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Lumintop Thor Pro Torch $411.96 Delivered (Was $572) @ Banggood


Lumintop THORPro 12600LM 1300M LED LEP Flashlight(Battery not included)

USB C Rechargeable

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  • -2

    For that price it better F*** too…

    • +4

      yeah… but just your wallet…

    • +1

      If you removed the batteries from the compartment .. :)

  • +1

    Is it indestructible?

  • +1

    Laser Excited Phosphor meaning this will put out a very narrow beam. LEP is more expensive than conventional LED flashlights.

    I'm tempted to pick up a LEP flashlight but I don't really have a use for one.

    • +1

      I just received my astrolux wp3 for $256

      • Been thinking of getting it, how is it?

        • not bad, over 3km throw. just not 2in1 compare with this, and you can change the battery size too.
          this one only 1.3km anyway.

  • +2

    Thor Pro

    So for a mere $411.96, holding this I'll look hotter than Chris Hemsworth? Have I got that part right?

  • +6

    Looks interesting.
    That moon mode. Wow.


    • Am I the only one that went straight to "lightsaber" on the highest LEP setting?

  • +1
  • +1

    Moonbeam mode direct into an eyeball would be incapacitating. Good safety tool for the ladies

  • +1

    Is anyone really that scared of the dark to justify this?

  • +2

    Aliens called… They want this thing off the market

  • Joke?

  • +1

    Pretty cool flashlight but not even close to the cheapest it can be obtained for so no deal.

    • Where is it cheaper?

      • Ali express. As linked a few comments above

  • Wow. Strike me blind. I'm impressed. It's like having a portable floodlight with added fancy features. The price though, even discounted, is really hard to justify. @ $100ish maybe?

  • Only the worthy can lift it.

  • Can't believe a flashlight costs that much!

  • If I was going to spend an extraordinary amount of money on a flashlight, I would be buying the Imalent MS18.
    But this looks cute

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