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Breville BCG200BSS The Coffee & Spice Grinder $28 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU /+ Del ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


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    What my best local barista uses

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      I use kitchen knives, different types for different grinds. Customers are very happy.

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        Sounds like i should visit your cafe

  • Thanks op

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    This or the Kmart grinder for green herbs?

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      I think the herb enthusiast highly rate the kmart ones

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    This is NOT a grinder. It is a chopper, using rotating blades like a mini blender. It might be OK for spices, but definitely not recommended for coffee. Get a conical burr grinder.

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      Beat me to it.
      Not a grinder…

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        Unless you swipe left…

    • Stupid sightly OT question, I'm trying to make a move to a Breville dual boiler (from a Nespresso machine), so this grinder ($28) and a French press ($55), what should I expect?

      Nespresso level/taste?
      The water content seems high as I generally espressos..?

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        I'd rather buy pre-ground than use a chopper. They are under $100 for a Sunbeam EM0440.
        Or you can get a hand-grinder for around the $28 price.

        Nespresso tastes good IMO, but can get expensive for the pods.

        • I'm using this atm, do you have any suggestions for a conical burr grinder?

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          Just found out about this. Been using the kmart grinder/chopper and have realised i can't get consistent quality grinding on it. Sometimes coffee comes out very fine to the point it blocks my espresso machine, other times it too coarse to the point where coffee is tasteless. Bought a ground bag the other day to experiment and it is a world of difference. Now I'm going to only buy ground coffee until i can afford a proper grinder

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        A French press will taste nothing like an espresso/Nespresso, whether or not you use this grinder.

        If you’re looking to move from a Nespresso to a BDB with a step in between, get a Breville Smart Grinder Pro and a Breville Bambino. That grinder will manage for the BDB, at least until you get upgrade-itis.

      • Just realised that you might be trying to shift off the pods to save $$$ for the BDB, in which case I’d probably just do instant coffee until you’d saved the $. If you’re really desperate for espresso, maybe look at a hand grinder and a Wacaco device (Nanopresso etc), the latter can be had cheap secondhand.

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        Just to compare hand-made coffee options (opposed to machines), I would start by mentioning that the French press is a relatively unforgiving method in that it requires a good grinder to get good results, more so than some other methods. For French press, you want a fairly large grind size as the coffee steeps for a while, and cheap grinders (burr included) tend to produce a lot of fines that get overextracted compared to the properly sized larger pieces. With these spinning blade grinders the size of the coffee grounds is wildly inconsistent and usually you end up with a lot of fines. And since the French press doesn't filter those out, that sludge just gets into your cup and ruins it. And yes, it's nothing like espresso.

        A more forgiving method would be something like an Aeropress or Delter Press which have the coffee immersed for a shorter period of time and use paper filters that stop the vast majority of the fines (Aeropress) or all of them (Delter Press). Or a pourover method could work too, since again, they use a paper filter and the immersion time isn't that high. That said, I haven't tried pourover with blade grinder coffee like I have with the Aeropress. These also taste like filter coffee though, not espresso.

        But I would say now, just don't bother with the blade grinder - as bargaino mentioned, a burr grinder like a hand grinder or EM0440 would be better on a budget. Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a good option if budget allows though. I had the EM0440 and have the Smart Grinder Pro, and would recommend just going for the Smart Grinder Pro if you can. It would probably be the first item I would buy (if you can find it on sale) since it can carry you quite far through your coffee journey.

        In terms of taste, a moka pot will be the closest to espresso in style if that's what you're after (other than a handheld or traditional espresso machine) as it does produce a concentrated coffee product. They're less forgiving than Aeropress etc in terms of complexity of operation if you want to get good results, but could be worth looking at particularly as they can be real cheap and are often found in op shops.

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          Thanks all for the replies!

          So I've cancelled the Secura French Press which I bought off Amazon haha.

          I grabbed a Bialetti Moka, hopefully this is probably more closer to what I think I want without the price tag of the BDB?

          I'm on with getting the BDB, but I feel like it's going all in on something I have no experience with and I'm afraid I won't be able to tell the difference (from Nespresso/Mocha Kenya/local Cafe).

          Can't cancel the $28 grinder lol, and burr sounds like the way to go, but $28 bucks is ok given I can repurpose it. I'll keep an eye out for the sgp!

          The BDB is at a price point which I think is a good place to end up at? whereas the bambino sounds like a temporary go-to?

          I'd hate to sink $1k and realise that Nespresso is same same (I'm not there yet). Hard to tackle without jumping in! Not really budget constrained but also need to be able to experience the value.

          If I can ask, on a scale from 0-100, where do you guys place Mocha Kenya (very exotic lolol), Nespresso capsule coffee, Moka & BDB?

          • @Kammi: I bought a Bialetti Moka for camping, used a hand grinder I bought during the Aeropress deal from Barty to grind the coffee. I really enjoyed the coffee. I used a Bialetti Crema milk frother which I also put on the camping stove which also worked great. At home/work I use pods with the occasional coffee bought from a store.

            • @heal: Is that the Rhinowares Compact Grinder?

              • @Kammi: Sorry not sure exactly, I'm at work and the grinder is at home packed away with the camping gear

          • +1

            @Kammi: I haven't tried Mocha Kenya, but let's say your instant coffee is 50, Nespresso is 60-65, Mokapot and BDB can be anywhere from 30-95 depending on preparation, coffee beans and grinder.

            Unfortunately good espresso can be quite expensive. Generally, the rule of thumb is that you spend at least the same amount or more, on your coffee grinder as you did on the espresso machine.

            I used the Breville Smart Grinder Pro for about 6 years, but when I got a BDB, I realised that the BDB was capable of making much better espresso than the Smart Grinder Pro was capable of producing. I ended up going with the Eureka Mignon Specialita. Which all up with the machine cost me 2k.

            If you are after more info or advice on espresso, hit up the coffeesnobs.com.au forum. People on there are very friendly and often people are selling secondhand coffee equipment because they have upgraded. Sometimes they even give it away.

            Don't worry though, you don't need to spend 2k. You could easily get a good setup for under 1k, but just be prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a burr grinder.

            • @Smithy000: Thanks!

              I've since gotten the moka and its tastes a lot better than then automatic coffee machine at work! Tasted like dirty water and I just tipped it out lol.

              Had an espresso at the local cafe and its so much thicker then the moka. The Moka is great! Not as bitter as the Nespresso U, but don't know if that's the pods?

              The Eureka Mignon Specialita, is that good two people? Maybe 1-2 coffees per day.

              The Niche Zero, its $1k delivered here and is dispatched July! So expensive!

              I'm happy with the moka with vittoria pre ground beans from woolies…

              Want the NZ… But can't work myself up to click buy!

  • Cheers OP

  • +2

    With a couple years experience of coffee, I'd say it's best to avoid blade grinders. I've had this one in the past from a similar deal and quickly swapped it out for a burr grinder. Blade grinders don't have consistent grind sizes at all

    Save the money and get the better product.

  • Thanks OP ordered 1😀

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    They're great for chunky bud

    • +2

      Ah yes, those parsley buds.

  • Thanks. Ordered 1

  • Anyone know if this can grind sesame seeds?

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      Probably. I have one of these and used it last night to dice up coriander seeds. Only issue might be the blades have a clearance of about 5mm from the floor, so you can't do a small amount at a time - need to batch it.

      • Is this glass with steel bottom and blades or is it mainly plastic with steel blades?

        • The 'tray' the food sits in and blades are steel, the cover you press down on that seals it is clear plastic. It's pretty sturdy, I have had no complaints.

    • Sure. I use ours to grind the spice packets from Curry Traders when making a curry. Mine has a problem where by the blades occasionally seize up for some reason forcing me to take the bottom off the unit giving the shaft a bit of a push and it goes again for a while. Breville weren't too interested when I asked them about it. Maybe the problems been fixed now?

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    comes up as $5 item cost + $40shipping, despite having prime
    ?sold out

    • yep, same. $5 + $40 (Delivery).

    • Yes but that's by another seller, this one is sold by Amazon.

  • link working fine for me, shows $28 still..

  • +3

    Bought one of these during lockdown when i was all about making curries. Best spice grinder per reviews that i read, and i have to say that i'm a fan. Cleaning can suck a bit as its not dishwasher safe, but then again, its not that bad. Wipe out and/or put a bit of water in and blitz it and dry. And I dont know how you'd get around it or a better product when it comes to grinding freshly toasted spices. Certainly not for coffee, but if you want something for spices, this is great.

    • Why not for coffee?

      • +1

        Grind size matters a whole lot for brewing coffee: a blade grinder like this gives you virtually no control over your grind size and tends to produce too many fines, resulting in overextracted, off-tasting coffee.

        • thanks which is a good burr grinder to get from Amazon?

      • Just not a uniform coffee grind. Too rough for coffee imo. You could grind for 20 seconds, stuff gets bogged down closer to the blade and become very fine vs stuff thats moving around freely in the container. You end up with uneven grounds and its just not what you want (IMO).

  • I am currently using my Nutrabullet to grind and it does a pretty good job… Will this be any better?

    • +1

      Not really

  • Thanks OP, bought one for grinding herbs and nuts…

  • Thanks, link Scrim provided worked, dont know why it was showing something else.
    Just ordered

    • +3

      Why neg me? I reported something that was not quite right. The link was fixed after I reported it.
      And I got it for $28 with 0 delivery charge. So Neg this and less ppl know about it.

      • I got same thing on my desktop. I ordered one from Catch.

  • I use a Bialetti stove top for my Espresso….is this OK to grind the beans for this purpose?

    • How you finding this!? (Just bought one)

    • I use this exact grinder in a Bialetti stove Moka pot and I think it's fine.

      Maybe my coffee tastes aren't as 'cultured' as everyone else in here?

  • +1

    Would this finely grind walnuts or would they get stuck? My parents have gone through 3-4 this year alone which I've wasted money on and none seem to grind fine, they all leave chunks of walnut

  • I echo similar sentiments from others. This does not work very well for coffee. I also had one burn out on me after two uses. I filled about a third of the cup each time and, so was not overfilling. I read similar complaints online about the motor burning out easily, only after I experienced it.
    I know the Kmart one is not great for coffee either, but it ground the coffee more consistently and the motor is still running for me.

  • -1

    I'm sure it useful for other thing beside coffee and spices.

  • +1

    FWIW, I use one of these for my coffee and I think it's perfectly fine.

  • wow missed this just recently bought from TGGC for 48$ :(

  • this used to be $25 at Good guys before Pandemic

  • +1

    Mine just arrived from Amazon. Literally slapped the shipping label on the Product Box and sent out…

    • I got mine in that manner as well… At least I know I'm not the only person.

    • The person who works there probably knew we all bought in the super cheap and that Amazon aren't making much of anything selling these

    • +1

      There's an option during checkout for it to be packaged into another box for some items. This was the first item I'd seen it for.

  • Currently it is $5 in Amazon AU.

    • with $40 delivery fee

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