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Pro Tools Annual Subscriptions for Digital Audio Workstations: Artist US$99/yr, Studio US$299/yr, Flex US$999/yr @ Avid


New Pro Tools subscriptions.

The "Artist" tier is the lowest subscription price they've offered, previously this was US$200, hence why this is a deal. Artist seems to offer a lot more than "Pro Tools First" did

If you currently have a Pro Tools standard subscription, you'll be moved over to "Studio". Few extra functionalities there.

For existing perpetual users, you'll be able to purchase new annual upgrade and support plans, including reinstatement plans. The blog post explains it best. For the most part, seems to be a positive thing.

Credit to @ilove

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  • one month ago it was 299.99 at 33% off. which i paid like $4xx AUD for the cheapest 1 year sub…

    This is a good deal as it affordable. $300 something USD versus $99.99 usd a year. there no perpetual anymore too with the Aritist and studio

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    you have to REALLY need a Pro Tools subscription to get one given the other DAWs on the market these days

    • What would you recommend?

      • +1

        What's your use case?

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      Agreed. This would be down the bottom of the list of options for me. It really has been outdone by so many other DAWs these days and they all have perpetual licences instead.

  • What's everyone using? I started on PT and Cubase for live tracking. I hear Ableton Live had a big user base. Was thinking about Fl studio for mixed use

    • Depends on what you want to use it for, really. Most of them are better for some things rather than others.

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