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Windscribe Pro VPN 2 Years Subscription US$69 (~A$91.84)


Not as good as previous deals but not bad in a pinch for a decent VPN provider.

Since it is our birthday, we expect gifts. This year, we'll make it easy for you and tell you exactly what we've always wanted - for you to buy 2 years of Windscribe Pro for $69. Other companies use legions of qualified staff to price their plans according to industry standards, here at Windscribe we believe in none of that. So click the link below to upgrade at a funny sex number amount of dollars, for 2 years of service.

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  • I was just wondering whatever happened to the people who bought the "lifetime" deal from a few years ago? Are they still working ok? It was only half the cost of this deal.


    • +2

      Still working for me

      • +1

        ***** I'm jealous.

    • +2

      I bought the 3 years thinking I would be able to trial it and get the lifetime at the end of it, little did I know that I missed the best deal possible

      • Same. Got 3 years and wished I got the lifetime instead :(

      • Same. Luckily got 2nd best with the 2yr sub last black friday.

        • How much was the 2 year sub on Black Friday?

    • yep, got lifetime, still using it

    • Still good here.

    • still works fine..happy user since 2017

    • Bought lifetime deal 4 years ago. Still working.

    • Yup - another lifer here. Working fine. Don't give VPNs another thought now. Glad I jumped on it when I did.

    • Still working (we don't get control d for free though).
      I was considering to get 3y, then I just went for lifetime.

      Note that we do have to renew it after 10y .. not sure yet if that will go ok, but will report back in 6y.

    • Still going strong here

    • Yep, use it all the time.

  • What other providers are good these days? See a fair few 90-100% (sometimes >100%) cash back deals for various VPNs (eg PIA) but I’m suspicious of how good they are given they’re next to free.

    • Mullvad is regarded as a very good VPN. They will not monetise your browsing data for profit, and are very privacy focused. Oeck is another worthy consideration and are an Australian company.

  • Still loving my lifetime sub! I’ve got google chrome plugin auto connect to Sydney and it’s screaming fast. Never any issues…

  • +1

    I have less than a year to go on a 3 year plan bought on stack social for peanuts. I wish I bought the life time option. Very good VPN with decent Windows and Android clients.

  • Is there still limit on GB on this pacvkage, right now i am payig $2 for 20GB through winscibe.

  • How does this VPN go speed wise for torrenting Linux distributions?

    • It almost maxes my connection (50/20 NBN)

    • -1

      Why use a VPN to torrent a linux distro?

      • He doesn't want google to know he's actually downloading tv and movies. Linux distro's are one of the few legal uses for bittorrent.

        • Lol, how would google know what you're downloading? Unless you're using their DNS your torrent has nothing to do with google.

          • @lunchbox99: More like google indexes this site so if he uses the username somewhere else, or it can be tied back to him as an actual human then it could be used as evidence in theory if he posts "how does this vpn go speed wise for seeding 100 terabytes a day of my little pony episode torrents?", instead of what he asked.

            Generally when asking about torrents people pretend they're using them for something else.

            And TBF google doesn't care, but it wouldn't suprise me if they have correlated the metadata for usernames and which of those usernames have interacted with piracy type posts? Probably a bit conspiratorial.

            • @shamowfski: Oh lol, wow that is super paranoid.

              • @lunchbox99: And a made-up situation. It's child's play to get into a private site. And even public sites don't run lists of usernames & IPs of downloaders, and that's available to google.

  • I got the free for life 50gb/MTH.. still using it without issue

  • Any low cost VPN with residential IPs? Most VPNs are datacentre IPs and get easily recognized as VPN.

    You can check yours on https://ipdata.co/ and look for threat.is_datacenter value.

    • Some windscribe servers have that flag as false others as true.

  • +1

    Please bring back lifetime offer I was stupid like a lot of others here and took the 3 year offer over lifetime, being a tightarse don't always work. I have just been putting up with the free windscribe account now.

  • I'm feeling pretty foolish asking this but how do you enable the 2 year subscription? Clicking the link sends you to the pricing page which has an 1 year annual option… I'm sure I'm missing what's obvious to everyone else. Thanks for any help, pointers

    • Not a silly question, looks like the offer expired.

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