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The Wand Company Pokémon Prop Replica Great Ball $74.84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest I've seen it, previous deal was $129.

Great Ball for $74.84 @ Amazon AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +26

    Amazon prices are screwed, I mean how the hell does a regular pokemon ball cost more than the ultra ball?

    • +1

      Why doesn't it cost the same? It's the same size and material.

      I think your perception of relative scarcity is screwed :p

      • +47

        the capture rate on a great ball is much better

      • +1

        But the catch rate is lower

        • I only had one of the earlier games. Wasn't the master ball the best one or something like that?

    • +4

      More popular (more iconic), and people are willing to spend more so they price it higher.

    • +1

      Because the original Pokeball is iconic, every other ball is a design nightmare.

      Personal opinion but the great ball design is so damn ugly I wouldn't pay any money to have a replica of it.

      • +4

        every other ball is a design nightmare

        You're just upset that you can't afford Luxury Balls.

        • +2

          When I want to catch pokemon I use a cricket bat and pillowcase. Like a real man.

      • Have a neg! How dare you checks notes tell us your opinion

  • +28

    Does it come with a Premier Ball if we buy 10?

    • +2

      Only if it's a third generation or above pokeball.

  • +3

    Imagine how much it would cost to catch mew or any legendary lol

  • +5

    TLDR ozbargain has alot of Pokemon fans

  • +6

    Does it do anything? Why buy this, genuine question as i am considering buying it so need a reason.

    • +4

      It lights up and stuff HAHA

      • +3

        Oh man, the world feels a little broken…
        Good link though

    • They seem solid enough, could probably catch a burglar with one.

    • +4

      Can’t speak for everyone, but I collect prop replicas and “toys” or collectibles that are 1:1 reproduction of stuff that appeared in my favourite media. It’s just a form of sculpture that I like.

      I’m mostly into helmets and masks, and I’m massively into Starwars stuff, Darth Vaders helmet, Luke’s X-wing helmet, various mandalorian helmets. But I’m a comic book, video game, fantasy and sci-fi geek. I have a replica of Chief’s helmet from Halo, War Machine and Iton Man’s helmet from the marvel movies. Spider-Man and Deadpool and Rorsarch’d mask from The watchmen. A replica of a velociraptor claw from Jurassic park, and various stuff from doctor who, back to the future and some other stuff.

      A replica pokeball is on my wish list. A bunch of them to have as a displayable set would be (profanity) rad,

      Between cosplayers and nerd prop collectors - there’s a gigantic market for this kind of thing.

      I have a LOT of lego that I collect to build and display, and a 3D printer to make my own stuff when something comes up that I can do a decent job of making for myself. But mostly it’s just an an art collection. I have posters and soundtrack vinyl I keep in wall display cases as well.

      • You are not alone… I’ve been looking for a 1:1 scale Master Chief helmet for a while (preferably battle damaged slightly) made of decent quality materials. Which one do you have out of curiosity?

  • +1

    Showing as $108.29 for me.

    • +1

      They were price matching The Nile Australia who had it for $74.83 with one in stock. Looks like somebody purchased that unit and Amazon reverted the price on theirs.

    • Me too :(

      I would've jumped on this for $75. I have the regular Pokeball right now and it's awesome.

      • $69.84 now just have to choose the different seller

  • -1

    For those who missed out and own a 3d printer!


    • +9

      That's like missing out on a deal for a Ferrari and someone linking you some lego

      • Ultimate Ozbargain deal- people love lego! Saves me $70 and will still sit there on a shelf.

      • It's bitter sweet, to be sure!

    • You wouldn't steal a car

      • But you would steal a Ferrari if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.

        • +1

          I’d definitely steal a car if the perso. I was stealing it from would still have their Ferrari afterwards and the guy who built the lego was still definitely going to be super wealthy and make a massive profit from making his Ferrari. Especially if I’d already spent a bunch of money on stuff that rewarded the guy who made the Ferrari and the only person worse off from me stealing instead of buying one was a middleman who had inserted them self into the chain to make money while not actually contributing anything of worth to the process because they’d changed their market position from making life so much easier and being a time and money saver, to one of being a gatekeeper and pain in the ass who keeps jacking their prices and decreasing their service quality.

          So (profanity) netflix and hoist the Jolly Roger…. What were we talking about again?

  • Is there any Pikachu in the ball?

    • +4

      No, but the ball will peek at you.

  • +1

    I wanna be the very best

  • Somehow i have been charged 59.84$





    Total before GST:






    Promotion Applied:


    Order total

  • +3

    69.84 now. Just bought one.

    • +1

      same, just have to choose the cheaper seller

      • damn.. I already got charged 74 bucks

        • +1

          just cancel, easy fixed

          • @shap08: for some reason cannot cancel.

            • @kakarot123: Yes, happened to me too. Guess they want to ship out quickly. Just as well, as it’s out of stock at the sub $75 price bracket everywhere.

      • Who was the cheaper seller? Amazon or third party?

        • amazon
          https://imgur.com/a/u2AmZMC if you want to price match

          • +2

            @shap08: I don’t understand why they reduced further when their aim was to price match The Nile.

            I’m wondering - do Amazon refund the difference (if requested) due to a lower price on same item shortly after original purchase? This has happened to me on a few occasions.

  • +1

    Noice, gift for pokenerd brother sorted.

  • What does it do?

    I don't know, but it is doing it right now!

  • Already delivered, Amazon must really have wanted rid of these.

    • -1

      i would not be surprised if amazon does want to get rid of them… i just can't get around with my head to pay over $70 and call this as a bargain.

      i would better off get myself 10 packs of condom and get over with

  • If anyone wanted to return theirs but would be happy to “return” it for a refund from me (I’d cover postage too of course) then please PM me

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