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Roasted and Salted Cashews 800g $10 @ Coles, Roasted and Unsalted 750g $10 @ Woolworths


It has happened again, both Coles and Woolies have Cashews on special at the same time.

Same description as last time:
Coles are slightly cheaper, price equivalent to $12.50/kg, but Coles only have salted cashews. Woolworths have both unsalted and salted on sale, same price, but 750g instead of 800g.
Woolworths Unsalted: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/202399
Woolworths Salted: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/172660

Comparing the cashews from both stores, I find the Coles cashews to be better cleaned, the Woolies ones often have traces of husk still attached.

I can confirm that the Coles offer works in-store, I just went to my local Coles and purchased some.

Be careful not to accidentally pick up bags of mixed peanuts and cashews, which are usually right beside the cashews, and often get mixed in with the cashews.

Allergen warning from Coles:
May Be Present PEANUTS, May Be Present OTHER TREE NUTS, Contains Cashew, May Be Present MILK, Contains TREE NUTS, May Be Present SESAME, May Be Present SOY, May Be Present CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN

Go nuts (or "go drupes" if you want to be pedantic).

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    Woolworth one taste better than coles one

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      Then buy the Woolies ones. I can't taste the difference (comparing salted from both stores), so I'll buy the one that is cheaper.

    • Try two at once and please report back

    • Did you blind taste it?

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    I'm worried these frequent specials are preparing the ground for a price rise. I've seen Coles do this a number of times, they put something on special all the time, so people only buy when it's on special. Then they silently raise the not-on-special price, and then the specials stop.

    • "They're onto us,
      shut it down"

    • Than stop buying simple look something different for ur addiction 😜😂😂😂

  • Why is the unsalted more expensive in terms of $ per gram?

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      Woolies have the salted cashews at the same price, so it's just that Woolies charge more. It's not salted versus unsalted.

      The nuts are visibly different between Coles and Woolies (the Coles ones are cleaner), so the nuts are coming from different suppliers to each store. It could be the wholesale price that makes them more expensive at Woolies, or it could be that the two stores have different profit margins.

    • Salty?

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    A tip for getting the last few bits out of a bag of salted nuts: strain them into your sink, and wash away the salt that falls through the strainer.

    If you want something a bit better than a strainer, buy a "Salt Dredge", the things that fish-and-chip stores use to add salt to your order:

    Empty the bag into the salt dredge, shake the salt into your sink, then open the salt dredge and eat.

    • +1

      Good idea. I just put the last portion to a newly opened packet and shake thoroughly.

    • +1

      wash away the salt that falls through the strainer

      but that's the best part!

      • but that's the best part!

        Hmm, I suppose it could be saved, and added to batches of hot chips. Cashew salt instead of chicken salt!

  • +1

    Woolworths do have it advertised in the current catalogue

    • Oops, you're right, I just scanned through the catalog again and found them. I'll edit the post to remove that bit.

  • +1

    50g of salt

    • +2

      1% salt. Enjoy your 5kg of cashews!

  • +2

    It has happened again, both Coles and Woolies have Cashews on special

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And cashews are on special at Woolies and Coles

  • nuts

    • Whose nuts?

      • +1

        The nuts that just dropped on OzBargain. Both of them at once — Woolies and Coles

      • +3

        deez nuts

  • +1

    This will help with my $40 spend at Woolies to get 2000 points next week. Just hoping they have stock of the unsalted at my local Woolies. My stock at home has depleted somewhat.

    • I think many people will have the same idea — everyone’s nuts about nuts these days

      • IKR… the unsalted at my Woolies is out of stock quite quickly after it goes on sale.

  • +2

    I got the coles ones recently. They are incredibly salty.

    • Same here. Had to return the packet and get my money back.
      Rang the Coles product quality number and they were very good, but when I took it to the store the service desk person got on their high horse and refused - had to escalate to the manager.

      • Was there just one nut left?

        • +2

          I'm an Ozbargainer. Ha ha. What do you think? Left some in pack just to show how salty they were. 'Discarded' the rest.

      • +2

        Customer service has no concern that a customers nuts were asalted…

        I'll see myself out….

    • They are incredibly salty

      I agree. Normally they're somewhat salty, but this batch seems saltier than normal. I'm thinking of buying some unsalted ones and mixing them with the Coles ones, to dilute the salt.

      On the other hand, the salt is limiting how many I eat, so they are lasting longer. If I have too many, it makes me thirsty, which stops me eating as I have to go and get some water.

  • Bless you cashew

  • I always buy unsalted cashew and roasted in an airfly.

  • Wow nut war.. putin should be doing this instead real war

  • How many pieces are in 50 grams? Try to decide buy from ww or cl

  • ah nuts! Impulse bought a mixed variety bag from Aldi the other day for like $16 or whatever it is.

  • what do widdit ?

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