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Sonos Beam (Gen 2) Soundbar White $630, Black $635 (Back Order) Delivered @ Living Sound + Vision


Not the best deal but am searching for this soundbar and found this offer. :) First post…

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Living Sound + Vision Brisbane
Living Sound + Vision Brisbane

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  • How come Sonos soundbar hold up it's value so well? Samsung soundbar gets a 50% off after 6 months from the release date.

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      sonos is apple of soundbars

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        Pretty much this. Like Apple has done with the phone/PC ecosystem, Sonos has created an audio ecosystem that, once you are invested in it, becomes undesirable to leave.
        They also don't bring out new models every other year, meaning they have no reason to clear stock for the next new thing like most other manufacturers pushing out new products at a regular interval. Sonos also generally improve its product through firmware/software updates.

  • Are these soundbars any good VS a 2.1 system?

    • Depends on what 2.1 system you have in mind, but generally, soundbars are worse than a 2.1/with amp set up. Though they are cheaper- and to some, neater.

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    For anyone thinking about getting this - I ordered one back in January from this company and it took over 2 months to arrive. Very little communication from them and when they did finally reply to my emails it was always incorrect information, it wasn’t even listed as backorder when I placed the order either.

  • This is $624 at West Coast HiFi.

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