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[eBay Plus] Samsung T7 1TB USB 3.2 Type-C Portable SSD - Red & Grey $127.88 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


A further $10 drop compared to this previous deal, close to the all time low of $126.65

Available in Metallic Red colour only (Bing Lee just added Titan Grey, same price with Metallic Red)

$20 Steam Credit via Redemption with purchase of a Samsung T7 1TB

Edit 23/4: See above

Original Coupon Deal

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      Cheers, just updated the description

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      Nice! Got it the last time it was $10 more so I'll feel better with the added Steam code =')

    • Need to upload a tax invoice to submit the claim and Bing Lee didn't provide one :/

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        Just send them a message through eBay and they will email you one.

        • Ah cool, thanks!

  • Anyone know if this could this be shucked and used as an additional drive for Dell G15 5515 ??..

    Or is there better options ??..
    Thanks for any help in Advance..

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      I don't think so. It's better to get a M.2 NVMe SSD from Amazon.

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      No, I was looking at a YouTube tear down of the T5 and somebody in the comments said they tried it with the T7 and itโ€™s all soldered onto 1 board

    • I use this exact drive for my Ryzen Dell G15 5515 as external its fast via usb c. i doubt it could be shucked. i used a Crucial p5 plus as my second drive with a mount via ebay.

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    Heads up, I bought this in the previous deal when it was $10 more. I contacted eBay regarding the eBay Plus price guarantee and linked them to Bing Lee's official website where the item is also $139. They said it qualified for the price guarantee and have issued me with an eBay voucher for the difference + 5% of the online price = $17 eBay voucher.

    So if I deduct that off my original purchase price, I ended up paying $120.08 for the drive. Happy days.

    If I want to deduct the $20 steam voucher that's $100.08 - even more of a bargain!

    • Itโ€™s not technically the same you have to spend more with the voucher

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        Yep, there's a fundamental assumption I would have spent money on eBay in the future anyway. Still, more convenient than sending it back, then rebuying it. Also good that I can get any kind of saving after already buying an item.

    • Link please.

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    I'll wait for 2TB <$250

  • Don't the t7 have issues?

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      not sure what issues. Generally there's nothing but good things about them online, reputable drives.

      • Compatibility (cameras) and i think speed tanking issues. Maybe??

        Speed issues could be due to thermal throttling. They get hot, even when idle.

        The t5 didn't have the issues.

        Wouldn't be the first Samsung memory product I had with bad engineering.

        • Mainly just fridges from what I've heard - I haven't had any issues with their NVMe / SSD drives and SD cards, I'm using 2x 980 pros in my pc to run stuff off and my mobile devices all use evo plus cards.

          Using the T7 as external drive at the moment and while it gets warm over big transfers, i haven't experienced thermal throttling issues. Cools down really quick anyway since the enclosure is metal.

          • @Serapis: Their nvme and ssds are good. Usb thumbdrives… Plenty of bad designs. External nvme usb was good up until t5.. Ozb threads are where i read about t7 issues. Google suggests throttling and idle heat on the t7. Shrug.

            Bought one because i happen to need one. So i guess I'll find out myself soon enough. But i should be ok as i won't be pushing boundaries.. It's for occasional photo backups

            • @justtoreply: I got the Titan Grey one from the last deal that was $10 more and started using it today to back up ~400GB of Steam games straight away since I need to do a reformat - the T7 is cold on idle and got warm to touch during transfer but it was never hot and I didn't have any thermal throttling so I think it'll be fine.

              Thumb drives I've always used Sandisk so I can't comment on Samsung ones…

        • They get hot, even when idle

          It doesn't.

          I've used both the T5 and T7 for years, they've been flawless for me. For large file transfers the T7 starts off faster and then slows down over time (due to caching? not sure) whereas the T5 maintains a constant speed during the transfer, but in practice I have never noticed a significant difference.

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            @deadpoet: Same, Iโ€™ve used the T5 and t7, had 3 of them. Never had any issues

        • I have the T7 with the fingerprint reader and use it frequently, has never gotten hot even with multi hour transfers (warm at most), let alone throttled.

  • Any good for an xbox one external drive?

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      i used it on a base One for a while, was fine, little bit of speed increase on loading games, nothing huge but every little bit helps, probably much larger gains if used with a Series machine

  • I wish the price of the price of Samsung T7 2TB will be lower by now. Hopefully, this year it will fall to around $250 price range.

  • sorry to hijack but just curious if anyone has managed to get the 1000MB advertised transfer speed from their computers?
    i have NVME SSD in my NUC PC and only manage to get about 515MB/sec transferring movies to the T7

    • How big is one movie? Also are you using usb 3.2 type-c port on nuc? Try copying a larger file like 50-100GB.

      • about 2-3 gigs each, transferred 20 odd gigs total.
        no type C, using the yellow coloured type A port at the front, don't have any big files to test either
        doesn't matter, 500 is plenty fast enough…

    • Same, for me it fluctuates constantly from 400-700MB/s while transferring a 180GB virtual machine file from my M1 Max MacBook Pro to my 2TB T7.

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      In my understanding. type A USB port normal is USB 3 (USB 3.2 v1). Its speed limit is 5Gb. about 600MB. so this is why your max transfer is about 515MB.

      If you have a USB 3.2 v2 type C port. Its speed limit is 10Gb. about 1GB. if you connect your T7 to it. The speed may reach 700MB.

  • Will this work on ipad mini 6 for playing movies?

  • I received mine from previous deal and its physically 5x smaller than I thought it would be ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • They're so much smaller than the old laptop Hard Drives

  • still not shipped : /

  • will this go well with MacBook Air 2019?

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