muc-Off Dry Lube?

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    Muc Off is one of the worst lubricants, as shown by independent lubricant tester Zero Friction Cycling https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/latest-zero-friction-cycl...


    • yeah - ive just applied it - sort of looks like milky jizz rather than oil - doesnt seem to penetrate into the chain links as well as progold - i bought 2 bottles and will probably return one of them

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        I thought that is whole point. It dries up, leaving a not so sticky surface, thus less gunk build up over time?

        Not sure about this particular product, but the lubricant I am using (a silicone wax type) attracts atleast half as less dirt compared to the wet oil type. It feels great to ride with longer too. Cannot use it straight away though, as the wax will just fling away. Definitely need an overnight drying atleast.

        • i know the stuff you mean but while this muc off stuff looks like the silicone wax lubes - it's not - definitely says oil - i think its similar to the rock n roll lubes where you have to drench the chain and then wipe off the excess after it soaks in - i think the progold is far superior

          • @avtek: I don't think you understand how this works, it's not the same style as progold.

            I prefer muc off tbh, more so at this price

            • @Jessie Ryder: i think you're probably right - i'll give it another go - next time i degrease i'll apply muc off and let it dry on - see how it goes then - cheers

      • i use wax now

    • I looked through the site, didn't see a video of the test nor the curing time/test method? Could you point me to that link as well.

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        There's a xls file of the test results on the site. Long story short, all of muc-off's products were at the very bottom of the rankings.

        For a dry lube, rock and roll gold is pretty decent without going into wax immersion. Get a big 16oz bottle for even better value.

  • is the significant ly better than wd-40 general purpose available at Bunnings?

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      WD-40 is not lube…

      I mean you can if you want, but I wouldn’t.

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      Wd-40 has 2000 uses but bike lubricant is not one of them. It acts as more of a degreaser so will actually take out your precious lubricant from the chain.

      To answer your question. Yes. The much off is much better than wd-40.

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        Yup. Learnt this the hard way. Just this morning I was wondering why it was so squeaky, and thought to myself, "I need to buy some bike lubricant". Now this appears on the home page of OzBargain :)

        • Your smartphone is listening to your thoughts.

          • @whyisave: And telling Ozbargain everything :/

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              @Zackeroo: Elon Musk to capitalize on all your thoughts,
              and make a hostile takeover of OzB

        • Some call it conspiracy, some call it coincidence. But if it works in your favour, call it destiny

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        Wd-40 has 2000 uses but bike lubricant is not one of them

        Unless it is WD-40 Bike Chain Lubricant

        • I was going to buy this from Bunnings a while back. Do you think would be better than other options? WD-40 is a solid brand, I'd rather get something high quality than giving this "Muc-off" a try (considering the advice against it on this thread)

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            @Zackeroo: Im sure its a solid hardware brand, but its not a solid bike brand.

            WD-40 Bike Lube is basically a modified version of their regular formula. Its basically a thin volatile petroleum solvent which evaporates leaving a thicker petroleum behind, roughly the consistency of sewing machine oil. Given that the spray nozzle is also basically the same as regular wd-40, you'll get about 30% on the chain and the rest elsewhere. You're better off using regular sewing machine oil, which I still use if there's nothing else available.

            Some people on this thread recommend Rock and Roll Gold, which Ive used. I also like Rock and Roll Holy Cow.

            The trend is towards dry lubes which are waxed based and therefore dont attract dirt. There are problems with those, namely that they dont perform well in the wet, when they do, they flake off and you're left with a completely unlubricated chain. The gold standard is wax immersion, where you melt paraffin based wax, and soak the chain in it. This results in a completely dry wax chain that doesnt attract dirt and which should last about 300ks in the dry. The chain will be completely clean at the end, so you just reapply.

            • @cannedhams: Thanks for the advice. I should have mentioned I'm not actually buying this for the purpose of using it on a bike chain. I need lubricant for my e-scooter, as the rear suspension is starting to creak. The advice I've received has been very similar to what is said on this thread, "Stay away from WD-40, use a bike lubricant", therefore I was looking into these bike chain lubricants.

              I'm not sure if sewing machine oil would work for this purpose, so I'd rather play it safe and get some lubricant spray which will work well. I'll stay away from the WD-40 bike lube then.

              If you have any advice on what to use for the e-scooter suspension, I'd appreciate it. From my knowledge, it shouldn't be much different to a bike chain since they both need lubrication to move smoothly.

              Thanks! :)

              • @Zackeroo: Okay. I presume that you are not going to be cleaning the chain beforehand, and that you want something that will last. Most bike lubes require reapplication every 400ks at most. Its a bit of a different situation because on a bicycle, a 10'% loss to friction means I have to pedal 10% harder. But different with an escooter or motorbike, where the motor is doing the hard work for you

                I would probably go with a motorbike chain lube for something like that. From memory I used one called silkolene, that was before my motorbike got stolen.

              • @Zackeroo: Sewing machine oil should work as long as you can get the oil into the bearings with the dropper. The sprays have a solvent mixed in with the oil making it flow better, then the solvent component evaporates leaving you with a smaller amount of oil. This means that they spray on lubricants are more costly overall.

                My rule of thumb is to spray and pray if I can't directly see or access what needs to be lubricated. Otherwise I'm applying oil with a dropper. Sewing machine oil is a light weight oil that's good for penetrating fine machinery. If the machine is operating at high temperatures, a heavier oil should be used.

        • It's quite shit, goes on runny and instantly disipates. They have a foaming one which is much better. Neither would I use for grave bikes

      • Spraying it with WD-40, letting it dry, then spraying it with oil or putting some other kind of grease on the chain is a good idea though.

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      There is WD-40 Generic (the original formula) that everyone knows about, and then there is WD-40 "specific' bike chain lubricant, cleaner, etc

      I think people get this wrong when they say "WD-40 is not lube…"

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        WD-40, the product is not a lube.
        The products that they sell under the branding WD-40 (since the company's called WD-40 Company when WD-40 was their only product), some of them are lubes (they have white lithium grease, silicone lubricant and more under that branding).

        I find this really weird and confusing.

      • It is a bit confusing, but it's because the 'generic' stuff is simply known by its brand name - in face I couldn't tell you what type of product it is off the top of my hand.
        But the OP said "WD-40 general purpose" in their post, so I assume they are not talking about the bike lube.

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      If you want a decent basic oil for your bike chain, try chainsaw chain and bar oil. I started using it about twenty years ago and it works really well - clings on (bike chains move a fraction of the speed of chainsaw chains), doesn't go gummy, doesn't attract much dirt (if you don't lay it on too thick) and gives great rust protection if the bike gets ignored at the back of the shed for winter.

      A litre will last you many years and will cost you about $10-15.

      • Interesting, will give this a go - thanks for insight

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        I wish you had told Fortnine this when he was doing his testing.

      • I was considering using the 3-in-one brand multipurpose oil, then I saw this come up at aldi but there was none in stock at my local. Maybe I'll give the 3-in-one a go after all!

        • One advantage that 3 in 1 has is the smell. It takes me back to my grandpa fixing things for me when I was little. He always had a tin of it to hand. Wonderful!

  • Will have a look at my ALDI today..
    Not sure How you're meant to check on stock levels at a particular store, couldn't see on website.

    Usually use and recommend squirt dry lube.

  • Yeah none at my store.
    So how does it work now? Will it just show up in one of the weeks or still they move it to another special buys?

    • Aldi provide updates on their websites as to when it will arrive in store. As of this morning there is no ETA for the muc-off special buy products. Best to check the website over the next few days to find out when it'll arrive.

  • Would this be good for a bicycle chain, or just motor-bike?

  • Got some for the missus

    Nevermind I thought it was ball and chain lube.

  • Is it good for motorcycle chain too?

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      Just use a gear oil… About $10/L and put on with a toothbrush. Works perfect

      • This is what I do currently.
        Fortnine would back us both up.

      • just use a good dry lube, no one wants oil attracting road debris and a wet dirty chain

        • Well, gear oil, what I've found, works really well for me. Doesn't sling, chain is nice and shiny (apart from usual brake dust and other contaminants). I apply once a month, after a ride, when it's still a bit warm.

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            @lordra: Whatever works as long as it doesn't attract dust and dirt.

            Not hard to wipe down ya chain anyway between good cleans

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    Thanks for the alert. ended getting myself a good stockpile for the next 2 years

  • Isn't this essentially same thing if it has free delivery?

    Muc-Off Clean, Protect & Lube Kit - Essentials to Clean, Protect and Lube Your Bicycle - Includes Muc-Off Bike Cleaner, MO-94 and Bio Wet Chain Lube https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B016MPM306/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_V...

    Any other alternative on Amazon for similar price?

    • be aware the one you have linked is for wet lube - for riding in wet conditions - which is okay if you intend to be riding in rainy conditions and need the whole set - the aldi one is dry lube for riding in dry conditions and you can buy the lube on its own - the other bits are not such great buys imo

  • Did anyone buy the Bikemate Bicylcle LED Light Set?
    I got the last box from Broadway, but the rear light doesn't seem to work properly - 3 light modes and 3 flashing modes but I can't get it to flash.
    If I just press the button, it cycles through the contacnt settings. Maybe there's a switch or trick I'm missing?

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      Try this: with the light OFF, press and hold the power button.

      • Thanks, but that just seems to turn the light on or off in 'constant' mode.

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          Sorry, that's how mine works. I couldn't figure it out and neither could the salesman when I took it back but one of the bike mechanics knew how Ito work it. If I hold the power button in for at least 4 seconds when the light is off, it turns on in the opposite mode to the previous one.

          • @SteveB00: Brilliant! Thanks, mate, that's done it. Not sure why it didn't seem to happen earlier.
            They really should put some instructions in the box!

            Thanks for taking the time to reply and follow up.

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    Just saw these at my local aldi, been looking for it since the catalog, has arrived after several weeks delay.

  • Saw this over the weekend in my local Aldi as well, grabbed 2x each of the cleaners and 1x chain lube

    • If you have car wash, you can just use that on the push bike, no biggie in spending extra for this, imo. The lube will come in handy though.

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