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Zeffer Alcoholic Ginger Beer 330ml 4-Pack $10.50 (Was $23.50) C&C (+ $10 Delivery with $30 Spend) @ BWS



Noticed this fantastic craft apple cider (with a ginger twist) from New Zealand on special in-store and the price seems to be in the app nationwide. Zeffer overall I'd say is the best craft cider you can get your hands on, even if the Ginger Beer one isn't their best, at this price it's a steal. I'd also recommend the Apple Crumble, which is probably my favourite cider in the world.

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    I'm assuming this is at BWS?

    • Yepp, sorry about that!

    • Confirmed. I found it on BWS app.

  • Might want to tell us where

    • Yeah just noticed, updated :)

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    If you like cider you may like it… a ginger beer it is not.

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      Alcoholic ginger beer is very hit and miss. Most are miss. Many taste cidery, or artificial or both.

      Bundaberg ginger beer (alcoholic) is worth a try.

      Check https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692438 as some establishments offering 100% cashback on a 4 pack.

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        Personally I liked Rusty Yak

        • Yeah I like Rusty Yak. Currently member special for $18 per six pack from Dan's.

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        I was with you until you mentioned Bundy.

        • Agree, love bundy rum and soft drink but the ginger beer is not a winner. Tastes too much like cordial. Though it's alright for free with the deal I guess

        • I'm not asserting it's the best, but worth a try as they will currently send you a the purchase price on a prepaid card.

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        You need to try Tingle Top from Boston Brewery in WA.

        By far my favorite Alcoholic Ginger Beer and I'm so disappointed I cannot get it more easily in SA. I have started ordering 4 cases from the brewery on a regular basis!

        • Mine too. So far. Currently trying a number of singles from a BWS 40% shopback deal.

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      Try Amplys Hard Ginger Beer - it's 6.9% so maybe too much for some but it actually tastes like ginger beer. A bit pricey though ($22/4 pack at Dan Murphys)

      Rusty Yak is great and Fat Pixie is also decent.

  • If you like it, is a little cheaper if wanting a full case at Dan's. $60 for a case (equates to $10.00 per 4 pack). Need to be a Dan Member (free)

    • It's passable. Seemed watery iirc. Interesting enough to have a go on a 4 pack, but not a carton imho

  • Been this price for a while for 4pks, I got 6x4pks when the 40% shopback deal was on (carton was $110). Herb is right, more of a cidery ginger beer. Okay for the this price but probably wouldn't buy it again especially since there are a lot of reasonable ginger beers that aren't too expensive.

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    The only alcoholic ginger beer you should be drinking is Brookvale Union.

    End of story.

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      Love Brookvale Union, just so damn pricey.

    • Brookvale is average. More hype than delivery. Try tingletop (if you can get it)

      • I find Brookvale pretty good, and readily available. Some local places even have it on tap. Definitely better that the James Squire one.

        Tried to find this Tingletop drink to try. Nowhere local has stock. Will keep an eye out for it.

        • Yes it might be difficult if you're not in WA. It's from a small town down south.

          I should start a service to send out singles so nobody is forced to go and buy 4 cartons at a time like teedub ;)

  • Nice ginger beer if you enjoy cidery drinks.

  • Tried one. Its not ginger beer it's cider. Unfortunately it's a horrible cider that tastes like white wine vinegar. Even at $1.67 each (40% cashback) it's awful and I'd warn everyone to avoid.

    The seasonal carrot cake variety is worth trying a single of.

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