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Samsung T7 2TB Portable SSD $287.21 + $10 Shipping (Direct Import) @ AlphaCity via MyDeal


Seems like a good deal. They are typically $345-$350 on amazon.
I've had my eye out for a good deal for a few months. Finally pulled the trigger on this one.

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AlphaCity (Direct Import)
AlphaCity (Direct Import)

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    Also available in red and black for $10 more

    • Does the red make it faster?

    • Same price on Catch for direct import. Also, you can use discounted gift cards or targeted coupons on Catch.

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    Would anyone touch grey import? Wouldn't the warranty be a nightmare?

    • I want to know the same.

  • Heard some chatter that the T7's run quite hot even at idle, can anyone confirm?
    Or no cause for concern about longevity?

    • I have several Sammy T5's and T7's. Both run slightly warmish but never hot. Never given me call for concern, My only bugbear is that you need different security apps for each model.

  • Good price. I paid A$288 for same model @ Amazon AU Black Friday sales. A good unit and it meets performance as claimed. Keep in mind fastest quoted speeds are always peak/burst and never sustained else. lightweight and robust. Mine get a lot of use when travelling. and are very fit for that purpose.

  • What are some reasons would I buy this over say an m.2. enclosure and a 1tb m.2 in it?

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