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[Switch, Pre Order] Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Limited Edition $159.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Limited Edition $159.95 at EB Games
Yes its RRP, but there is a limited opportunity to get these before the scalpers buy them all and jack up the prices

Expected arrival date: 24 June 2022

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    Give us new Fire Emblem amiibo, you cowards!

  • been there since last night. seems not popular for this set. let's see whether this post will help clear it out.

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      Was first available through Nintendo directly yesterday afternoon and sold out very fast. EB Games listing went up around 5pm yesterday after Nintendo Stock sold out.

      • it was actually available at nintendo on 19th, placed my order on 1am yesterday. and it lasted a fair long time compare to others. clearly order from eb is better, you get carrots, can use discount gift card. able to pickup on the release day. but nintendo won't canccel order because of change mind. i have to take it .

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          Really? I wasn't even aware they were available directly from Nintendo until they were out of stock đŸ˜…

          I placed my order at EB Games after the newsletter went out.

          • @RichardL: yes, almost nobody was reporting that. only VOOKS.. I saw the preorder when i was ramdonly browsing the store.

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    Available for over 24 hours. Not really high demand. All true fans would have preordered it by now.

    Almost nobody noticed it was on My Nintendo Store & already sold out!

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    As much as I loved Three Houses, this doesn't seem worth the extra $90 imo.

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      Indeed, it’s an expensive art book in my eyes when you can get the game for $69, and the other trinkets aren't all that interesting to me.

      Maybe if it was $120 or so but $160 seems steep.

      • The gameplay is more similar to hack and slash Warriors right?

      • agreed, however it is more popular in other regions. EU/JP all sold out.

    • Also, it's a warriors game which always tank in value

      Lol @ "Acrylic Figures".. That's talking it up a bit

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      They could’ve at least chucked a steelbook in.

    • a soundtrack CD and a nice display piece box is really all I need from a collector's edition - so bored of cheaply made trinkets bloating the price

  • Nintendo will release another batch of them on there online store to combat any scalping of this product - aware of the new australian scalping laws that just came into effect..

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