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Realme X3 SuperZoom 256GB - $299 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent price for a phone with a Snapdragon 855+ (still very capable considering the Snapdragon 888 and 8 Gen 1 issues), 256gb storage 12gb of RAM and 120hz screen; not available for delivery but a lot of in store stock in Victoria based on my suburb.

Key Features

6.57" (2400 x 1800) 120Hz Ultra Smooth Screen

Snapdragon 855+

4,200 mAh battery

256GB storage


Dual nano sim

64MP (main) + 8MP (zoom) + 8MP (wide) + 2MP (macro) rear cameras

32MP + 8MP front cameras

Bluetooth V5.0

Android 10

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  • +12

    Really shows just how overpriced iphones are

    • +1

      depends what eateries people want, and prices do drop , no 5G, and it’s android 10, so will get 11 but 12 ? and when ?

      but does have goo screen nfc etc for $299.

      samsung and pixel will always charge premium because of support record vs claimed support …..

      • -3

        Apple has better support then pixel or samsung

        • This is definitely the case in SA where Samsung got rid of their service centre, requiring you to have the post your phone away.
          Took me 3 weeks to get crashing issue on the my Note 10 looked at and sent back, they don't even use express post.

          Meanwhile I can go to Apple Store and have my 11 Pro looked at in less than an hour. And usually they'll be happy to fix the problem unlike Samsung who refused to replace band that tore apart for no reason of my Gear S2, couldn't fix that crashing issue, and refused to even acknowledge how there's purple marks all over the bottom of the screen on relative's S20 FE. They did acknowledge it the second time I sent the phone, but then they just did factory reset instead of replacing lcd. I've never had a good experience with Samsung support, but has been all good with Apple.

          No complaints with Google though when my 5X bootlooped took it to JB was fixed and back to me within a couple days. But that might've actually been LG support though.

    • I think Samsung is more overpriced. I mean Apple design their own freaking chip AND has its own operating system while Samsung just "outsource" them. All the while iPhone still outperforms in sheer power (look at benchmarks) not to mention better UX and security.

      Disclaimer: Im on Galaxy s21+ and used s20, s9plus etc.. will be upgrading to s22 ultra soon. I.e. not biased for Apple, just stating my take :-)

      • +3

        In house vs outsourced, both still have to be designed and manufactured.

      • +6

        Well Samsung does conduct RnD on their Exynos CPU'S, which Australian version of the S21 Ultra does have. Only the official Au version of the S22 range seems have Qualcomm CPUs vs Exynos 2200. You also have to take into consideration the RnD cost of all the other products Samsung make including the OLED/LCD screens which get used on a lot of phones including Apple. I read that Apple rely on at least 200 companies to make their products.

      • +3

        Apple's operating system is based on a free unix called BSD.

        They did not design it from scratch, but they did make it look very pretty!

    • It shows how rich we are as a nation

    • -12

      It is really easy to talk about phones when you just look at price isn't it, I can argue for a little more dollar can get you a really good import phone like this:


      IMO this is all China dumping, but lets ignore the politics for one second…. You really have to compare two phones of equal generation to compare. So if we compare the mid range iPhone while this is released, the logical option is iPhone 11 which the 256G version currently goes for 1K, sound a big difference isn't it?

      One have to think what you get for that $700 difference. 5 more years of update to come, plenty of stores to go in to get services direct, better Camera system (Overall system, not just now many lens and zoom), better build quality, more secure OS….. the list goes on. Android the same gen usually pack more feature but not everyone wants or needs these features. Many of us long for a phone that just works and Apple does deliver on that.

      In the past year I have the luxury to get a S21 and iPhone 13 Pro and lately my wife got a S22 Ulltra. While both the Samsung are good they don't impress me as much as the iPhone 13 pro and I personally can see how to justify the extra cost and minus all the frustration of bugs in android.

      Then there is the political thing…. not touching a China phone again!!

      • +1

        For the same price, the users can buy a new midrange phone every 2 to 3 years and still have the update and a new phone every period. The downside is, hunting for new phones, and data transfer between phones.

      • +5

        Let's break down your arguments:

        1) This is not an import - it's from their authorised distributor with Aussie warranties (2 years).
        2) You endorse a Redmi phone. You do know Realme (along with Oppo and Vivo sub brands) is to One Plus what Redmi is to Xiaomi? These brands are no less quality or prestigious to Xiaomi's branding. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBK_Electronics
        3) Arguments work both ways about which OS is more secure or usable. Just because Android is open source doesn't make it any less secure considering iOS has been majorly hacked in the recent years by the Israeli's for commercial hacking purposes.
        4) $700 difference can buy two more phones at this price. Say each of these three models of phones last 3 years - 9 years of usability / support and getting up-to-date specs by the time you get something else in 3 years time. Not to mention iphones after 3 years will be pretty ratty-tatty no matter how good your "build quality" will be by then. Every refresh gives a new battery - which is not something that lasts forever and will gradually go down. Only downside to this is that technically you are creating more e-waste which needs to be obviously recycled responsibly.

        Its ok for you to like and enjoy using Apple phones. But none of your argument are really that valid. This phone is definitely good value for money and on par with 2 year old flagships for sure.

        • -4

          It' is not the first day there is a Android vs iPhone argument. Each side will always find reason to excel….

          All I can say is I am using both right now, and I vote for Apple any day.

          • +2

            @syswong: I have like 7 phones, 3 of them iphones.

            iOS is terrible and apple are a pain to deal with (tho so are google to be fair).

            • -1

              @Pacify: If you are referring to IOS being terrible as it doesn't allow you to customize the UI, or it doesn't allow you to access the file system then yes, and yet 1.23 billion active iPhone users worldwide don't seem to think it is an issue. I as a concurrent user of Android and IOS certainly don't have s problem.

              Apple services is overpriced especially when you are out of warranty and needs parts replaced, but that is equally the same for Samsung and worse when comes to other brands that use third party services agent. I so far have not encounter bad services from Apple and if you ask my parents who is over 70 years old and constantly need to walk into a store with technician to walk them through everything, they certainly vote with their hand and feet for Apple.

              • @syswong: So when services are overpriced when out of warranty - why not buy a new $300 mid range or previous flagship phone like this one on sale? That's literally the value statement people here are making it to be. If it's gonna take $250 of Apple tax to fix the phone, plus another $100 for a new battery - then it's literally another Realme X3 (or future equivalent) phone.

                Again, your value-add statements coming from Apple propaganda camps don't really make the cut in real life when these situations happen. New phone, new capabilities and new cameras. Unlike paying $1600 for anything from Apple ("Pro" models) that actually has a decent camera on it.

        • -1

          1> good luck have that services when it breaks, one reason I only buy Samsung and Apple is the ability to walk into a store and have your phone services.
          2> I did not endorse a Redmi phone. I only use that as an example. I don't touch China brand phones anymore, full stop!
          3> I heard the other way, this is an endless argument so no point going on about it.
          4> Many user only need a phone that they are familiar with and works, spec to someone who only make calls, go on the net, messaging, and streaming is meaningless. The battery may need services which is what $79 / $109 depends on your model, not really a big deal. You see so many iPhone 6S user still sticking to their phone for this specific reason.

          • @syswong: Lol. have you seen how people treat their phones to last 6 years plus?
            Most iPhone 6/7/8/X's look like they've been through hell and back already since most people would have dropped, knocked battered a phone. The whole "I'm gonna keep my phone forever" thing is just literally a MYTH because it will either be damaged over time, or components within will degrade or have issues - such as the lightning ports being dislodged after so many charges.

            Not to mention there's a fair amount of people that would say it's crazy to spend over 1k for a phone when the value statement you make is "it's supported over a longer time" and assuming people won't break, damage it or being out of warranty and having to pay hundreds of dollars of Apple tax to fix it.

    • -1

      I think that the screens make up the bulk price of the phone. The high resolution OLED screens are like $500

      • -1

        iPhone 11 does not use OLED, its an IPS but I head its on the highend side of IPS. the is from Apple website:
        Liquid Retina HD display · 6.1‑inch (diagonal) all-screen LCD Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology · 1792‑by‑828‑pixel resolution at 326 ppi

        Will see how that compare to my iPhone 13 pro when Optus ship the phone.

  • +2

    Dayum that price for that processor phone at local JB hi-fi seems like good value

  • Not available within 200km radius in NSW 😢

  • It let me get express delivery in Victoria for 5.99 extra. Thanks OP.

    • Same here to NSW, $5.99

  • How's the camera on this thing? Downgrade from a pixel 3?

    • +2

      Pixel 3 has unlimited Google photos. This won't.

      In terms of quality of photo, I'm not sure. But something tells me Pixel will have the preferred choice.

      • +1

        Lol. No. It doesn't. I keep a pix 3 just for free Google Photo uploads and yeah, the quality is simply not that good. This wipes the floor of the Pix 3.

    • +1

      The camera is excellent. Has the telescopic zoom (x5 optical and more for hybrid). This phone is on par with a Samsung S20 Ultra in specs and camera.

  • +2

    That's a lot of phone

  • Would anyone know if this would be a good first phone for a 12yo?

    • +2

      It is a slightly big phone, but performance wise it keeps with any flagship of the past 2 years

  • How's the battery

    • +1

      Would expect decent battery life, I have a phone with very similar specs and I will get on average 6-8hrs of SoT, of course depending on what you're doing. For me, web browsing, YouTube and a bit of gaming will get more roughly within that time frame, which is pretty good.

      • It's 2pm and I have 81% remaining. Streamed Youtube half hour this morning (cellular). Bit of web browsing through the day as you do.

  • I have used this phone for about a year and now have realme 7 5G, just to let people know both phone have problems with 4G/5G. And I have figured out it is I think because I use both the sim card slots(dual sim) so may be for some reason they get problems. Realme superzoom did used to connect to internet (4G) but I couldn't open any webpage etc, did call the support centre and tried what they said but still did not work. They asked to send it to them but before that I tried my luck and did a factory reset and took out my second sim as well and it worked fine after that.
    Now with realme 7 the problem is that it does not connect to 4G/5G automatically wen I go out, everytime I need to go to settings and manually select 4G or 5G connection although it it on automatically connect to 4G/5G. Haven't took out my second sim yet for this phone yet neither done a factory reset but it is very very annoying.
    Besides that the phone is good 😜

    • +2

      So the phone struggles as a phone, got it.

    • +3

      It's a known issue. Simple fix…..

      Open settings

      Sim card and mobile data

      Select the sim you need

      Access point name

      Press the i button next to your selected access point

      Select APN protocol

      Change to IPv4/IPv6

      Click Save tick up the top

      You will then need to restart you phone and it'll stop the mobile disconnect issue after leaving a WIFI network.
      I own a realme 7 5G had the same issue. Note: You if you do an OS update you may need to do this again.

      • That's what I was told when I contacted their team but it still did not get resolved and I tried it with my realme 7 too but not working

        • +2

          The last bit is really important the tick a the top that saves the setting. That and the reboot of the phone. Also need to make sure it's IPv4/IPv6 it's usually just one IPv4. The settings look similar but are different.

          I'd double check that it's been selected properly. Solved this issue for me and a few others.

          If you're able to double check and the settings are correct then you may have a different issue. Sorry just trying to help.

  • Can't seem to get this delivered ;(

  • So this is the galaxy S10+ equivalent. Not bad. OOS.

  • +1

    Just to point out that the phone is now over 2 yr old. Realme smartphones will receive only up to two Android updates and three years of security updates, so there won't be anymore Android updates (Android 10 -> Android 12), just security updates for less than 1 year.

  • +2

    Still available in Glacier Blue: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/realme-x3-superzoom-256gb...

    Bought one. Thanks OP!

    • Thanks mate, I missed the fist one but was able to secure from your link. Cheers

  • +2

    If you need a phone now ,buy it. Don't buy for "backup"

  • +2

    Doesn't seem to be available anymore

  • Hopefully they honour the orders that have been placed!

  • Dang that was cheap

    • they seem to firesale these realme phones, the c3 was a banger at ~$80 but now all oos…

      been using for a year damn good phone

  • +2

    Some random eBay seller selling alot of imported goodies also letting it go for 299


    • +1

      That is the 8GB/128GB version while this deal is for 12GB/256GB.

      • Yea. Didn't realise.

        Pretty decent spec for 299$, has more ram than some PCs.

  • Been this price for a while on eBay. Great deal IMO.

  • Missed out, is it still on Andriod 10?

    • +3

      Currently on Android 11, due another upgrade to Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0 soon.
      Security updates generally seem be a month or 2 behind.
      *Source wife has this phone.

      • due another upgrade to Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0 soon.

        In that case good buy at that price.

        • Yep if i wasn't sleeping ( bloody WA time ! ) i would have bought one at that price.

          • @CheapGit:

            bloody WA time !

            Sydney here, sold out when I first turn on my computer today. Hope Realme official site will do the same deal soon.

            • @superforever: I ordered one for my son, but he says he wants iPhone. I contacted JB to cancel the order but they said its already being shipped so can’t cancel and I can return for a refund once delivered. You can buy it from if if you want it. I am also in Sydney. PM me if you like.

  • I got this for my son in one of the last offers and he loves it - "The best phone he ever got" type. Spec wise it's basically a Samsung S20 Ultra and the camera is fantastic.. You can't get much better for this price.

    • Being honest, the camera on my 3 year old Mate 10 Pro was better (except for zoom ofc).

      • I dunno.. maybe subjective. Image quality was about on par with my old Huawei P30 Pro of the same era and similar specs. I've done shots with his phone and they're pretty good.

        • How is the battery life? Only 4,200 mAh battery

          • @superforever: My son is a pretty heavy user and uses it for Chatting / music / videos / games etc. It'll last him at least the day at school and well into the night. (he doesn't use USB or extra charging during the day).

  • Thanks OP mine is now shipped so delivery was real.

    • When did you place your order? Just trying to compare it with mine as I have not gotten any updates since placing the order.

      • Exactly 7am, seems like it's coming directly from a store

        • Ah, mine was at 8 am. I'll just wait a little longer and see. Thanks!

  • If anyone wants to sell there’s let me know? I ordered last night , they sent me an email saying out of stock

  • +2

    I bought this phone around 2 years before on sale for $499. Still using it. Superfast phone, long battery life, superfast charging. Still perfect for me.

  • This phone looks excellent. Any chance another sale will come up? End of financial year perhaps??

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