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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sukin Products (Already 50% off) + $8.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $50 Order) @ Chemist Warehouse


Just order 2 Sukin products when I checkout only got charged for one. Sukin products are already 50% off on chemist Warehouse.

EDIT - I ordered 2 quantities of same products and it charge only for one. Already received confirmation.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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    thanks OP

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    Didn't work for me

    On Sukin Signature Botanical Body Wash Pump 1 Litre

    • You need to order 2 of a same product.

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        If you go in store you can actually mix and match products ☺️
        Over the last two days I've bought quite a few items and none of them have been the same

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        No, it works if you have different products as well but it will discount the cheapest items

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          It's a bit scammy with mixed products. If you buy 14 products it will give you the seven cheapest free. Even if you have multiple products that are the same price. Like shampoo and conditioner. We just did seven different transactions. But be warned. It was $80 originally and $56 by doing them separately.

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    I can see it working, but you'd have to C&C and they may cancel.

    Only allows it with 1 product


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    System error for sure right…? But thanks OP! :D

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      It's actually a deal that's going on in every chemist warehouse store at the moment (in the vic stores I've been to at least…)
      This was the sign I saw at one store: https://ibb.co/MpJrtH2

      Another store I went to didn't have the BOGO signs but at the checkout still goes through

      • Wow awesome! Thanks OP!

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    Also commbank rewards has $5 back for $15 spend.

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      thx for the reminder!

  • Any recs?

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      Their beard oil is really good and men's face wash too.

    • Big fan of the mens face moisturiser

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    system error most likely. Works with certain products but not all.

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    Sukin like most other hair and skin care brands post launch has turned to crap. Full of alcohol and other filler. Not worth the half price in comparison.

    • +11

      Well this is now 1/4 of the price.

    • what do you recommend?

    • Yeah, I no longer rate their skin care at all.

    • Yeah, I agree. Even if it's 1/4 of the price it's not worth it, backed by a wide community of haircare enthusiasts. Well, if you can't afford things and go for things because it is cheap, is a ripper deal then it's understandable yeah go for it.

    • Im no expert, but sukin stock doesnt move terribly fast, but at this price point they must be alright (unless they do more harm than good, which ive heard of some cosmetic skincare routines)
      Theres a subreddit called 'skincareaddictsaus' or something that might have some input if a product is good.

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      Yes, it is by far some of the worst skin care products on the market.

      • I have used sukin products in the past as it was on special and thought to give it a go. I got a very itchy rashes in my hands using their handwash i immediately stop using it and use it to clean kitchen top instead. The face clay mask is worse I got an eye irritation the next morning. The bodywash also gave me red itchy rash and use it to clean the bathroom rather than just chucking them to the bin. I have tried their rosehip oil on my feet but I will never ever use sukin on my face again it was a horrible experience.

      • People will buy anything If it's cheap or something free to be had..

        Just a fancy looking supermarket brand , best getting something natural, alcohol free without all the chemicals and parabens for face.

        • So which of their products have Parabens? The night cream I get, certainly, says Paraben free.

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            @try2bhelpful: Not sure, Just an example, but it's something I look for from a brand (as well as no sulfates, no silicones, no gluten, no pegs, no ethoxylated cleaners, no synthetic fragrances, no animal products or testing, etc).

            I'm sure a lot of supermarket brands don't tick too many boxes for cheap price

            • +1

              @G-rig: So you made the comment and the reference is about Sukin. I don’t mind people highlighting stuff but they need to be factual. What you are “sure about” doesn’t, necessarily, make it true. If you are going to say “no to these type of things” you have to highlight if a product, actual, uses them.

        • +1

          Just a fancy looking supermarket brand , best getting something natural, alcohol free without all the chemicals and parabens for face.

          Are you just making a general comment without actually looking/knowing what sukin produces?

          Natural doesn't always mean better or good.

          • @Ughhh: Generally natural is better, was referring to skin care moreso over cleansers (sls is still a proven cleanser).

            Would need to look up every product or know which one they are using. Some brands follow the above generally as mentioned.

            I bought 2x Sukin cleansing hand wash from Amazon not long ago, wanted something without antibacterial as it removes too much oils from hands.

          • @Ughhh: Certainly, toxic plants are, totally, natural.

            • @try2bhelpful: Which plants are toxic since you want specifics :P.

                • @try2bhelpful:

                  We’re sorry – we can’t find the page you’re looking for.

                  Anyway I don't know which product you think has dangerous plants in it.

                  • +1

                    @G-rig: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_poisonous_plants

                    Over the years you’d be surprised what substances have been used for make up.

                    Every product that is commercially available will have involved chemistry; everything is made up of chemical elements.

                    Natural isn’t always better. Hence the point about the plants. There would be far more people hurt by what is in the gardens compared to those harmed by commercial face creams.

                    • @try2bhelpful: OK mate, that's fair enough and agree you need some kind of chemicals in cleaning products, just good to minimise the possible bad/irritating ones.
                      I checked the Sukin handwash, I'd assume it's the same company and very similar to A'kin, looks almost identical and lists the NO (xya) on the back.
                      I'm sure it's fine for handwash, body soap and shampoo etc.

                      The point is it may not be the best for facial products and there are better things around (even budget ones like The Ordinary). Everyone has to do their own research and see what works without irritating etc. Sukin doesn't get that much praise on reddit (had a look), the rosehip oil is good if you're into that apparently.

                      • @G-rig: The Rosehip is what I use, and have done for at least a year. I've had no issues with irritation from it. I do have an issue with their "retinol" substitute one, but I also did with anything else I've tried with retinol. I've certainly not found a site that gives negative reviews for Sukin; even the site detailed above has a disclaimer against the "irritants" they have listed. I'm not trying to "beat you up" here but you do have to justify the comments you make. I'm happy to look at something like The Ordinary as an alternate product as a future purchase.

                        Some of the comments made by others here do not seem to have a lot to back them up. Happy to have the discussion. I think we are all learning stuff.

                        • @try2bhelpful: Nah that's cool, it's a personal thing for sure. Perhaps 'natural' wasn't the word i was looking for then.
                          Other things to do today as well.

                          I've got that rosehip but never really got into it. Apparently you add a drop to a carrier cream/oil (eg. almond oil) and aloe vera.
                          Don't like oil getting on everything you touch so did away with that idea.
                          Use Origani now, fairly expensive but lasts ages and is actually a good product (some decent discounts at times ie, 30% off). It's just the aggressive marketing tactics you have to ignore, and not worth paying full price that's for sure.

                          ps. here's one site i was looking at fwiw

                      • +1


                        just good to minimise the possible bad/irritating ones.

                        The point is that natural can be that bad/irritating one, as its often less pure than lab made. The Ordinary does not market itself as 'natural' brand, in fact takes advantage of technology and lab work to synthetise ingredients.

    • Please provide some websites discussing the ingredients you are objecting to and the better alternatives.

      • +1

        Cetaphil or ceraVe are very easy recommendations. They are actually good and most should notice how good they are after a few days

        • +1

          Cetaphil and cerave are mostly body washes/moisturisers/lotions aka normal skincare.

          Sukin should be compared to the likes of olay, nivea, neutrogena.

        • -1

          Can you, please, address my first points and what is wrong with individual ingredients?

          • @try2bhelpful: Not sure, although I don’t know what’s wrong with home brand stuff either, I just leave it to dermatologists as they are the experts hey. When they all recommend certain products I just stick to them. Notice the difference pretty quick too.

            • -2

              @onlinepred: Can you please provide the links to what the dermatologists are saying?

          • +2

            @try2bhelpful: @try2bhelpful here's an example, their sensitive skin line products marketed for sensitive skin has a bunch of ingredients that have a high chance of causing irritant to your skin (not to mention ingredients that clog your pores)


            Compared to something from neutrogena which I use as a moisturiser


            Also almost all of Sukin products outside their sensitive skin line have perfume/fragrance in it, which just means using it is going to cause my skin to flare up so, yeah, not recommended

            • @ilikeblue: The people who wrote that description did not mention any of these
              ingredients as having a high chance of causing irritants or clogging pores.

              I’m happy to take your issues on board but can you, please, provide the dermatological sites that show these ingredients have issues.

              I’ve used the Sukin moisturisers, for a couple of years now, and the only issue I’ve had is with the “retinol” replacement causing a break out on my forehead, but I’ve had the same issue with the retinol products.

              I can see some people having issues if they are sensitive, to scents, but I would, seriously, doubt it is one of the worst skin care product on the market.

      • +1

        Sorry it's a little more complicated than that.

        Woolworths and Coles typically do their range reviews each categories twice a year. The more a supplier sells on a sku by sku basis the more likelihood they will maintain their range. If you aren't ranged you are stuffed with them.

        So it's completely rotational. The brands will launch what's known as a halo sku every range review and be in pole position. Generally a great quality formulation.. Sukin used to be great has turned to rubbish. The body which drives barclding gs1 means that minor formulation changes are allowed to retain a products barcode. Not a change of case configuration. They will launch a product full of good stuff then over time pump it full of filler.

        I personally check the bottles each and every time to find what's on trend and a good formulatio at a right price. Even I'll go to tk maxx. They have great stuff like Pecksniff etc.

        Simple question, detailed answer sorry..
        Check labels and decide in store.

    • The other brand Akin seems a lot more natural (shampoo and conditioner)

  • -1

    Gud discount on Avene products too.

  • -1

    I'm pretty sure this was 50% off in Coles today too.

    • +2

      Woolworths is 50% off this week but this deal is 50% off and then buy 1 get 1 free as well.

      • Oooh misread it. And also just realised I was in Woolworths, not Coles 🤦‍♂️

  • Fantastic deal, I've gotta stock up!

  • Ordered a few and got free delivery too.

    • How many? Did you reach $50 because that’s minimum spend

  • thx op

  • it didn't work

    • +3

      Do not login. I did guest checkout.

      • Got it, thkx

  • +1

    When is sukin ever full price…

    • +2

      Probably at Myer and David Jones.

      • +26

        That's where you get sukkedin

    • Most products at cwh are on some sort of sale 33% of the time.
      [No sale] [minor sale] [major sale] this 2 for 1 ontop of a 50% sale is quite exceptional though, i wouldnt expect it to return for a few years.

  • Op… Bought some stuff for my wife. We can't believe the price… Ordered 4 items. Let's see

  • +2

    Not sure if they will cancel my order tomorrow LOL…

  • Any recommendations on which ones to get? Too many choices

  • Trying to buy, when checking out it keeps looping back to checkout.. hmm.

    Edit: Paid by paypal and it worked. Seems like their checkout payment system is getting hammered.

  • Thanks stocked up

  • I just ordered online. You can mix and match. Just make sure the product is the same price.

  • thx op

  • +1

    Same, gifting for trip to india sorted

  • Any free shipping codes ?

  • +1

    Don't forget to stack with 28 Degrees $10 cashback when you spend $50 or more at Chemist Warehouse.

  • +2

    You need to have only 1 kind of product in the cart. If you need another product, make a new order.

    • Was able to place $50+ worth of orders in one transaction, all of them BOGOF.

      • +1

        Were they all the same value? If not, then you lost out.

        • I see. Good thing all the items I bought have the same price then!

    • -1

      That's not true, you can buy all BOGOF in one transaction.

      • +5

        You can, but unless every item in your cart is the same value, you're losing out.

        Eg. You have 2 X $15 rrp items an 2 X $10 rrp items, you would think you pay $7.50 for first one, then one free, then $5 and same one free, but the cart will charge you 2 X $7.50 and give you 2 X $10 items free.

        You would lose out by $2.50.

  • Cheers

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought 6 items in 3 transactions. :)

    • -2

      You could have added all 6 items in one transaction and still get buy 1 get 1 free.

      • +4

        Could have, but if there was a significant price difference between the items they would have lost out a bit in comparison :).

        • +2

          This. I bought 6 products in store today and a few had the same price as each other but I was charged for both the expensive ones ($17.47) and got the cheaper one for free. But if I had bought it in a seperate transaction then I could have gotten the other $17.47 for free. In the end I paid about $8 more

      • No I tried - it was more expensive

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