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Roborock S7+ Plus Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner with Auto-Empty Dock - Black $1599 Shipped @ Tristar Online via MyDeal


It is $100 cheaper than the official Roborock website https://roborock.com.au/products/. I am not sure if it is grey import.

Roborock S7+ Plus
The latest and greatest Roborock vacuum is here. Our Roborock S7 changed the cleaning game for good, but now, Roborock has doubled down to create the S7 + to meet all of your cleaning needs.

The S7+’s VibraRise sonic technology and 300ml water tank mean your floors are mopped up to 3,000 times per second, making it impossible for any dirty areas to slip by. But the S7+ doesn’t just mop, it intelligently detects different surfaces and has an uplift mop functionality so it can swiftly switch to vacuuming mode for carpets! With inbuilt intense hyper force suction, dust and dirt particles invisible to the naked eye are sucked into the vacuum and out of your home. Say goodbye to allergies!

As if the above wasn’t enough, we’ve gone one step further to make this robot a true life changer. The Roborock S7+ was created to eliminate as much handling as possible so you can enjoy your life and clean your home. The auto-cleaning function enables your vacuum to hold up to six weeks' worth of dust and dirt! Other than this small irregular input, sit back and relax whilst the S7+ mop vacuum does the hard work.

Mop with the Power of Sound.
Ready to Rise Up.
Intense Hyperforce™ Suction.
Sonic Mopping.
Mop Lifting.
Auto Emptying.

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  • The white one is $1490 delivered on Mobileciti eBay store with TOPITUP


    • OOS, but thanks for the link.

      • Back in stock.

  • A shame that it doesn't have a larger water tank on the base where you can fill up to 1.5 litres of water, thus eliminating the need to fill the water tank in the actual vacuum as it could go back to the base station and refill itself and empty out its dustbin as well. That would have almost made it worth it for this price (almost).

    • That is the newly announced model, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. Not out in Aus yet tho, waiting to see what ridiculous price they slap on it

      • Thanks for that. I just watched the product video of it. That's the one I want. But at a max of $1.2K.

        • Haha same thing my missus said! Will be waiting a few years for them to come down to that price range… the Deebot equivalent just launched for $2500 AUD and I expect the MaxV Ultra will be somwhere from $2k to 2.5k too :'(

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