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Razer Enki Quartz Gaming Chair $399 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


Hi.. Cheapest I've seen this.. I've owned it for 6 month and I'm very happy with it.. Very good build quality. Takes a bit of time to get used to the back support.. But once you've worn it in its extremely comfortable.

This is not your average gaming chair… Sure it looks like it.. But the quality and comfort level are worth the extra price.

I don't think you'd get a better chair for the money.. Only downside is its pink.

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    Just in time for mother's day

  • Oh no I am in vic, $44 on shipping, I might just buy it ;)

  • why is pink a downside

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      Depends.. I got it in this colour.. Cuz the blacks never on sale.. I care more about price then colour.. But some dudes would care.

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        They should have named it the Razer Kinki

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        Blacks haven't been on sale for a few generations now

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        And you going to tell us you not gay, but your boyfriend is……

  • Think I saw the same Chair at Officeworks same price too but in Black.

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      Don't confuse it with the enki x


      Not the same chair.. Lacks many of the features like the natural tilt back and the adjustable arms.

      • I just looked this up and the Enki comes with a head cushion, 4d vs 2d adjustable arms and the tilt mechanism is different. Everything else is pretty much the same. Enki is definitely better than the Enki X

  • M… BYO chair to the office.

  • this would fit a woman but not a XXL man?

    • I'm 6'4 130kg.. Fits me fine.

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