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Onsite Nasal Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Bulk Packaging 20-Test Pack $74.99 ($3.75 per Test) Delivered @ RAT Express


Hello again.

I have secured 2 extra cartons of Onsite Rapid Tests to offer. These are excess from an NT mining supply contract. There are only 1600 tests available at this price so this will only last a few days.

  • Bulk Packaging 20-Pack RAT $74.99 Delivered ($3.75ea)
    Free Standard Shipping Coupon Code: MAY
    For 40 tests change quantity in checkout to 2 x 20 tests to get a double discount.
    These are Onsite branded rapid tests (TGA 332961)
    At home use Nasal tests.
    These tests come in bulk packaging with 20 tests in a box (official bulk box, not retail branding).

I have added an alternative offer for 10x Oral and 10x Nasal which comes in at $50 ($5 ea).

Single Combo Option:

  • 5 Oral and 5 Nasal Single Packs $50 Delivered ($5ea)
    JusChek Brand, TGA: 374574
    Free Standard Shipping Coupon Code: COMBO
    (select 20 test combo. For 2, change quantity in checkout to 2 x 10 to get double the discount)

Express shipping is $2.99 extra.

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  • Are they refurbs ?

    The one you linked to looks used.

    • Not sure there is such a thing. These are new.

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    Inflation is dropping Ty reserve bank

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    It's not a RAT Test, it's a RAT or an RA Test. Could I have your PIN number so I can visit an ATM machine?

    • +2

      I need it as asap as possible

      • I have never heard someone say that (speech is where Redundant Acronym Syndrome (ironically coined as "RAS syndrome") most often rears its ugly head), and have only read it once - just then. The HIV virus, VIN number and and LCD display are common examples.

  • @joshuajager I purchased some but the cart had an error however my card has been charged. Did the sale go through?

    Edit I just got an email… order #916 thanks

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      Ta, All good. Shipping today.

      • +1

        Thank you arrived yesterday.

  • Hi. Just checking if I'm ordering for delivery to Brisbane metro area, how long does it take for standard delivery vs the extra $3 express delivery?

    • We are also in Brisbane, so the difference is prob only 1 day.

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