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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 Disc Console $749.95 ($200 Deposit Required) @ EB Games


EBGame starts selling the console without game now.

Thanks to the previous post.

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    Snagged, thanks OP!

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    Oz bargain better than the Twitter bots at the moment. Got one too. Thanks OP.

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      we have more bots on here :P

      • Dealbot?

  • got one

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    Of course after I bought the bundle lol

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      Hahahahahahahhaha you and me both!

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        Got scalped by EB, who would've thought

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          At least both are decent games and you only overpaid maybe like $20 at best vs game cheapest price ever

  • Snagged thanks OP, pickup next wed

  • Got one. How long before it can be picked up? Any idea?

    It says preorder 27 April, so 27 April is pickup date?

    Edit: nvm answered by post off.

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    Got one. Thanks!

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    This post is 10 mins old and its not sold out yet, Get in quick…

  • Already got 1 from purchasing last year but couldn't resist getting another as I'm on Level 4 and that would make it $325 trade in for PS4 Pro!

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    • Forgot that EBworld applies to these trade in deals.

      • I met one staff that insisted you don't get EBworld benefits on trade in deals.

        Came back and got the difference refunded by a manager…

  • EB Games ps5 day
    Cheers OP! Got one

  • Boys I'm in :)

  • That'd be right.

    • I didn't know I had patience .

  • +2

    Page also states that price is $479 when you trade in a PS4 Pro. $270 trade in price is pretty good imo!

    • Where o.O

    • Not bad at all. Especially when you add up eb world trade-in bonus.

    • the trade in page isnt working anymore

      could i put my name down in store for a ps5 and also make a note to trade in my ps4 pro?

      • As far as I know, if going through EB Games you must secure your pre-order online and pay the $200 deposit at that time. When your order is ready to collect, you can take your PS4 Pro for trade in.

    • why only ps4 pro, should do similar deal for other PS4s.

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    Ensure you pickup up your phone because eb never sent any email or text when they have stock available for pickup. I found out the hard way, they got stock early than expected and i missed their call, after a week or so then give it to the next person in line.

    • Correct. I bought PS5 (pre order) last year and the sales person told me, they have literally hundreds people queuing. So if someone didnt pickup their order for certain amount of time, next lucky person in line will have it.

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      Who takes phone calls these days? Send a bloody text!

      • I know, we’re all busy with work and spam call.
        Ebgames said they only use landline phone, no email, no text.

        Lucky for me that day when I called them to ask for my pre-ordered ps5, someone didn’t pickup their either, so i score their one instead. I could have got mine a month earlier but oh well still got mine afterall

        • Thanks for the heads up - I'll have to turn off my "auto reject unknown numbers"

  • thanks op

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    Woohoo got one now I want Xbox

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    Sweet, can finally pawn off my 5+ year old PS4 Pro lmao.

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      If its good nick you can sell it for 300 on marketplace. Probably not worth the effort though.

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        Yeah definitely not IMO since I can trade it for $270 against the PS5.

  • More ps5s to scalp lol. Don't forgot eb games gift cards for further discounts.

    • -2

      I'm pissed off there is no cashback on the $200 initial deposit or gift card use .
      Its costing me a fortune .

      • +5

        they refund the deposit in store and let you pay the full amount with GC's if you want.

        • -2

          After I have the target I want to stay in the shadows .

  • Not available anywhere

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    NOOOOO OOS!!!!

  • OOS everywhere

  • managed to grab one! Thanks

  • +2

    Checked out, the auth code from my bank took 2 minutes to come through and OOS when confirming payment. Sick of chasing this console.

  • +1

    I got one as well about 30mins ago. Pickup only but stoked to finally get one after 2 years :)

  • -3

    i don't need another one, i'll let the scalpers kids eat.

    • I think the poor buggers have lost 30 big mac meals down to 12 .

    • 4 negs, do they think I'm the scalper?

  • -3

    what a joke.

    • +8

      Come on eb is doing really good job. Their digital/disc bundle lasted over an hour, plus this one lasted almost an hour. You can't blame them.

      • -1

        im not blaming them at all! they have done exemplary work across the board over the last two years. Just saying its all a guessing game when you can apply or buy, i cant just put my name down today and then it gets ordered the next time there in stock… frustrating to say the least.

      • plus this one lasted almost an hour

        27 minutes exactly.

        • +5

          Website was up before this post. So longer.

  • OOS. Well waiting for PS5 Pro then…

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      See you in PS5 Pro Max threads

  • -6

    What's so special with PS5 compared to PS2 or 3 or 4 ?

    • +7

      You cannot buy it because there is no stock…

    • Bigger EPENI5

    • +4

      What's so special with PS5 compared to PS2

      Although I still love my PS2, you are comparing a current gen console to something that came out 22 years ago.

      • 22 years and i still remember paying $749 when it dropped back then… God that makes me feel old 😭

        • You and me! Life is becoming a blur and accelerating.

  • Got one 30 minutes ago, thanks for the link! Finally got one since bots didn’t snipe the link within seconds

  • Is it just me but whenever I see that pic of the ps5 I think "another promo for that black and white electric razor".

  • Release 2 years ago and still shortage

    • +3

      1.5 years

  • Had my order cancelled the last time they had the preorder a month or two ago. This is because I purchased one early last year and they said it's a limit of 1 per customer.

    The main issue was they held my money for 2 months before I found I knew I wouldn't get one.

    Maybe a warning for those planning to get cheap gift cards to pay off purchase etc that could cancel

  • +1

    Phew, just in time for my weekly "didn't quite make it in time for a PS5" feeling of disappointment!

  • Wtf did they have an over supply of Horizon and GT?! Oh well at least I got the bundle deal and can finally enjoy a ps5

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      Just return the game because "you don't like it" after purchase for a refund or exchange it for other game(s) at your local eb games, this might work if it is 2 different items on the receipt (you have 7 days after purchase to return any new or pre-owned games for change of mind at eb games).

      • Sweet hopefully they are seperate on the receipt, cheers for the advice mate

      • -1

        And possibly be barred . You don't think of consequences .

        • +4

          There is literally no consequences.
          First of all, a retail store is never going to "bar" anyone for trying to return an item they paid for.
          Secondly, EB games would be one of the last places anybody would care about getting "barred" from. Their entire range is available online, target, big W, JB Hi-Fi etc.

          • @PrettyBrokeTBH: Tired this for the last pre-order bundle. Didn't work. Bundle has a special SKU

      • Thanks for the advice mate, was able to return the game. Bloke at my eb was very helpful

  • I preordered day one, late in the day after EB were meant to stop taking preorders, and I got it like six months later. But I feel bad that I barely use it. I just wanted it because it was new and didn't want to miss out.

    • +2

      That my friend is what we call FOMO

    • I mean end of the day it's only $750 but if it's bothering you just sell it and recoup your outlay?

      • -1

        Then I'd just want it again. PS5s… can't live with them, can't live without them.

  • Scumbags sell the bundles first!

  • +3

    Snagged the bundle with HZD. Not even going to complain it's $100 for the game when it's being sold at $100 from Amazon and this ps5 only preorder is sold out so quickly I would have missed it again.

    • Exactly. Also got hzd bundle and at this stage, Im just glad I got a PS5

    • You made the right choice

  • Sigh missed out :/

  • What's the best place to get gift card? Shopback has it 4% cashback

    • Try to wait until it is on special (6% very frequently at Shopback) before purchasing gift cards ($45 cashback instead of $30) -> PS5 for $705 only! Lucky!

    • +1

      [COLES]Or this week, Collect 2,000 BONUS Points When You Buy a $50 or $100 Ultimate Style, Swap Entertainment, the Active Card or the NRL Card Gift Card and Swipe Your Flybuys Card at the Checkout. Max 5 cards per account.

  • If you’re not short in cash, keep your old console, in the future you might want to have it just for collection….

    My first console were nes, snes and ps1, ps2, wii, ps3, skip ps4, got ps5.

    Now looking back, i wish i still have the nes, snes and ps1.

  • +3

    It's 2022, shortage is still a problem for PS5. So crazy!!!!

    • Tell them to stop producing every device requiring chips .
      Then spend multi billions to manufactory them .
      Simple .
      Out of them for the decade :)

  • +1

    i got refund today :(

  • +1

    Not sure why, but my online account is showing order cancelled and refund processed. No correspondence from EB at all. Pretty sad.

  • +1

    Order cancelled without any notification as well. Pretty poor.

  • Noticed that the 3 users who had theirs cancelled were all based in Brisbane. Coincidence or have people from other cities had theirs cancelled too?

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