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Focal Chora Speaker Collection 30% off (e.g. Focal Chora 806 Bookshelf Speakers $945.00) Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


I purchased the bookshelves speakers 2 days ago, so spewing that I missed out on this offer. Speakers are great. Slightly bright sounding, but are great for detail and clarity, which I considered to be great for home theatre purposes as well as music listening. When I purchased them, the Light Wood colour may be on backorder depending on what you are purchasing, so you may need to wait for them to be sent from France.

Prices are listed below:

Focal Chora Centre Stand - Was $350 now $245
Focal Chora 806 Stands Pair - Was $350 now $245
Focal Chora 806 Bookshelf Speakers Pair - Was $1350 now $945
Focal Chora Centre Channel Speaker - Was $1000 now $700
Focal Chora 816 Floorstanding Speakers Pair - Was $2400 now $1680
Focal Chora 826 Floorstanding Speakers Pair - Was $3000 now $2100
Focal Chora 826-D Floorstanding Speakers Pair - Was $4000 now $2800

If you are interested in some reviews and measurements of the 806's:
Andrew Robinson's review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTS4_FgYBG8

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  • Hmm, does anyone know how these compare to KEF Q100s? Is it an upgrade or a sidegrade?

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      I would say the 806's are more comparable with the Kef Q350's. I found the Chora's to be a bit better on the bottom end as it has better bass frequencies and can go a bit higher.

      • Thanks, may not be the upgrade I'm looking for - but great deal regardless!

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    I am going to listen to Chora speakers this weekend. Also on list is Sonus Faber Lumina & KEF Q series. Anybody has heard of these?
    I'll love to talk to someone. Not able to find many folks from hifi community…

    @carlordau Did you get chance to listen to Chora 826?

    • I didn't listen to the 826's in depth as I was looking for a bookshelf speaker rather then a floorstander. The 826 will just be better then the 806 in every way. If you like the Focal's sound signature, the 826's will be more of that but will play higher and lower due to the added two woofers. It is going to be comparable to the Kef q750. The Focal 816 will be comparable with the Kef q550. It is up to you if you want to spend the extra money for the q750's (at RRP the Q750's are cheaper). They will both be decent speakers, but will sound quite different.

      I find Kef's to be a bit smoother and relaxed, whereas the Focal's are bit forwarder and more detailed. You will lose a bit on the top end with the Kef's but most of the time it won't be noticeable unless you crank the speakers up high. It depends on what you want to do with it. IMO Kef's are better if you are just listening to music, whereas the Focal's are better for mixed usage. The other thing to consider is that although neither are hard to drive from an impedance perspective, you will need an amp that will be able to give the speakers enough power (the Focal 826's sensitivity is 91db). This is particularly important if you are doing more then a 2.0/2.1 channel set up.

      I haven't listened to any of the Sonus range. It depends what you are specifically looking for as some of the Lumina's are up a price bracket and are therefore not comparable.

      In the Kef and Focal price range I would also suggest giving the Polk Reserve series a listen to as well. I personally don't care too much for most of Polk's stuff, but their Reserve series is really good.

      • Thanks, I think I agree with your observations based on what I had heard some years ago.
        We, 7-8 audio enthusiast,newbies had auditioned KEF Q500 & Focal Chorus 726. We all agreed that Focals were clear/detailed, KEFs had good vocals but bit hazy or warm, so lost some clarity. Overall, Focals were favorite.
        If those companies have carried forward same sound signature in their next set of speakers, your observations must be accurate.

        I had listened to Polk, Klispch & Wharfdale, Dali in the past. I had found Polk ok'ish, Wharfdale as very warm(loosing clarity) & Klipsch as very forward/sharp. So, not going to check them again.
        Will check some other brands definitely. I will be listening to Focal, Sonus Faber & KEFs tomorrow.

  • goddam it, I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more audio gear this year when I inevitably upgrade my TT and speaker system….
    These are very good speakers, very clean and detailed (although some people might not like that). For this price (especially compared to the much more exxy Aria range) these are terrific value…. I'll have to sleep on it to decide if I'm splurging now….

    PS. I also have Focal speakers in my car so I'm a bit of a fanboy of theirs…

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