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V-TAC RGB+White GU10 LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulbs (Tuya Compatible) - 6-Pack $44.97 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


As the title says!

6 pack of apparantly Tuya compatible GU10 smart globes
RGB + White (adjustable from warm white 2700K to cool white 6500K)
400 lumens @ 6500K

Was going to buy the Kogan Smarthome GU10 globes for 4 @ $36 but they are now 'Bluetooth Mesh' and don't want to deal with Kogan's crappy customer service if they don't work properly

From Costco:
These V-TAC LED smart bulbs are designed with a Samsung LED chip, enabling you to connect between Amazon Alexa or Google Home, so you can control the light with the V-TAC Smart Light app. Change the colour, dim the lights, turn them on or off, schedule a time, put them on a timer, and more. Requires Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and is dimmable by app and voice control only. The total lifespan is 25000 hours.

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything….

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    Been using these for months - not bad - work well, no basestation needed.
    Though in old (1990's) house in ceiling canister recessed type fittings the Wifi was a little limited.
    But with repeaters around the house its all good.
    Alexa works well with them.
    Was very worried about the Mrs using them - but now we love em!

    • Thanks @naphman for the first hand experience! I have a bunch of the Arlec Bunnings one at the moment but they're gone so figured I'd give Costco ones a shot….

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        I was really worried with the mrs. If it’s troublesome or has issues. She walks away from it grumpy I’ve added some new tech to the world. But these have been great!
        FYI my wifi system is a UniFi LR and a Asus old adsl in just wifi mode.
        As with everything, initial setup is different to everyone else’s - there’s two ways it goes to add - automatically on turn on ‘so many flashes at once’ or reset the switch (up and down a few times) to reset it and then the app spends 60 seconds searching for it.
        Not hard.
        Oh also if you forget and turn them physically off.
        When turning back on. Give them about a min again then the app/Alexa will find them ok (aka no need to reset or anything - just working like normal)
        Alexa knows the basic Colour names but can do the rainbow or dance settings though.
        For the lounge we’ll typically set them to green at around 10% for a nice light for the mrs to snooze.

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    How dim can these go with dimming function on app?

    My gu10 a at home currently dim to practically zero but obviously not smart app controllable

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      Perhaps @naphman could check for you? I'll let you know when they arrive

      • +2

        Ahhh in the app it’ll dim down to 1%

        Works well for sleepie time.
        Physical dimming doesn’t work though.

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    if you're using zigbee, the Ikea Tradfri GU10 are currently on clearance in store.

    The kits with the multi5 remote are being phased out and replaced with the new remote. Bulbs are the same though.

    • +1

      Any idea what prices they're going for in store?

      • +1

        it's the tunable white versions

        $15 for the singles
        $55 for the 3x pack with multi remote

        they are zigbee though, so you would need to have a compatible bridge (hue/sonoff/cc2531…)

        • aside from differing protocols, the costco tuya's are lot cheaper.

          • @chillipaste: Zigbee devices have lower power usage and doesnt clog up your wifi

  • Anyone know if there is a switch that will work with these? Need to be able to turn on/off multiple globes that currently run off different light switches.

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      You would be better off using ZigBee devices for this. Either Phillips Hue (their switches are excellent and being ZigBee use F-all power so batteries last forever) or IKEA tradfri (haven't used their switches but have heard they're ok). For both you would need a ZigBee bridge.

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    I have these plugged into the up & down outdoor lights.
    They do not work well inside metal casing.

  • Bought 6, 2 died after 3 months.

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      That sucks - did you get a refund?

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