[Price Error] HIMO H1 Foldable Electric Bike Folding E-Bike Compact Mini Bicycle 30KM HD LCD $189 Delivered @ AZEshop eBay

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Aluminium alloy frame alloy

Lightweight and portable

Battery life of 35Km

Waterproof digital instrument

Headlight switch status, battery display status and speed

I have one of these, bought one about 2 weeks ago for $388.
So massive price drop, clearly getting rid of stock. Have fun :)

Mod Update: Price error. Moved to forums.

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    Amazing price.. thanks for the post. Bought one

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    Definitely won't get honoured, the whole store has been priced at $189 on accident.

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      Yep, save yourself the headache of getting your money stuck and waiting for refund

      • Let us enjoy our hope

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      Thanks for saving my time.

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    Oh your right. The whole site is $189 😅. Well, I’ll guess I wait for the email for my refund. Thanks for the post

  • Yeah thanks OP !

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    Thanks bought 189 of them

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    Thanks just bought a Segway.

    • +2

      stares at this comment with a confused face

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    $189 is the advertised price. $179 with 'Afterpay10'

    • +17

      Impressive - applying a discount code to a price error.

      You have now received your black belt in OzBargain-do, Villainous-san. Use your powers wisely.

  • what's the power output of this thing?

    in the scope of e-bikes 15kg is decently light but not sure you'd want to be carrying it up and down staircases as depicted on their marketing :D

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      Do you even lift?

  • Also $189 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124964472026?epid=5032268514&hash=item1d187684da:g:8ToAAOSwsJJiVPCe:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!2212!AU!-1

    • that makes it look like a store-wide price error even more…

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    Gotta risk it for the biscuit.

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    Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter S Plus was $1499, now $189 too……

    Link here:


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    Questionable seller feedback

  • Max load 75kg, I’m 80kg can I ride on it?

    • +50

      Only once

    • +1

      You have already answered your question? lol

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      I'll need one for each cheek.

    • good excuse to start losing weight!

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      just the tip

    • The load surely refers to the cargo. Drivers' weight does not count.

  • This will either go down as the best deal ever, given the storewide $189 sale, or the biggest refund.

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      Nothing bigger then the Bunnings drone price scandal HAHA

      • That one is still epic to me. LoL

        • I still think about that $250 gc. Blooody good times. Was worth getting into work late.

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: some ppl actually got the drones tho. I was just a bit late to the party.

            • @kratos19: Well I expected nothing other than a refund and to have joined in on the hilarity. So I was over the moon that Bunnings came to the party

      • What happened. What's the story with the Bunnings drone price ?

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        @Jimothy Wongingtons Ah the good ol' days!

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    Oh when will Guangzhao build a foldable electric bike for the husky gentleman?

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    With no suspension and tiny wheels I hope whoever rides these doesn't want children!! Every join in a concrete path would hurt.

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      Exactly, that thing would be horrible to ride on normal roads and footpaths.

  • Cheers. Picked up a scooter lol

  • Got 3 segways. Waiting for cancel

  • Hahaha the transaction didn't go through and it came up with "the seller is on holiday" and wouldn't let me proceed.

    RIP. it's over.

  • Getting checkout error message while checking out

  • The seller is away until 07 May, 2022.

    One way ticket to Guam.

    • why Guam (just curious..)?

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    This thing looks absolutely f-ing stupid as.

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    that's a lotta damage

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    You would look like a clown riding this. Just need a red balloon nose and blow horn.

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    Price Design Error

  • This all sounds super dodgy, good luck to those who bought, sounds like you in for a fun few months chasing a refund…

    • "…few months chasing a refund…"
      Have you used ebay before?

  • -1

    That's inflation for you - the $2 shop is now the $189 shop.

  • Please enlist your cancellation emails here.. @[email protected]

  • Giving money and waiting for a refund. You're just offsetting the interest of someone's loan.

  • It's been relisted at the same price


  • damn. the ninebot go kart was also $189 price error too.

  • -2

    No thanks, I would rather…WALK

  • +1

    Bicycle for ants

  • I got an order through for a segway via paypal. This will be interesting haha

  • Order cancelled

    • Oh no. No email for me yet

  • Update: I received the email regarding price error on my order and got my refund. Boooo

  • +1

    It's definitely not a (profanity) magnet and isn't for the self-conscious.
    I fell in love with mine, the moment the seat went up my ass.

    It has a whopping top speed of 16-18kmh so you cruise in style.

  • Looking at the seller's store, I don't see any products listed any more. Also, the following banner is at the top:

    The seller is away until 07 May 2022. Expect a delay in delivery until they return.

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    I'm not sure why people go ahead and make purchases that are clearly pricing errors (of this magnitude) and you know there's 99% chance you won't get the item for that price. Is the 1% worth the gamble to have your money locked up and go through the refund process? Like clearly this deal was never going to be honoured.

    • There are certain times that the companies do honour the price error if you’re quick and early (eg the Nintendo Switch consoles from TGG)

  • Wow what a design

  • Looks kinda like a toy donkey on wheels, without the head

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