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[Switch] Pokemon Shining Pearl $34, Pikmin 3 Deluxe $27, WarioWare:Get It Together $29 & More + Postage ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Decent prices there

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    And now we wait for Amazon ….

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      Any idea how long amazon takes to match?
      I don't want to miss out on the pokemons.

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        I idea but I just price matched with jb

      • Last HN deal they didn't. The only game(s) they ended up price matching was Mario Golf.

        • They did price match, if you mean Amazon (I couldn't get JB to price match though funnily enough) - it was just by the time Amazon did the price match, HN was out of stock (i.e. GTA Trilogy was also part of that, and was in stock, so it got price matched).

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    wtf tbh? are they on drugs? I'm happy if they are tho, yes… now for amazon…… come on amazon, join in on the fun, they must be on some good stuff!

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      Good ones will sold out before Amazon pm.

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    Bought 6 games. Paid the $5.95 delivery. Cheap enough not to try take the gamble and miss out from Amazon like Kirby

    • As much as FU Gerry your right

      • +1

        Yep hate Gerry but I'll take the L on this

        • +1

          No Ls here. Amazon didn't show up to the party last HN deal and they haven't here either. HN will keep getting my business at this rate.

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      To me this is a better deal than all above games. I sold mine over a year ago, haven't finished it. Now I want to finish it before 3 coming in july. Perfect timing. And I think the price on marketplace/gumtree may going up with Xenoblade hype. So I bought an extra copy. Lol

      • Weird how xenoblade 2 is hard to find a physical copy of? But I've heard 1 is a better game anyway

        • I think it's because it was released earlier, and they stopped printing physical copies a bit back now

        • 2 was very limited print. Maybe they didn't expect this popular. The best bet will be used from EB when they have half price for pre-owned. Otherwise digital is always there. Or $90ish from marketplace.

        • Now try finding a copy of Torna.

          • @Lund Eleven: they did a re-print of FE three houses recently in anticipating the release of FE 3 hopes. Perhaps they would do that for xenoblade 2. Who knows.

          • @Lund Eleven: Yeah I can't find any AU stock. Was able to score one last year from Amazon UK at $60.

            • @akte: Got an AU copy sealed last year for $70, basically a miracle.

      • ok. so it turns out HN is still terrible. ordered 2 xenoblade delivered. only received 1, got 1 refund. end up paying 5.95 for only 1 game that is not the way i normally do as an ozbargainer. failed.

    • OOS this is so cheap :(

  • +1


    You know I have a problem when you already gave all of these games:(

    • +7

      Decided to remove several from cart and got Zelda Skyward Sword and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond only…the others would have never been played. I have a problem with buying Switch games and never playing.

      • I hear ya!!!

      • You are not alone. It's very common for switch players.

        • Glad it's not just me. The 3 I bought from this will take me up to 38 physical games.

          Edit: 39. Thought I should probably pick up Pokemon Snap, just in case.

      • I actually skipped both Pokemon. It would have set there unplayed as I've heard these Diamond and Pearl versions are rubbish and I haven't been a fan of the newer series. I did get Pokemon Snap though

      • By the way was your order put into Review stage?

        • Hmm, I am not sure. My order confirmation email arrived, I don't actually have a HN account. I just checked out as guest.

      • you have to get Metroid - easily the best switch game out there

        • Paid $48 for it last month xD

  • Thanks op.

    HN has some decent discount going on… not sure why

    • Gerry wants to spread some love…

  • +4

    PS5 Ghostwire $46 and Tiny Tina $52

  • +1

    Bloody hell Gerry's on fire :O

    Snagged Kirby the other week; just got myself Metroid Dread and Skyward Sword free pickup for $68 :D

  • +1

    Holy shit, Nintendo games being discounted! Metroid is super worth it at that price, I loved it even at full price.

    How is monhun rise? I liked world, but the menu was cumbersome as heck.

  • +4

    Cool, so now i'm buying 6 switch games with my morning coffee these days am i…

    • Yes, before they sold out.

  • 5 games - Pokemon Snap, Pikimin 3, Xenoblade, Monster Hunter Rise and Metroid Dread for me. I ended up dropping Warioware
    Already have Skyward Sword, Paper Mario and Hyrule but would have picked them up as well if I didn't have it.
    Skipping Pokemon.

    • Good choice

  • Is skyward sword as good as breath of wild fire?

    • +3

      No, but that's the beginning of Zelda timeline

    • Time to find out. Doubt it though.

    • +1

      Considered one of the weaker Zelda games but more because there are so many good titles in the franchise. If you're after a big open world game in the same vein as BOTW, it'll likely feel limited but you'll probably see trace elements of what makes the series so good.

    • +1

      I played it years ago on the Wii and it's the first and only Zelda game I didn't finish. Although I always meant to go back to it, I obviously never felt compelled strongly enough to actually finish it, and I love Zelda games.

  • +2

    Wow this is rare. Will sell out super fast I’d say

  • MH rise is $30 at target and Age of calamity was $10 with them a few weeks ago.

    Xenoblade will disappear quickly since interest for that and part II will increase with the release of part 3 in July so better be quick.

    • Can you share MH rise link @target for $30? Can’t find myself.

      • +1

        There isn't a link, but I can confirm I also bought a copy from target a few weeks ago for $30

      • You need to try your luck if you can find one In store.

    • Jrpg fans shouldn't miss it.

  • -1

    Gerry's a good guy now.

    • +7

      Probably just clearing out the gaming range because they're sick of Amazon and then once HN stops selling, Amazon will increase their prices across the board.

  • +1

    Pikmin for me. Thanks OP

  • Oh my god my poor wallet.


    Pokemon Snap

    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

    Paper Mario Origami King

    XenoBlade Chronicles Definitive Edition

    Thank you so much for posting this deal!

  • MH OOS

  • +1

    Thank god they finally removed that bullshit, where you had to pay $5.95 per item for delivery and its just charged once now

  • +1

    Xenoblade oos

  • +1

    I had Xenoblade in my cart and then bam OOS when I go to checkout :(

  • Grabbed Snap for the 6yo and a bottle of Skyward Sword for myself before they go OOS. Doubt Amazon will match much of this.

    • They may pm the rest Pokemon games as looks like they will last longer.

      • Ready for pickup. Glad I grabbed Snap at that price!

  • Thanks, grabbed pokemon snap, xenoblade, pikmin and zelda, local pick up from HN, now waiting for pick up notification!

    • Pokemon snap is on back order now, hence delayed pick up.

      • Thanks, didnt notice as it obviously is attracting low acceptance

        • Yeah, think probably it doesn't have the thumbnail of the game, so people ignored and also not so much a good game.

    • +1

      For a reason.

      • I know, i just cant believe they have dropped it this low already, at this point they should just do it as a F2p model

      • for tradebait

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Grabbed Metroid & Zelda.

  • Screw you Gerry… had to get Skyward sword and Pokémon diamond.

  • +1

    Thanks OP really appreciate the post

  • Boo… HB didnt accept my orders - got email cancelling orders. Will go to EB Games to hopefully price match

    • +1

      Any explanation why they cancelled?

      • +7

        Gerry's keeping a list of every OzBargainer who has ever said a bad word against him or HN generally. Their orders get cancelled.

      • None. Paid with paypal. Possibly my HN account email doesnt match my paypal email.

        Had this issue a few times before with other items.

        • Did you order go into Security Review?

          • @cyrax83: Doesn't say.. :(

            "…Thanks for placing your order with us. However after careful review, we have decided to not accept your order. We apologise for any inconvenience…"

            I just re-bought using 'guest' account and that seemed to work. Same details, just not logged into their system during checkout.

            Annoyingly, they took the money for the first/denied transaction from paypal. Hope it's not a bother to have it refunded.

  • One of my items has already been shipped ^^

  • +1

    Got a copy of Pikmin 3. Missed the target deal, this it was nice I saw this sooner!

    I already own the other games I'd want.

    At least I've already played most of the ones I own.

    Aside from Snap, which I got for full price and have yet to start.

  • Once again Harvey Norman not allowing 'click and collect' or pickup in NSW, VIC or QLD. OP, you might want to indicate that is not an option - you must pay for delivery.

    • +6

      i could pick up in nsw, probably sold out at your store

      • AH, ok, just must be unlucky when I checked postcodes. None I found had stores offering C&C.

    • Was available for many stores. And they are missing one by one, until delivery only and all gone.

    • +1

      I chose C&C in Queensland.

    • +1

      Also selected C&C in QLD. I ordered not long after this deal was posted and almost all of the games were available to select click and collect for most of Gold Coast/Brisbane stores earlier this morning.

    • I literally just picked mine up half an hour ago in QLD

  • +2

    Missed out on Kirby last week at $40.
    Not taking the chance again today waiting for JB to open for price match locally.
    Local HN was OOS, so paid the $5.95 delivery, got Metroid -Dread and Pokemon - Shining Pearl.
    Cheers OP

  • +2

    Snap OOS.

  • Thanks OP. Picked up a few games.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got Pokemon Pearl. Not waiting for Amazon not to come to the party again.

  • Everything I was interested was already out of stock unfortunately. Serves me right for not checking ozbargain as soon as I woke up

    • Agreed, actually this post woke me up this morning.

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