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$2 off e.g. KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket $8 (Normally $10) @ KFC via app


Just ordered KFC popcorn chicken, showed as $10 in app but when I got to the checkout screen it automatically applied a $2 discount.

Have just gone through flow again without placing and it is still applying the discount once you reach the checkout screen.

Store KFC East Brighton

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    No love for me

    • Make sure you go all the way to checkout. For me it showed as $10, even when I added to order, it was only adjusted once I clicked checkout

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    My boys were sacrificed for the greater good.

  • Not for me either, Cranbourne

  • Voucher for not using the app for a few weeks?

    • might be the reverse, voucher for using the app too frequently in the last few weeks :D

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        Cool ha. I usually get some kind of % off or $ off after about 2 months of not using the app

        • Same here. Made another account just recently so I can leave one account idle for the discount. I think it might be a monthly thing.

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    went all the way to the place order button, no luck

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    The deal is for $2 off a certain spend amount. KFC target users who haven't ordered for a while to give discounts to

    • Or 20% off.

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        My last one was $5 off $10 spend and that was pretty generous as my account was only 2 months idle without an order

  • no love for me. Just paid $10 for it this noon.

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    Was looking forward to these having skipped lunch, they tasted terrible, weren't they better in the past?

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      You probably just got a bad batch or have covid. They're the same as always.

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        Extremely small pieces, quite dry, maybe tge kids overfried

        • Most likely.

        • i experienced the same the last time i grabbed the 10$ bucket, normal popcorn chicken that comes in the meals were fine (same store)

        • We had the same the other day. Got them as a snack for the kids on the way past but they didn't eat them so had to investigate.

          They had clearly been cooked too long and sitting there too long; they were dry and rubbery (toward overcooked calamari texture) and were over-salted to compensate.

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      Good, thought it was only me who thought they used to be better

      • They used to taste like little pieces of chicken but they have gotten an artificial/processed taste recently. Could be my imagination.

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          maybe they change the brand of 11 secret herbicide and insecticide the used marinate the chicken

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      Cheap for a reason

  • not for me tho

  • Doesn’t work for me

  • which tab/tile is the bucket?

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