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Optus realme C21 Mobile Phone & $30 Prepaid Pack for $49 @ Woolworths (Limited Stores)


Hi Guys found this realme c21 on the Thornlie Woolworths in WA … not sure if this is a clearance to a particular store but worth to check while shopping

Not a bad phone for a $49 and looks like we have NFC too..!
Product Features:
6.5" Mini-drop Fullscreen
5000mAh Massive Battery
Instant Fingerprint Sensor
13MP AI Triple Camera
NFC Enabled

Note: Nationwide offer. Not available in all stores, limited stock.

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      Yes, it still retails at $199 on Optus' own website. So the RRP of this phone is still $199 which is why its a steal at $49.

      On Optus website:

      Could you confirm if your phone is locked to Optus or are you able to use a non-Optus, non-Optus-MVNO Sim in it?

      • I haven't open it yet. I'll try to do it tonight/tomorrow and I'll post the result here. What's MVNO?

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          MVNO is Mobile Virtual Network Operator.
          amaysim (uses Optus)
          Kogan (uses Vodafone)
          Boost (uses Telstra)
          and so on.

          For Optus locked phones, you may still use the phone on any of its MVNO, viz. amaysim, Catch Connect, Coles Mobile, dodo, Gomo, Circles.Life,

          • @djoz: Thanks. I have amaysim and Vodafone SIM. The vodafone one is probably dead because I didn't renew to keep the number but as long it recognise it then it's good?

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              @JGreen0708: If you havent reharged Vodafone, they might have disconnected. Your amaysim will surely work in the new C21 phone you got.

              But Vodafone – you need to check it in another handset first, and then put in C21 to know if your C21 is locked or not.

              • @djoz: Tested it today with Boost SIM. It's locked.

                I'll try to get in unlocked today

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    Hi all!

    I still have to open the box as I have to give this as a gift to my parents. But following is link to request an unlock code from optus.


    When I entered IMEI number from the box, it says that phone is NOT locked with Optus network.

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      nah it is locked phone

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      Same here. I went to link just now and same unlocked message.

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      I also get the same message and just got off the chat with Optus who confirmed it is unlocked. I had a lengthy conversation and purposely dragged it a little and finally the agent asked me to provide the IMEI number so he could give me the unlock code but found 0 records for the unlock code meaning it is not locked. I haven’t opened the phone and personaly checked yet though.

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        Finally opened and confirmed, mine is unlocked and works with Boost

        • Could you confirm if you are able to get VoLTE with a Boost SIM on the C21?

          • @djoz: Not sure if I know exactly how to check but I did see VoLTE text besides the Wireless symbol. When I check under Settings, there are two options under preferred network type: 4G/3G and 3G Only but can't find anything related to VoLTE. Hope this helps.

            • @dealexpert: Thanks. That's great to know – VoLTE is supported.
              The VoLTE setting is sometimes buried in various sections (differs by brand and make). I have never used a 'realmeUI' phone, so dont know where it would be. Probably just search VoLTE in settings?

            • @dealexpert: The real proof of the pudding is whether the phone stays on 4G when you make a call.

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      Just try a Vodafone/Telstra sim. If it works it's unlocked. No need to contact Optus chat then.

  • Just got one in WA. Signage said $199, but scanned at $49. thanks OP.

    • which store mate

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    Thanks OP! And apologies to whoever asked for one at the Sandy Bay counter within minutes of me reserving the last one over the phone. Hope you got one elsewhere in Hobart.

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    Just picked up the last one from Newmarket VIC store. Seems to be unlocked, works with KOGAN sim. Great phone for this price. Many Thanks!

  • Grabbed one from my local Woolies (Perth), forgot to ask how many they had left.

    Based on the comments since my last post, it almost seems that some units are locked and some are unlocked?! Hope mine is the latter.

  • can anyone kindly advise how to unlock without chatting to optus? so many people here says it is unlocked while others says that it is locked so best is if someone advise how to unlock without talking to optus… ?

    can we root/flast it to unlock ? if so then how?

    xda forum doesn't have any authenticated recovery file link… so quite risky to root/flash it… !

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      mine came unlocked

  • Got the last 2 in mt hawthorn.

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    This phone is unlocked. overseas sim card is working

    • I would just caution people not to make sure the software is fully up to date before confining that it's unlocked. When the Oppo A72 was $100 at Target, people were saying it was unlocked only to find when their software was updated that it reverted to being locked.

      • Umm, it will be difficult to hold on. Phone is having Android 10 out of the box, but gets an Android 11 update immediately. See comments above. Most wouldn't want to miss this update for sure.

        • Sorry I mistyped. What I meant to say was hold on to confirming unlock status until their phones are fully updated. People for the A72 were saying phone was unlocked only to find that after updating that it was indeed still locked to Optus.

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            @thefinalproblems: Bought 2 today (lucky last 2 at Sunnybank Hills) . Opened one and worked with Kogan / Vodafone with Android 10. Updated to Android 11 just now and still working unlocked.

            Haven't opened the second one yet but it's from the same store so hopefully same behaviour.

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    Just wondering if your guys all can see the price $49 on web? Mine and friends only see out of stock and no price. Any advise? Thanks in advance!

    • Use a non-logged in web page. I'm using a 2nd ph, as when you're logged in, it says "Out Of Stock".

      • Much appreciated! But tried a few phones without login, still shows out of stock, which is weird:(

        • Did you try another ph?, as someone mentioned it was still out of stock, aft they cleared cookies/cache, etc

          • @Black26: Yes,tried 3 phones. You can see the price?

            • +1

              @jason8866: I think you need to change the woolworths location your looking at cause the one your looking at is out of stock.

            • @jason8866: Yes. Stupid find stock in store, was zooming the associated map, all over.
              Don't select a store, as that gives OOS. Will go to a few stores, or price match elsewhere. GL

  • I got the message that it is network-locked when I started it up.

    Annoying outcome, will have to try my luck with Optus Chat.

    Edit: Tried the online link posted on Page 1, and it says my phone isn't locked to Optus. But I can't call out.

    • Which SIM are you using? And do you get network bars, or no network coverage at all? I think it is the latter since you clearly got a message in the start stating it is network locked.

      If it is network locked, you wont get the network bars. Are you getting them?

      • I tried with both a Woolworths (Telstra) and Kogan (Vodafone) Sim.

        I get a big-ass message when the phone boots up: "NETWORK LOCK: You are using a carrier-customized phone. SIM cards from other carriers are not supported on this phone etc".

        Go through to the home screen, and there is a little white cross in the network-bars area.

        • +2

          Ah, then it is definitely locked, if no network bars. Surprising that many others have reported they have no issues when inserting another network SIMs. May be it is related the the 'batch' of the phones as pointed out by some. Looks like it is common for some to be locked and some others not. Kogan and Boost have been confirmed by a few.

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      Tried the online link posted on Page 1, and it says my phone isn't locked to Optus. But I can't call out.

      That the system doesn't think your phone is locked may work in your favour. I've read the odd post about people contacting support after the system reported that it didn't have a code available and were sent a code for free after waiting a few days. Slightly different situation and I can't remember if that was Optus though. Good luck! If at first you don't succeed try, try, again.

  • 2 left at subiaco if people are still after one

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    Those who have got the phone and opened the box, could you please tell me if there is a back cover included? Asking as the previous Optus Oppo AX5s deal had a back cover (transparent) included. Pretty basic, but does the job well.

    • +1


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      No cover. Just a screen protector already applied.

      • i didn't notice any screen protector on mine.
        but i could easily use the glass one i ordered for my motorola e7 - their screen design/dimensions are almost identical

        • It's just a plastic one though. Reviews of this vs a C12, states that the glass is tempered vs Corning Gorilla Glass. Not sure which one is stronger. I have always put a tempered glass screen protector on my more expensive samsung S series phones but getting one for this will be 1/5th of its value!

          • @x d:

            getting one for this will be 1/5th of its value!

            lol are you saying this isn't a high-yield nfc phone?

            • @tdw: It's a pretty good phone for the price isn't it. Definitely worth making it last the distance instead of replacing the screen (especially since my daughters with their fumbling fingers will be driving them)

              • @x d: You could buy spares…

              • @x d: definitely…i've finally been bitten by the cheap android bug.

                i always make a habit of getting a glass screen protector and reasonably protective tpu case for every phone i acquire, even the ones i've salvaged from e-waste bins.

    • From the few (a lot😉) of phones, that I've bought in the last decade, Oppo are the only one's that do this. A couple of others have, but that's the exception.

      • +1

        LG does

        • Yeah. Got an L7 from 2014, with Stylus 😉

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    Here is my experience after reading all the comments:

    1) checked IMEI on box with https://secure-unlock.com.au/ou/launch -> says my phone is unlocked
    2) Unboxed phone and went through to home screen without signing into google.
    3) Put in Aldi sim (Telstra) 4g phone bar. Both phone calls and mobile data works.

    • +3

      I did the same and worked fine with Boost (Telstra).
      THEN……………I updated the software and now it's locked. Dam.

      • +1

        Bizarre random experiences in this thread.

        Let me know how you go with the unlocking process. Mine is locked but when I try to unlock it via https://secure-unlock.com.au/ou/launch it says it is unlocked. Just off the phone to Optus Support, she was helpful and patient, but the same thing is showing at her end when she enters the IMEI into the system - so she can't generate me an unlock code.

        Next, I might try and plug in the Optus SIM provided and activate that and try all of the above again.

        Any gurus reading this please feel free to offer tips!

        • Bizarre random experiences in this thread.

          Completely agree mate.
          Err… you seem to be in a situation here. Even Optus cant officially unlock the phone? What do you plan to do then?

          • +1

            @djoz: Will try the Optus SIM route, then maybe visit an Optus Store. Failing all that, it stays as an Amaysim/Coles spare handset.

        • Maybe, do the update. It'll become locked, according to previous reports. Then ask support again…!

          • @Black26: It remains locked after all the updates and to Android 11. As noted, I tested out of the box and was unlocked, I made calls using Boost Sim without issue. It's the update that locked it.

            • @Borg: Looking at what a few people have shared here, if the phone is unlocked, is it best not to update to Android 11? A bummer, I know, but better to secure an Unlock Code (if needed), before updating to Android 11 in that case.

              • +2

                @djoz: All Good, I just got off "Chat" via old Optus App account and agent supplied me with an unlock code no questions asked. I just noted that it was unlocked and after the update it was locked. All the agent needed was IMEI and Model number. They asked if it had an active Oputs SIM, I said no. No dramas at all. Noice, very noice!.

        • Totally agree, I got two phones , 1 locked and 1 unlocked. Try the link to confirm against the IMEI and it says not locked.

  • Has anyone attempted to change their region code and see whether another IMEI is revealed? This is known to work on other Oppo models including the RealMe C3 which seems similar. More information can be found by following the links from XDA or the above OzB discussion. The process requires some mysterious Windows software going by the name of "Oppo_Free_Unlock". This refers to a boot loader unlock not a carrier unlock. Replacement SIM trays are available on AliExpress for a few dollars though I;m not sure you can get one with the right colour unless ones for another model are compatible.

    • all the links seem to be outdated. as the software can't be downloaded, otherwise kin to try it.

      • Funny, I get downloads offered by clicking on the attachments in both these posts: #1 and #2. Good luck! I'm keen to read of your success but not brave enough to try at the moment without a current need. So far, I haven't even unboxed.

        • +1

          Tried on my phone worked. Odd when I do it on the laptop it's page not found.

          Will post if it works.

    • I just checked the official page of Realme C21 Australia. It says the SIM Tray is "1 nano SIM + 1 SD Card".
      So looks like the Australia variant of Realme C21 isn't dual SIM at all. Even if you buy it unlocked.

      Also, in many other regions outside Australia, this phone does not have NFC.

      • Even if you buy it unlocked.

        At the moment only the Optus variant is officially distributed here. Click on the buy link and see where you can buy it from.

        So looks like the Australia variant of Realme C21 isn't dual SIM at all.

        Yes, but the $64 question is whether is can be converted to a dual SIM with a bit of hacking and a replacement SIM tray.

        • At the moment only the Optus variant is officially distributed here. Click on the buy link and see where you can buy it from

          I don't think I missed this earlier, but I see Oppo is offering an unlocked version of the C21 for direct sale now. It is also a single SIM model. Currently the same price as the locked one direct from Optus.

  • +2

    Phone upgraded to Android 11 and latest Firmware, and it still works with Belong (Telstra) sim. No need to unlock. Inside is a pamphlet that says it works on 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 Mhz GSM.

    • Inside is a pamphlet that says it works on 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 Mhz GSM.

      2G doesn't exist in Australia any more, but the phone does have all the current 3G and 4G frequencies used in Australia. Does this phone support VoWiFi and video calls?

      • +2

        Vowifi - yes - how to turn on instructions here - https://youtu.be/XqPPFkwg1pQ

        The label on the outside of the box also says 64gb, so please make sure you don't get the 32gb version.

        • Thanks.

          The label on the outside of the box also says 64gb, so please make sure you don't get the 32gb version.

          Anyone buying the subject of this deal is unlikely to end up with a 32GB variant. I think only the Optus locked variant one available in this country apart from grey imports. A 32GB variant might just be an unlocked dual SIM version which is a reasonable trade off. A dual SIM variant should have 2 IMEIs printed on the box.

  • All sold in North western Sydney… People queueing at 7am to pickup… :(

    • Which Woolies are sold out?

      • +2

        Kellyville, kings Langley, Norwest, ponds, Schofield, seven Hill, Parramatta, Blacktown, Rouse Hill, Wentworthville….

        Couldn't drive anymore 😔

        At two of the woollies I felt staff is hiding stock so you might be lucky if that staff not around when you get there… !

        • +1

          People queueing at 7am to pickup…

          The staff told you this? I too feel sometimes they are bluffing. I was told they sold the last one out "yesterday" (Friday). I have been told this twice, for two separate deals I was looking for.

    • I doubt people are queuing up to buy this phone haha.. how would they even know?

      • Because of this post.

  • thanks, op. grabbed one at Kirrawee.
    they have a few more in stock.

  • Those who are getting the phone, are you getting the Cross Black color or Cross Blue, or is the offer valid on both colors? Asking as often the clearance is specifically on only one color option, while the other still retails at RRP.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Got the Cross Blue. It’s the only one showing on the Woolworths site for me

  • +1

    Sold out in Macquarie Centre, NSW

  • Still one left at Marketplace Leichhardt NSW 2040 (11am). Cross Blue.

    • 0 Left.

  • +1

    Check nearby two woollies, none has stock, the lady at service desk told me a guy before me took the last one

  • Scored one at Bulimba, QLD late yesterday afternoon. Probably the last one as they scrounged around for a bit (forgot to ask). Cross Blue colour.

    Phone initally appeared unlocked (with Telstra SIM) but then after the two software updates, I got the dreaded "Network locked" message.

  • Cheers Op. Only one in Katoomba. Went to Blue Mountains with the family today with free trains.

  • +1

    Has anyone had a look in the very sedate and white-bread suburb of Floreat (WA) at the Woolworths there?

  • +4

    Went to Prospect SA to grab one for my broke uncle when store opened at 11am. Got in line and guy grabbed last two just before me… and Kmart nearby refused to price match. Fml.

    Going to couple other kmarts to see what they say, not bothering going to woolies would be sold out now eveywhere

  • +1

    Tried a few Kmarts and they wouldn't price match if not in stock of the store they call….. policy is when it's more than certain amount difference in price ($50 I think she said), they call to check for price matching (in this case Woolworths), the store they call has to have them in stock, (not nationwide stock) so perhaps get the number of a store that has a few in stock and get them to call that number I guess. I gave up.

    Edit: corrected sentencing.

    • +1

      At the one kmart i went to that actually had stock the person at the desk had to call manager for authorisation, and he/she said no because it was ‘clearance pricing’

  • Currently holidaying in Perth. I probably need another mobile phone like I need a hole in the head, but that didn't stop me from buying one from the Mount Pleasant store a couple of hours ago. There looked to be one other left in the cupboard, from the quick glimpse I had. This one is network locked.

  • Scored 2! Lady said 1 per customer though..

  • +1

    Found one in SA but it scanned at $199…. :(

    • Did you note if the color was Cross Black?
      It seems that the Woolies markdown to $49 is only for Cross Blue. Not sure, but that's what it appears to be. Also, you are the first person to report it scanned at $199, so I am guessing it is not the same 'Product' (different colors are treated as different products at these stores).

      • +1

        Right you are! I found another one at another store and it scanned at $49 .. Blue!

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