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SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB $17.91 (EXP), 64GB $13.98, 32GB $9 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I’ve been watching this Sandisk 128gb usb3.1 flash drive for awhile and now it’s slightly under $18.

Good for temporary use and space saver.

Please check reviews from previous post.

Update: 128GB, 64GB offers expired. 32GB $9 still available as of Jun 1.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Had a few of these over the years, be warned they always seem to run very hot (eg burn your fingers if you touch the metal when you unplug it hot). Fine for transferring stuff quickly between computers but I wouldn't leave one plugged in for along time or rely on it for backup etc.

    • I have one of these constantly plugged into a Roku for the last 5 years. Yes, it gets hot, but no issues yet.

    • Have this one plugged into my TV 24/7. Gets hots but no other issues at all

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    They do run spicy hot, but appear to work fine. Haven't had any issues with the 2 I have.

  • Good drives, some like it hot

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    Worst drive I’ve ever owned, lasted a few months using it to watch movies on tv. Maybe I was unlucky but I wouldn’t chance it again

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    I've had one in my car head unit for years and it's still going strong.

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    These are awesome in the car, you can just leave them plugged in and they don't stick out much from the socket.

    I've had one in the car for 2 years, not had a heat issue with mine, never even noticed TBH.

  • What do they normally sell for?

    • Which one that you are asking?

      I’ve seen them vary… not sure rrp but you can Check binglee, ow and good guys

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    Wish it was Type C

  • Thanks for sharing it, due it low price point for the capacity given grabbed one for convince of use than having a "bulky" external HD plugged into….

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    Runs burny hot (doesn't effect longevity) and slow write speeds (around 10-14MB/s)
    Read speeds closer to 100MB/s

    So it'll be ideal for read-only repetitive use, less so for moving things around frequently.

  • This one also dirt cheap for 256gb. But it's 3.0 and has extra slow write speeds. But won't give you first degree burns at least.

    • Not to rubbish your post, but the form factor is completely different to OP's. For the record much prefer comparable tiny Samsung to these.Sandisk.

  • Finally I can get this for my CHA batocera.

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    Worst drives I've used so far. Purchased 3, all 3 failed, one within 12 months, the other two failed before 2 years mark. They run hot as mentioned by others. Write speed is quite poor.

    If you intend to use it more often then a couple times a year, I'd avoid them.

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    I've only ever purchased one of these - the 256GB version back in I think July 2017, and it still runs just fine today.

    I split the drive into two partitions, one is for general storage and the other holds an Easy2Boot installation which I use to run OS installs, liveboot things such as Acronis, gparted e.t.c. or toolsuites such as Hirens Boot CD. So over the past 5 years it has been regularly read on a suite of devices, and had the storage partition written to an incredible amount.

    The drives do get hot, yes. VERY hot for a USB drive. Also over the years of being knocked about with keys and initially inserted upside down when I can't see the port clearly, the plastic housing over the connector has split along the edges, which has made it slightly more temperamental to insert, but I have never once it fail to be read once it's inserted, the only issue is the plastic catching. I wish it had come with a protective sheath for the port which might have mitigated this.

    It still hits it's advertised Read / Write speeds as of yesterday - the heat can sometimes dip these about 15% but never slows it to a crawl - it's far more likely that the type of data being transferred creates a bottleneck (thousands of tiny files for example), rather than the heat.

    Honestly a few months after I bought it, the reviews started coming in about failures and heat issues, and slow speeds, I accepted that I had probably bought a lemon and figured I'd run it with non critical files until it gave up in a few months. I remain pleasantly surprised to this day!

    Just remember that this is anecdotal with a sample size of 1. But it's not all doom and gloom.

  • Mine arrived today, what a let down, it was used item. Looked like returned item, packaging was open and was held with a barcode sticker. I still thought will give it a go and then it turned out to be damaged as well. Looked like someone stepped on it and the outer casing was deformed, won't fit in USB port. Returned it, too much hassle for a petty $9 item. Left a 1 star review.

    • Hmmm… this should blame on amazon service… and it got nothing to do with the product itself. It’s not relevant…

      • And how do we do that, there is only one type of review. Usually people do leave the overall experience in the review. I did write the details of the review, similar to above comment. Hope, people will read why 1 star.

  • Anyone get these working on an LG TV? It works, but it says the device can’t be used for recording live TV (pause, rewind, fast forward).

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