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[QLD] LEGO Orchid (10311) $69 @ Kmart, Indooroopilly


Set doesn't release officially until the 1st of May, but was on the reshelving cart at Kmart Indooroopilly tonight. Scanned it and it came up for 69. RRP on the Lego store site is 89.

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  • Link goes to Lego store instead of kmart

    • Yeah its instore only as they dont have it on their store yet. I'll update the title.

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    Cant change the link now, but here's the instore price scanner showing it at 69. https://imgur.com/a/5Gnrt5C
    Can post the receipt if you need it.

    • Appreciate it man, I am gonna try and price match at BIG W or Target, if possible could you share a receipt picture just in case? Thanks for the post! Can't find any at a Kmart near me.

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    Any word on the LEGO Tallneck? #76989

    Think that comes out at the same time

    • I looked and there weren't any of that set in the restock trolleys. Mostly lego minecraft with pigs, some duplo, and some monster jam trucks

    • Can't wait for this one. The watcher at the bottom is so cute.

    • This I very much want and if kmart are stocking it I might go down today and try my luck.

    • I saw it (Tallneck) in store at LEGO Chermside on Thursday. On the shelf early apparently and only six in stock.

  • 69 nice

    • Is that a Tyler quote by any chance?

  • Did they have the Lego Succulents (10309)?

    • My local had the orchards but no succulents yet.

    • Na, that was the main one I was looking for. I think it comes out a few days after orchids so hopefully its there soon.

  • That's the Kmart Lego discount

    Just picked up the other flower set and bonsai both have always been $69 at the local Kmart. 10280 10281

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    Upvote for taking photo of the Kmart price scanner.

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    Any in Sydney?

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    Any in Marble Bar?

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    For anyone interested, saw stock of Succulents at kmart moonee ponds VIC - they're on display near the check out counter

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    No wonder can't find anything on the shelves at kmart, they don't even make it off the stock carts before being sold out!

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    Succulents at Kmart Sunnybank $69. No Orchids

  • I smiled.

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    Thanks OP.

    Just checked Kmart Cranbourne Park VIC and found the Orchid and Succulent for $69 each. There was two Succulents left on the shelf, however no Orchid.

  • Orchid already sold out at Kmart southland and 2 succlent sets left. Just wondering where else can get the orchid

  • 6 left at Vic gardens

  • 2 orchids left at Kmart Hurstville NSW. They're on the stacking carts still. Didn't see any succulents.

  • None on display at Kmart Stafford QLD, but I asked an employee and they had some out back. Cheers OP!

  • 5+ orchids in stock at Capalaba tonight. Also plenty of succulents!

  • Couldn't see any at Warwick, WA, today.

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      Or Rockingham today. I didn’t ask anyone though I just had a quick look on the shelves.

      • You definitely should ask, those kind of sets usually aren't on the shelves at any Kmart I've been too. I got the succulents the other day only because I asked.

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