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10% off Beds and Accessories + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ with Mattress Order) @ Koala


The Easter sale has ended so I tried to use the referral link for $200 and it kept rejecting me as ineligible for some reason- perhaps the referral isn’t working any more?

Anyway I asked koala and they gave me a 10% off code.

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Referral: random (56)

Referee and Referrer receives $200 store credit, with a minimum spend of $750.

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    If under $1K better use "HIKOALA" for $100 off.

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    I sent a note to Ozbargain as the format of Koala's referral codes has changed. This may be causing a problem.

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      Yes after entering an email address it says "Looks like you’re not eligible to use this offer."

    • Update. Ozbargain got back to me and the referral page has been updated with the new format and should be working now.

  • You can get a lot more than 10% off by asking on web chat.

  • I've never not seen '10% off' on Koala site. Fake news.

    • Mate I know but I only shared because it isn't on there at the moment. There are other deals but not 10% off. If they fix the $200 referral that will be better for most but not >$2k spend.

      • That's fair - sorry.

  • Onebed or Koala?
    Onebed is 50% OFF, https://www.onebed.com.au/

  • OP - can you organise us a ripper deal from sleeping duck? (they never seem to go on sale or have deals??)

  • anyone can refer me? https://koala.com/en-au/refer-friend

    needs to be from an existing customer (someone who bought from koala before)

    Will pm my email

    • I can provide a link

    • Could someone please refer me as well? TIA!

    • Can someone refer me as well? pm me for email

  • Can anyone PM me for the referral for Koala purchase? Cheers

  • I need a referral too please.

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