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Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) $277.78 Delivered (Import) @ AlphaCity via MyDeal (Price-Beat $263.89 @ Officeworks)


Just purchased with PB at office works for $263.89
Cheapst ive found currently. Possibly $5-10 cheaper in past but this seemed good price.

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  • Have been tossing between this and Eufy.. prefer the nest but the 3 hour event recording is holding me back…please help!

    • I got mine for $221 from catch about 6 months ago. The 3 hour recording is super limiting, so consider the subscription. Also the latency from door bell press to actual rining is about 5 seconds, which seems too long for most people who press the button. But I have to say it just works, lets me know when packages are at my door etc…. I have recomended it to my family.

      • +1

        Really wish google would change the 3 hour limit to at least a week or two.

    • It's last 3 hours of records only, not 3 hours worth of recording. Very limited, only realized after installation 😔

      But works well so far, but many people commented it doesn't work wired in cold temp. So 🤞

    • The Google nest doorbell was about $221 from catch in Nov 2021. The Google nest yearly subscription is by household, so if you’ve got FEW cameras at home both indoor and/or outdoor including the doorbell, then it makes sense to subscribe. And the subscription cost would seem alright when you average it out across the system.

      If you don’t have other cameras, perhaps get eufy that you’re considering or other Brands.

  • @kerim86 Beware that the Nest Doorbell Battery still doesn't automatically cast a clip or a live stream of the camera to Nest Hubs when the doorbell is pushed in AU. It simply does a "Ding Dong - Someone's at the door" notification. And as mentioned, it's about a 3-5 second delay between button press and notification (longer on phones).

    • Mine does show who’s at the front door live on my nest hub when someone press the door bell.

      • Interesting. Do you have the Nest Aware subscription? Did you need to turn on any specific setting for this?

        • I did have the 1 month free trial of aware but expired already. I’ll try again tonight after work and will update here. For settings, I did turn on visitor’s announcement.

        • +1

          Video still shows on my hub even after my aware has expired.

  • I have been tossing between ring doorbell 4 (currently on discount for $229 and its best price ever according to CCC), Nest doorbell and the Eufy 2k (currently on sale for $270), and I ended up choosing Eufy for the following reasons:
    1. Superior video quality
    2. No subscription fee
    3. Local storage
    4. Faster responding time (depends on your internet setup)

    Hope this helps

    • What model of EUFY

    • Shame EUFY doesn't do live video/chime to Google Net Hub. All hubs in my house is Google. Not going to change to Amazon for 1 device and not everyone in the house carries a mobile around with them 24/7

      But yes, I have herd that in Australia, some people experience high delay times when using this doorbell. Will report back once I get it

  • How did you get them to price beat that website?

    • Depends on the worker i guess.

    • +1

      A baseball bat never disappoints

  • +2


    $251.75 with office works price beat (5%)

    First ozbargain post ever…be gentle and use lube ✌️

    • Gotta love officeworks PB 😂😂

    • Funny story actually. The floor employee told me they probably won't price beat it as it doesn't show the model number on the mydeal site. So he made me Google search the exact model number and the catch deal came up 😆

    • Nice, thanks mate!

      Been after some cams and the doorbell and this all makes it a good deal.

  • Cheaper and better, I prefer the Arlo doorbell. Just $23 from Kogan.

    • Cheaper… Agree
      Better…Doubt it

      • I’m happy with it. I don’t get a lot of visitors anyway.

  • Is anyone worried about these being stolen from your front door? I know they have some kind of locking mechanism but is it a decent lock? Or will a slight pull be enough to steal it?

    • is it click and locked decently, you need a "key" or paperclip alike to poke before it will be released.

  • Hi All, Im looking to wired the google door bell battery, any of you know what is the correct transformer rating for door bell, we had installed 18V AC and 1.33Amp, it did NOT work.

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