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AnyCubic 3D Printer Resin - BOGOF (2x 500ml for $30.57, 2x 1L for $50.44) Delivered @ AnyCubic eBay


AnyCubic is running an awesome special on some of their 3D printer resins. Buy 1 get 1 free!

Limited stock left - Colours: white, apricot, beige

Suitable for most UV resin printers (including AnyCubic models such as Mono X etc) with a wavelength around 355-410nm.

I can recommend, I have used their resins on Anet N4 LCD resin printer with good results.

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  • Ooof that’s cheap, if you want those colours.

    • Ooops.. I forgot I wanted go order myself some before stock runs out!

      • I'd jump on this if I didnt have 3L sitting there waiting for me to use it!

  • seems like you can get 1Kg ( 1L?) from aliexpress shipped for $33 any day of the week.. maybe the 2x 1L is the deal here.

    • +1

      This is shipped from Australia too :-) — far faster than Aliexpress. And the price includes GST, which the Aliexpress listing prices do not.

      • When I ordered my Saturn printer I ordered 1L of Anycubic off of Aliexpress to trial (I havn't as yet got to it) but it was here in a week to Perth.. very comparable to eastern states delivery for me if not better. Admittedly Aliexpress is variable depending on the item and seller.. I had my flex build plate take 2 weeks and some super cheap nuts and screws I paid $2 for I'm still waiting for after 3 weeks .. but I accept that is par for the course.

        GST. - thats a good point they do ad the VAT charge on checkout that is true.

        But my point is still valid in that I would not rush and buy up resin at the ebay store when I can get a similar price when or as I need from other sources.. the deal is not as 'awesome' as it is made out to be… it might be a 10 -15% saving on the general product pricing available and not the 50% implied by a 'by one get one free' at this store at this time.

        But sure a saving is a saving and if you need it now go for it.

  • How does this craftsman resin compare to say the Anycubic Basic? I have an Anycubic mono X screen if that helps the equation.

  • Just stopped using this resin. Nothing but issues :/

    • What are you using instead, I've been using the nova3d water washable, I find very brittle and it shrinks and cracks in sunlight.

      Is this just how resin is ?

      • Many resins will crack if over-cured or unevenly cured, and most are brittle too. Some "tough" resins are out there that are a bit more ductile, but they are more for specialty uses. For mechanical parts, you will generally get better results with FDM or SLS prints. Resin is best when you need ultra-high detail prints.

      • Best results I have had so far with both strength and consistancy is the "Phrozen Aqua 4k" resin. Also the "siraya tech" one tended to perform better than the "Anycubic craftsman". I have done testing across all resins with different profiles/settings.

        • Interesting, I hadn't heard of that siraya tech. Which specific one did you like that was less brittle? Have you tried their "build" engineering resin?

          • @pinchies: I used the siraya fast resin. Haven’t dialed that one in completely yet.

            Just did a print with my 1.5 year old phrozen 4K resin and it came out flawless. Still very impressed with that resin.

            I did the same print with the phrozen and anycubic resins and the anycubic one was much more brittle around the thinner walls.

            I now just use the anycubic for pieces that don’t have intricate parts since i still have two bottles left.

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