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$1000 off Samsung Galaxy S22 and Bonus $100 GC with Telstra $69/Month 2-Year Plan (in-Store Only, Port-in Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi is running a Special Promo on Samsung S22 Series when you add them on Telstra $69 Monthly plan for 24 Month.
Plus you get Bonus $100/150/200 Gift Card on S22/Plus/Ultra respectively.

Plan cost $1656 when connected for 2 years.

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    Works out to about $75 per month x24 months for cheapest s22 and plan (after selling the gc @ 10% loss on the forums). No real deal here for mine with such a long lock in period.

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      Spoken like a true legend

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      Agreed. Got the wife the Good guys deal 2months or so ago where the s22 256gb was 299 upfront and 69x12 (managed to get the $10 port in discount so made it 59x12)

      • This sounds like a good deal, missed out hard.

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    Important part here is 24 month contract.

    Party ended on Wednesday

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    I say death to these 24 month plans

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    no thanks

  • Can you trade a phone in with the deal?

    • I think you should be able to. Here is the link —- https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/

      • One month ago there was $450 bonus for Samsung S22 Ultra, better to wait for the next promotion.

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    Ye na!

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    Could be a good deal if you get $20 port-in bonus from Telstra

    • I got $10 Per Month Credit via chat

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        Still not enough for a 24month contract on a feature poor phone.

        • What feature

    • i got 40 bucks off 99 plans

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    They need to bring back the 12month contracts

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      they need to get rid of contract. period!

      • You can, just buy your phone from Samsung, plenty of discount when you trade in.

    • They have them every few months now, they not as common as they were, but still around

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    Shouldnt it be locked in bundled phone and plan contracts give a nice saving, afterall they are securing a customer.

    Prepaid 365 plans and buying the phone in full is cheaper.

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    the other day it was $900 for 12 month lol, this is such a bad deal

    • Got the 256gb S22 Ultra for $883 on the 12 months $69 plan + managed to get the $20 off per month for 12 months + the $200 bonus gift card.

      This deals seems like a rip off by comparison to that, and it hasn't even been a week since that deal.

      • Who have you the$20 off the plan deal?

  • I signed up this week for $950 and $200 GC for $49 ($20 porting credits), they already increased term to 24 months within a week…lol

  • As the OP of the previous deal, if can price match and get $20 port in credit its not too bad! I wonder if the credit is higher for the S22 Ultra?

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    What did you guys say in chat to get $20 porting credit? They always give $10

    • That the JB Hifi clerk told me to go to Chat.

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    I just stopped wasting money after Oppo X2 Pro deal. Amazing phone.

    • What deal is that

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    I have an allergy to 24 month contracts.

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    Harvey has it for $0 S22 128gb if u sign up for 24mnths $69 plan with optus.

    • I can't find this deal, do you have a link?

      • Deal is instore only…

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  • This seems like a good deal for me.

    I have a business phone, can't upgrade, already on Telstra $65 business plan (no contract). Need new phone, boss needs to be able to walk in and just change over.

    If anyone knows of a better deal for the above circumstances for an S22, I'd love to know.

  • heads up for WA customers, clarkson wa store refuse to give gift card, just $1000 discount.

  • the fine print says "not in conjunction with samsung gift card offer".

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