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R.M. Williams Men's Comfort Craftsman / Sydney Boots $371.25 Delivered (New Accounts Only) @ THE ICONIC


Awesome price on these boots once again :)

You'll need to create a new account to take advantage of this coupon, The Iconic data match also so best to deliver to a Parcel Locker or Parcel Point if they can tell you're not a new customer on a different email.

There's a few different listings for Comfort Craftsman in all main colours and widths, search around on The Iconic for the one you'd like, add to cart and apply "heyICONIC75" to get the price in the title.

There's also Women's Shoes available such as Millicent and Adelaide for the same price.

Note: Zip Pay currently has 15% cashback (capped at $30) when purchasing via the app which can be combined with this. The total cashback is instantly deposited into the rewards goal even when using the coupon. This should credit another $30 to the rewards goal and make the total price $341.25.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +1

    nice price, these are gonna fly

  • +1

    I thought RM Williams was 'withdrawing' from online sales / retailing via a 3rd party?

    • +9

      I believe The Iconic might have exclusive rights to sell online as they don’t have a storefront (same as QANTAS store).

  • So what's the returns process like if the sizes aren't correct? Can I change sizes at the same price or should I order multiple and return the ones that don't fit correctly?

    • +3

      The Iconic return process are pretty easy. Unless they have anything specified (usually clearance items). But if I were you I’d go to a shop and try one before ordering

    • +1

      I had the same problem last week.

      I bought shoes at a good price and thought the best way to get the other size was to return a f buy again.

      You can do that but price might changes. If the shoe can be exchanged you go through the return process and select "exchange". They will hold the alternate size for you while they wait for you to return the previous pair. The only thing you will need to do is decide on shipping.

      Finally the only thing to note here is that the shoes need to be returned before they send the next size. So if you can't wait, order all the sizes and send back what you don't want….

  • +8

    Got some of these last sale. iconic were amazing with returns/changing sizes.

    If you're tossing up whether to get a pair, just do it. You won't regret it.

    • +1

      how does it work? If I bought the wrong size and then exchanged in a few weeks for the right size when it comes back in stock. Would they let me?

      • But 2 sizes first… Return the other

        • like…. why have i not thought of this? terrible to hog stock but still.

          • @Chivalry: Not hard to try on somewhere anytime, then wait for a deal.

      • +1

        Yes I bought them the last sale even though I knew it was the wrong size. I just waited until my szie came back in stock and processed the exchange (had to wait a month though)

  • Great deal. Moved too fast and forgot to use the referral link!

    • Does it stack with the other promo code?

      • +1

        It does not stack, I tried

  • Cheers mate, got 1.

  • Can vouch - I ordered what I thought was my size, then took it to RM Williams store to find out my right size.

    You either have one of two outcomes if it doesn't actually fit:
    1. RM Williams (on a good day) will take your pair and order you a new pair
    2. You can organise free return to Iconic to get the pair you want (when in stock)

    • Would they really take your pair knowing you didn't buy from them?

      • +1

        It's their product.

        I honestly cannot fault their customer service. It's actually really really good.

      • +5

        They did a direct swap at Bondi Junction as they could see it was a new pair.

        I tried for another (brand new) pair at QVB and that one wasn't accepted.

        YMMV edit: in both cases I told them it was purchased from Iconic

        • +1

          So to confirm QVB didn't accept exchanging a pair of their own? Cause I know my size is only exclusive to RM stores lol

          • @PeeDee: QVB didn't want to swap and asked me to do the Iconic returns process to get my size.

            But I really feel like it's up to the manager or whoever's making the decision at the time - doesn't hurt to ask while you're getting sized.

  • +1

    Waiting on dynamic flex :')

    • what do you prefer about those?

      • I went any got fitted and neither of the skinny or regular cc boots fitted me, so they suggested the dynamic flex and they seemed to fit my foot better.

        • What about wide fit H or get some G (regular) stretched at the cobblers?

  • Great deal. Stacked with Zip rewards. Thanks

  • +1

    Good Price
    Need to check which ones I got 6y ago the leather soles took forever to wear in and small toe copped it for at least six months. They seemed narrow but think they were f. Replaced the heel recently, the toe stitching almost done but were factory outlet shoes anyway so probably won't bother fixing, still should last ages. Wondering how wide H is (not that it's an option)

    • I believe the F is the narrow option - my pairs have always been G - might have been a contributing factor?

      • I meant G but agree need to check. F would definitely explain it.

        Didn't really want to buy any more leather shoes..
        So the pair I got probably good enough but not the best. Probably can't sell

    • +1

      You are supposed to buy RMs true to fit. Don’t think you should stretch them out like other leather shoes. According to the store reps anyway.

      • Yeah mine are kind of ok now but feels like they need to be stretched a bit at the cobblers, very stiff

    • H is an option

      FYI I went to the shop and they sized me for Ultra Wide, which looks ugly. But I bought the Wide (H) instead and while it take a couple weeks to stretch its super comfortable to wear now.

    • I bought H when this deal was last on. They're wider than standard but they're still not particularly wide.

  • +1

    Awesome, thanks. I thought I was going well with 25% off.

    I since cancelled that order and placed a new one with a new account saving another $75. Legend

  • Just a heads up, when I put in my address it says I looked familiar and removed the voucher. Had to ship it to my cousins place instead in order to use the New code.

    • Select the use custom address option and add a letter B or C after the house number with a different email address, seems to work

    • Address wasn't the issue for me, I had to change it to another mobile number and it worked.

    • Parcel Locker worked for me as between the Misso and I we must have 4 accounts already registered here

  • Got one cheers!

  • +2

    Thank you! Got a pair of Lady Yearling for my wife. She's constantly buying Kmart boots for work, so this is going to be a very welcome upgrade.

  • Z1P isn't an option for me…

  • -1

    Can I get these for my wife?

    • +11

      Do you have a wife and access to to $371.25?

      • I think they mean, are they unisex despite it saying "mens" in the title?

    • they're unisex as long as their foot is big enough. The sizes are about 3-4 off. Ie the smallest size for Mens (5) is roughly an 8 in womens.

      The womens shoes are on sale too though

    • -1

      I'll allow it.

  • +1

    Where do you see the Z1P rewards? Can't see in the app

  • +1

    Paid through ZIP and ZIP said transaction failed as item now out of stock, so no deduction from balance.

    Iconic account shows order as "packing" with full invoice generated.

    Free RM's?

    • +1

      Tracking number received. This could be a big win!

      Edit: checked Z1P account again at it had been deducted. Stand down the celebrations. Still a great deal with the Z1P bonuses

  • +1

    How long does the ZIP cash back take? Mine didn’t get credited to my account.

    • following! (mine neither)

      • +1

        I figured it out, you have to go into their 'rewards' section - I think it was a banner/section on the home page, and opt into rewards, and then claim it in $20 intervals. So you're only able to claim $20 for now with $10 saved for next time. Not the most straight forward thing.

  • -1

    So many of these retailers (including The Iconic) don't list the width sizing. The size of RM Williams boots includes a length and a width. Assuming that these are all the 'G' or regular width and none are 'H' or wide width boots.

  • Can this coupon be used on other items by any chance?

  • Deal over? Code won't work for me - OOPS just saw new account only

  • -1

    There is an AMEX offer currently for 15% off. Targeted.

    • +2

      That won't work unfortunately as the AMEX offer is tied to RM Williams not The Iconic.

      Unless you get RM to price match Iconic and pay with Amex in-store (the Zip method seems easier at this point).

      • You are right. I got too excited.

      • AFAIK, RM wont price match but YMMV.

    • Rather annoyingly the Amex offer is only online as well this time so you can't even use it in-store at one of their outlets :(

  • Anyone know if you buy the comfort and you don't like them, can you take them to the RM store and change for dynamic flex?

  • Thanks OP. Legend.
    Was looking out for these.
    Ordered the Chinchilla, reduced from $745 to $483.75.

  • +1

    Why is there never a narrow size on these deals :(

  • Any idea how these go with orthotics?

    • The dynamic flex fits with the orthotics

  • +1

    I did it i bought my first pair

  • had it not for the ‘out of stock’ in my size for all colours, i would have bought another pair that i would probably use once a month (full time WFH)

    • Yeah fk it (and zip)
      Just saved ourselves$370

  • +2

    i got this at $350 from dfo essendon, however from dfo they pinch a hole at the back to mark it that the item is from outlet. super weird policy i guess

    • +1

      That walk of shame I would feel, having a hole like that lol /s
      Hope your pair lasts forever!

    • +1

      They put holes in the seconds.

    • What in the flammin'… 😅

    • Same I got mine DFO 6y ago, about$300
      They do that to put the string through to keep them together as pairs I assumed, no boxes.

      • The holes is show they are factory seconds with a defect. It affects the resale value.

        • So did yours comw in a box or bundled together like I said?
          Doesn't really worrying me small defects if Much cheaper

          • @G-rig: I've never purchased seconds/defects. At the Outlets, I find most are not tied together as pairs, they are typically loose.

            • @zhenjie: Oh yeah whatever hey
              Was worth it at the time for the price but wouldn't get leather soles again

    • +1

      It's because they're "seconds" aka rejects. There will be a crease or something on the boot that's classified as a fault and can't be sold as "firsts".

      Stops people trying to resell them as "firsts" while degrading the brand's reputation.

      • Yeah or a scruff, slight colour difference etc

    • used army boots also have a hole punched for some reason. i bought an ex-army pair of German / Austrian army boots and they had a hole punched in each one (small and right at the top so not really noticeable), which i found odd, as they never had any identifiers on them that could allow you to masquerade as a member of the military, just a patch on the inside with the maker (whichever one got the contract, there are a few) and the manufacture date.

  • forgot to pay through zip, please remove my ozb license 😢

  • Don't forget to pick up some polish!

    • And leather conditioner

  • +1

    Nooo, my size ran out as I was purchasing

    • Try ordering a different size and maybe they can swap it for a cancelled or returned size in a few days?

  • +1

    Is the shopback tracking instant? I don't see the $30 pending in my account.

    • +2

      Shopback came through an hour later.

      • Kicking myself for not trying this because I didn't think it would work - did you do it with the new user code on Iconic as well?

  • +1

    Really wanted the chestnut colour but that seems the ozbargain / finance bros preferred choice so it was snapped up quick. Settled with black 🤷‍♀️.

    Thanks OP.

  • have a pair of 6+H. Does anyone know if '6+' is 6.5 or whether the + just to represent wide?

    • Is there a 6.5+H?

    • -1

      Would love the answer to this as well.

    • +2

      I don't want to say definitely but my previous pair which was a half size H shows as number+H.

      Therefore I do expect the + to refer to the half size.

      E.g. as you've said 6+H is the 6.5 H boot.

      • +1

        Thanks for the info! Still feels weird that i'm wearing a pair 6.5 shoes when i normally wear size 9!

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