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[NSW, PS4, XB1, PC] Various PS4 + XBOX ONE + PC Games Clearance at $1 @ JB Hi-Fi (North Sydney)


Saw this when I was browsing at North Sydney JB Hifi. Only picked up a few PS4 games as I do not own an XBOX One. $1 Games with more than a few copies include:

PS4 - Rage 2, Dishonored, Agents of Mayhem, Tom Clancy the Division 2, Elder Scrolls online.

XBOX ONE - Rage 2, Homefront the Revolution, Prey, Evolve, Thief, Elder Scrolls online.

Variety of PC games. I did pick up Earthlock and the Walking Dead Season 2 for $1 each. Also a few nintendo 3ds and Nintendo Switch accessories all priced at $1. Plenty in stock when I left at 7.30pm.

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    Picked up Spiderman pre-owned for $5 at Bondi Junction today… didn't see any $1 deals though.

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      For good??

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      Why would I want to pay $50/year for gamepass when I could get $1 games that could sit on my shelf and remind me of the awesome deal i got.
      I mean I never play them anyway.

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        Buy first, think later….

        • Don't think. Just buy!

          I ain't got no time to think.

      • Actually $110 for 3 years of Gamepass. Too good to pass.

        • 36*

        • wait, how?

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            @Zorlin: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/693537

            even though this is expired you can still shop around and get your 12 month subscriptions from elsewhere.

            Can confirm it worked for me about 5 months ago, can confirm I haven't played any of the games apart from 5 minutes of Gears of War 2 via game streaming.

            I hear guardians of the galaxy is on it now though, I will play that.

            • @jonathonsunshine: Good to know. I guess I'll need to cancel XGPU for now, wait for it to fully expire, wait 24 hours then redeem a bunch of 12 month codes? (then re-convert)

              I'm already paying full price, so nothing to lose…

            • @jonathonsunshine: I’m on the PSN Australia. If I find a deal in the future for 3 years do I need to get a new PSN account? I don’t want to lose the games I already have.

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                @zemphism: That deal is for Xbox Live /Xbox Game Pass

                Xbox accounts seem to be region free.

                PS accounts are locked to your region and I've often regretted that I didn't know to get a US PS account originally. I often see US PS 12 month subscriptions for much much less that the cheapest Australian ones.

        • Actually I paid only $25 for 3 years of Gamepass last year

          • @cloudzhou: how'd u do that? most game pass vpn method still costs ~$37 per year.

            • @selphie: There are cheap ones last year on plati.market, it's basically 20usd for 3 years

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        I've still got 360 games from when Dick Smith closed down to start playing.
        My Xbox one collection is going the same way but at least I don't spend as much on games as I did 15 years ago.

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          Thats a lot of games.

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            @fredk1000: I think he meant 'Xbox 360' games, not 360 number of games.

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      Sony’s one looks pretty average for Australians.

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    If old game are not worth a cent, you’re smart to buy old game than paying for a service, because once you stop the subscription the game also unplayable.

    • Or pay for the service, then buy those games once they become discounted and "old".

      Paying for a subscription doesn't mean you forfeit your right to pay for and own games.

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        Yet (physical games anyway.. When distribution costs and lack of interest are high enough then physical games will stop)

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    Picture quality isn't great but is that NBA 2K14 I see?! Where did they possibly dig that out of?

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      Been sitting there since 2015 made it redundant…

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    Wonder why they made the artwork for Rage and Dishonoured so bad? Just looks… soulless

    • welcome to gen z taste

      • ????????????????????

    • Have you seen the shit getting passed as art today?

      Those two are master pieces!

  • They should do this everywhere, they have old PS and DS games at the counters gathering dust. At least get something..

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    JB Hifi North Sydney is a store where its game stock just sits there for years untouched. I stop by there every now and then on the way home from my CBD office because they'll have rare games still sitting on the shelf.

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      No a good idea commenting this here. I have an urge to go to North Sydney now.

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        I have no idea why I received no upvotes for providing a first hand perspective on availability of games at this store and you receive multiple upvotes for telling me not to do so…

        • Downvoters likely dont have any $1 games near them.

        • If you want attention you need to become a troll

    • There was a JB near me that used to have Transformers Devastation for 360, not that rare, but this was waaaay after the next gen consoles were out, it was still sitting there full price for YEARS one day I asked them to scan it to make sure it was actually $89 or whatever the sticker said they said yes, and even the games guy looked a bit surprised but the most he could knock off was $5. It would have sat there until they put last gen on super clearance to finally get rid of it all.

      The only recent "rare" expensive dust gatherer I've seen at my new local is Bayonetta/vanquish pack sitting there full price but looking super beat up lol, then it was gone, I didn't realise it got added as part of the 2 for $30 offer! Lucky I nabbed one online, hopefully one that doesn't look like it was used as a makeshift hockey puck.

      • My best gaming buy at JB was finding three new copies of Starlink Battle For Atlas Starter Pack for the Switch. They take up as much space as 10 standard games and the stores like to get rid of them.

        After Christmas, JB at Eastgardens (NSW) had put them in a bargain bin still covered in a thin layer of dust from wherever they'd been stored (alongside the requisite 50 copies of FIFA 19 and Balan Wonderworld). Marked at $24ea or two for $40, I offered to buy all three for $50. The manager of the gaming section couldn't say "SURE!" faster if he tried.

        I use them for trades with other collectors as the OFLC-rated box is becoming increasingly hard to find (and kind of exxy).

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          Oh that's awesome! I tried to find the switch ones around and could only find the PS4 ones, but I was only really interested for the Starfox novelty lol.
          I did find a copy of Devils Third for Wii U for $10 that must have been on the shelf for years just last year, and my kid just bought a Wii U so I thought why not, plus I remembered something about it being hard to find. Turns out it's one of those only rare in America and no one cares about the other regions games lol, but it still looks like my kind of ridiculous.

          On a side note my copy of Bayonetta just arrived and while not quite as messed up as the one that was at my local the slipcover had a few small tears from rough sticker removal and shelf wear.. not the end of the world considering it was only $15.

      • Bayonetta/vanquish pack sitting there full price but looking super beat up lol, then it was gone, I didn't realise it got added as part of the 2 for $30

        The 2 for $30, was this for the PS4 or Xbox One?

  • Hmm, time to go back into the North Sydney office.

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    Good for trade and collect eb gift card credit

    • Good call.

  • Is it just this specific store? Wondering if any in Adelaide offer this as well

  • Any Switch games?

  • do they still have that amazing italian sandwich place near jb hifi? just before you get to oporto?
    or is that gone now?

    • The hole in the wall sandwich place? It's still there, though haven't been to the office in a few months.

      Never tried it. Is it that good? Long line during lunch.

      • +4

        yeah Little Vienna Sandwiches from what I remember it was one of the best sandwich places in North Sydney the taste was to die for from what I remember no matter what you got.

  • I found a second hand copy of Shadow Hearts for PS2 for $10 back in the day at a JB Hifi in WA.
    Was in like new condition, I was almost frothing at the mouth. :P

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