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2x Nuglas iPhone Screen Protectors $1 - $1.99, 1m Mi USB-C Cable (OOS) + More $1 | Instax 20pk $5 Delivered @ Ozaccessory eBay


Greetings everyone, with the eBay shipping discounts for these products, there are some awesome prices on these items from Gearbite :)

Note: There is a shipping cost which becomes $0 with the use of the coupon at checkout, make sure to apply the coupon to get the prices in title.

  • Make sure to create separate orders each time to maximise the discount to get to $1, the shipping discount only applies once per cart. Do separate orders to get multiple items!.

Edit: You can order multiples of the same specific item and stack the shipping discount.

Product Price
Xiaomi Mi USB-C Cable 1m White $1
2x Nuglas Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone $1 to $1.99
3 in 1 Charging Cable $1
Xiaomi Mijia Gold Metal Sign Pen $2.99
Xiaomi Mijia Sign Pen Refill for Metal Sign Pens (Gold / Silver) $1
Xiaomi Fidget Cube $1

The dropdown adds all of the selections available in this deal, select the product you want and add it to cart. Only select one item per order and apply the coupon.

Note 2:

For the Nuglas Screen Protectors, there is currently an assortment of stock available locally but this listing has been specifically setup also to accomodate pre-orders for stock which is on the way. Get in quick if you want one of the local items (approx less than 50 of most of the protectors, 300-500 approx stock is available for iPhone 13 models but the other models are very slim currently locally. Pre-Order stock will arrive in Australia in approx 10 days.

Other Listings:

  • Instax is now on back-order and may take a bit longer to get here.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +3

    Wow thanks @doweyy awesome deal

  • +12

    I love how this is categorised under "Mattresses" for the free shipping

  • It works on more than 1 item in your cart as well

    • then they won't make enough money to cover the cost then

  • +4

    The shipping discount maxed out at $100 for me. So purchased 5* Fujifilm (in the one purchase). $25 for 100 sheets, not bad

  • How many times can I do this?

    • +2

      As many as you want :)

      • -4

        10 USB cables and 4 screen protectors coming up

    • -2

      Ive just ordered 10x nuglas for each iphone models I have lol

      • +1

        To fund your phone repair shop I see

  • And looks like they have fixed the code now

  • +2

    Maximum 5 transactions. It's a code intended for free delivery on mattresses.

    Conditions. This offer entitles you to up to $100 off the pre-coupon postage costs on Eligible Items during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (up to a maximum of 1 item per transaction).

    • oh 5 transactions thats why I can't order more now

    • I predict a repeat of the Harris Technology price error

      • Gearbite would have intentionally put these items under the eBay mattress category so I think we're pretty safe. eBay are obviously funding most of the code.

  • Spanks D Dawg

  • I think the instafilms are gonna get cancelled

  • Delivery:
    Estimated between Tue, 24 May and Fri, 3 Jun

  • +2

    Buy the instafilms first, then get the camera later

  • +1

    I feel like a hoarder now. I got a lot of Samsung C to C cables still from the JBFIHI deal.

    • +1

      The $2 one?

      • Yeah. Got 5 while someone got 10 when I went to pick it up that night.

      • can't forget that deal

  • Are these refill for mijia gold pen or normal white pen?

  • +2

    Make sure to create separate orders each time to maximise the discount to get to $1, the shipping discount only applies once per cart. Do separate orders to get multiple items!.

    I can buy 10 cables for $10, free shipping with the code.

    Any reason why we need to create separate orders per item?

    • I didn't factor in that you could order multiple of the same item and stack the shipping cost up to $100, will edit a bit.

      • NOOOO… I've been ordering one per order… and maxed out my 5 transactions… NNOOOOOO

        • +3

          Use guest checkout or a new account to order more if you want :)

          • +1

            @doweyy: Any chance the sold out items will be restocked?

            • +2

              @bumbandito69: Most likely no at this stage.

              • +2

                @doweyy: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined :(

                Thanks for responding so quickly.

  • Cables gone

  • I can’t find the listing for iPhone 13 screen protector. Maybe sold out.

    • +1

      13 pro is same size as the normal 13

  • +1

    Thanks OP, can never go wrong with some extra screen protectors

  • Thanks op got some film, been years since I used my instax

  • I just bought a few stuff, but my card hasn't been charged yet. Hopefully they won't get cancelled! Great deal on the Instax film!

  • +1

    Beats the eBay 15% or 17% plus rubbish

  • Damn, needed some cables, I missed out! Amazing deal!

  • When I cancelled fidget which I bought $1, I got pending refund $8.lol

  • Lmao now I'm thinking will they really deliver or just report those items as missed delivery… seems there are ppl buying in large quantity

  • I got a bunch of 3 in 1 cables, got heaps of free USB C cables from last year's deal

  • LOL postage of instax is cray cray

    Yay for the code.

  • Anyone know what the three connectors for the multi cable are? Presumably one usb-c, one lightning and lasto one is???

    • +1

      micro usb

      • +2

        Perfect, thanks. Picked up a few for the parental units and am praying the "Which cable do I use" calls stop now.

  • Thank you OP for this great deal!

  • we need more deals like this :) thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Got 80 films for $20.

  • does anyone have a link to the iphone screen protector?
    i tried entering the code with this link and is not working

      • +1

        im so embarrased now

        • Lol don't sweat it, wouldn't even have made my top ten of dumbest things I've done this week.

      • -2

        Link takes you to the cable???

    • click go to deal

      choose screen protector from drop down



      • -1

        Go to deal takes me to the cable instead.

  • I'm a bit late to the party, but managed to grab a new screen protector for my iPhone 12 Pro as I cracked mine last weekend. Cheers OP!

    • +3

      lmao. someone's trying to milk ebay

      • $99 postage. Already sold 8

        • And got $99 x 8 in his pocket?

    • +7

      This is why we can't have nice things.

      • agreed.

      • That seller should be banned

    • +1

      This guy just bought heaps and resell. I sense Broden

      • Most likely he uses other account to buy them to cash out the postage fees.

        • Pretty desperate measures. It's amazing how people will try to make money these days using all sorts of methods no boundaries on ethics

          • +3

            @neonlight: Idk its very easy money. Ozbargainers buy gift cards for like $3 bonus cashbacks…

        • How is that even possible? Once you apply code, shipping is free and seller gets nothing from the shipping cost?

          • @Feeblely: ebay bears the cost of the postage, seller still gets paid whatever amount they charged in the listing.

          • @Feeblely: Seller gets full shipping cost, eBay is reducing it to zero / paying for it on behalf of buyer effectively

    • Also selling some sneakers at $340 postage haha. If it was anyone but eBay I might feel it was wrong

  • OP which listing is for iPhone 11pro screen films? There are two!!??? Oh way there's only one…. Oops I swear I saw two before

  • Cheers Gearbite and Doweyy! Used all 5 times to get screen protectors, pen refill, and film pack.

  • Damn! Missed the Fuji films deal!!

  • Thanks got the Fuji films last night :D

  • order dispatched .. 3 in 1 Cable yay!! 4 more to go ;)

    • Any comment on the quality of these cables?

  • Films posted. Eta 5-9th

  • 5 x Instax posted!

    Expected May 23-27

  • Mine expected 5th of June :(

  • The fidget toy is satisfying but it does sound a bit like cherry blues so yeah.

  • Received my 3-in-1 cables today.

    Roborock branded, looks/feels like generic cable. Good for $1 but definitely wouldn't pay any more than that.

  • Got my Instax film today. Ordered 5, only received 3. Contacted the vendor and they're sending another 2.


    • same issue here :/

    • Ordered 25 boxes in total, received only 15. Sent em a message and they sent the remaining right the next day through express post. Already received em last week. Happy with their quick response after shipping incorrect qty.

    • Received the other 2 today. Super fast post this time!

  • +1

    Ordered 3 got 3

  • My order 2x2 iPhone 13 Nuglas came, wished bought more for this price.
    $1.10 stamp X3 = four protectors only 68¢ seem amazing!

  • Anyone else still waiting on their order?

    • Disregard, of course it arrived after i commented 😁

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