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YESDEX Solar Light with Motion Sensor 2-Pack for $11.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ YESDEX Amazon AU


Hi. Bought a four-pack of these for my MIL for about $8 each. This is $5.50 a pop with the 50% coupon at checkout.
Three modes, 200 LEDs (or 400, depending on the part of the product description), solar power, sensor. They work well at the bottom and top of outside stairs and where she gets out of the car. Bright enough, sense well enough. I will do similar for the other oldies with these two lights.
From my experience with posting Amazon coupon deals, it will be cancelled when the algorithm's appetite has been sated.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How do I find the 4 pack

    • Buy a couple of 2 packs?

    • It WAS on OzB a while back. Here.

    • The discount is only for 1 X 2pack.
      So you need to order multiple times. (My sure if you get SB/CR if so you'll need to click thru every time

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        Don't bother with these. These are 100 LEDs EACH and they're not enough for decent illumination.

        • -2

          depends entirely on how much illumination you need.
          obviously they are no 100w spotlights and (mod: language)
          but if all you need is to see your front path at night or the bins when you take the trash out these are probably fine

          • +2

            @rakeem: @rakeem: Trash. Spend the money and get something that lasts.

            • @Kritik: something with 200 LEDs obviously

          • +1

            @rakeem: I completely agree with rakeem based on my personal experience. Great illumination and can (very) easily see the keyholes to unlock the door without worrying about a mains power sensor light.

      • coupon disappeared after the first purchase so no ordering multiple times

        • +1

          I just ordered 4 times, each time I was charged $11.49

          • @M00Cow: how long ago ?
            maybe it is expired ?

            • @rakeem: When I posted first. ~12.45 AEST

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    MIL? Mansion In Lake's entrance?

    • +2

      Mother he likes

    • -1

      Pretty sure he dropped the F

    • Mother in law

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    From the images, looks like 100 LEDs per unit (200 LEDs per pack of 2, which is pretty imaginative marketing!)

    • +4

      That's unfair. They have 1000 units in their warehouse. These are 200,000 LED lights.

    • +7

      Chinese marketing logic just works on a different universe.

  • +1

    Shame it's cool white and not warm, personally

    • -1

      Yeah. How about these lights though?

      • Not sure what you mean? But we've got some of these - they charge pretty efficiently and the sensor works to extend runtime. Good to light external steps.

  • +3

    Let's be clear, these are 100 LEDs EACH and they aren't bright at all. I bought 4 and they're a waste of money. At least 200 LEDs EACH are needed for any decent illumination.

    • +1

      Thank you Zoolander.

    • It states 200LED…

      • +6

        The two side faces have 15 LEDs each and the two front have 35 each. 15+15+35+35=100. It's 200 LEDs only per PACK. Chinese marketing.

        • Maths checks out.

        • -1

          Maybe you are right…

      • +2

        That's called deceptive marketing 101

        • +3

          Or in this seller's case, deceptive marketing 202

    • the minimum for decent illumination is 200 LEDs ?
      well most of the lights in my house dont have 200 LEDs so I must be walking around in the dark a lot.
      thanks for pointing that out.
      what if i bought the two pack and had them side by side ?
      would i then be able to remove all my other lights, because that would be decent illumination ?

      • +1

        No, for this version of lights, you'll need around 200 LEDs i.e. twice the brightness. The wattage of the LEDs used is designed to be low due to energy concerns. The coverage of the 100 LEDs is barely 1.5m in radius.

    • Do you have any links/recommendations to which lights/brand you preder or use? I was tempted by this deal until I read your comment.

      • The 200+ LED version works way better. I'll see if I can find the link. The build quality is different too for some reason. The solar panels on the 100 LED ones start fogging up from the inside after like 2 weeks (likely due to moisture buildup and algae), whilst the 200+ LED ones are fine.

  • Looks like already cooked?

  • Just get one of these from Kmart. At least if you don’t like it you can take it back without any hassles

    • Link please for those of us without telepathic powers.

      • Not as cheap but here you go

        • Feels quite cheap considering the parts in the actual product.

          2000mah battery.

          100 pc led.

          Plastic construction.

          Solar panel.


          These are definitely not profit makers more like loss leaders.

  • +3

    I bought a few of these a little while back. They are actually not bad for the price, depending on your usage.
    I had to open one up recently due to it dying, turns out theres (profanity) all sealing around the seams, the plastic had warped in the sun and water had got in past a big gap between the glued on solar panel and plastic case.
    They have a decent (~1200mah-1600mah i think, can't remember) 18650 battery in them, which would be great if the panels could keep up.
    I was able to replace the battery and put some sealant around the panel/plastic case and it's working again.
    I have them set to always on low light, bright light on motion detect. The panel is not nearly large enough to keep them charged in winter, especially if there's any shade. They do have a setting of motion detect only on, that would work much better. They work much better in summer with no shade.
    The LEDs light output is quite sufficient for the price, honestly can't complain there.

    Considering the price of even shitty 18650 batteries these days, and the fact these have a battery charge/discharge regulator, and an array of leds, and a shit solar panel…

    At $5.50 a pop, I myself will be buying some more. Worth it for me.

    If you just want a decent solar light then pay significantly more elsewhere, these are poor build quality, insufficient solar panel, and possibly not enough light output for you.

    • They seem to struggle in that setting in winter and when they discharge they forget the setting.

  • Price showing $21.99 for me, is it gone already?

    • There still seems to be a 4 for $22 (an even better price) deal from the same mob still in stock. Credit to previous posting already mentioned. here it is again.

      • @TooSerious2 : That previous post for 4 pack link actually takes you to this 2 pack, 21.99 - unless I'm missing something, then link please?
        While on their site I was tempted by bought their 57in1 screwdriver set, since I missed the Xiaomi one. Already says 33% off down to $21.99 then another 10% off with code (available at time of note, says "when buying 2" but not required) $19.79
        No idea on quality so have not posted as deal

        • Yeah link doesn't work for me either. Just shows the 2 for $22

  • I don’t get it, it’s still $21 at checkout for me. What’s the discount code?

  • +1

    Kmart only $10 each. quality more better.(warranty include)

  • +1

    These are made for landfill. Bought 8 of them and after 1 year only 2 survived.

  • +2

    Yep…landfill express. Lithium batteries should never be placed somewhere in direct sun. Try and get solar lights with the panel seperate.

  • Ordered 4. One physically broken on arrival, one just flashes on and off very fast, other two work at the moment… No doubt all will be refunded very soon.

    • None work anymore, rain killed them.

      • Did you get your money back?

        • +1

          Yes of course it's Amazon. They originally wanted them back, but then changed mind and said to dispose of them.

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