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EKO 75" 4K Ultra HD Smart WebOS TV - K75USW $879 (Free C&C/ Delivery from $62) @ Big W


EKO 75" 4K Ultra HD Smart webOS TV $879 in this week's BIGW catalogue.
I've had a different model Eko for the last year and it's great for the price.

Was $1399

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    Might be this model, currently $1399: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-75-4k-ultra-hd-smart-web...

    Should be the correct model. Same article number: 139916

    • Thanks!

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    a friend work at bigw said she saw lots of return on this brand tv.

    • To be fair, EKO is a budget brand and exclusively sold through Big W.

      • And BigW also only sells like four brands.

      • EKO, Toshiba and Blaupunkt are all currently sold in Australia by Ayonz https://www.ayonz.com/ By the looks of it EKO and Blaupunkt are identical products with different badge.

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    Ive got 2 different eko tvs for 2 years now still working perfectly

  • How long is the warranty for EKO TVs?

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      12months manufacturer, +ACL expected retailer warranty.

  • One could consider purchasing with discounted gift cards, I know racv (and probably the other states) offer 5% off bigw gift cards.

    • One might also have 7x EDR points available. 879 x 7 = 6153 = $30.77 (or at least $30) off a future shop.

  • is big but you may prefer the better picture quality of the 65" QLED K75QHZ

    • If anywhere had stock I would get it.

    • You mean this one for $1299? Not really the same ballpark.

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    For anyone concerned about quality, don't be. I've already had mine for 72h so far with no issues yet.

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      We'll revisit this in another 72h

  • OMG so cheap. Very tempted but my Soniq 4k 65" bought 5 years ago still going strong.

  • I don't know its not trusted brand; just scored 65 qled around 1k totally worth it ;)

    • What Qled did you choose?

      • samsung the frame 65'

        • 1k? Damn, thats a good price. They usually hover around $1500.

        • Damn where did you get that?

    • Where did you get one?

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    Bought a smaller size last year and it's been doing OK. The only issues I have with it is the builtin Chromecast sometimes freeze and the TV won't take command from my phone. It also turn itself back on right after you turn it off if you have certain things playing on the TV.

    Otherwise, picture quality is great for the price

    • Same issue with TCL Android TV.

  • Use mine as a dumb TV monitor, with an Apple TV for the smarts, and a soundbar for the sounds.
    I’m happy with the picture, but the light bleed might irritate some for dark scenes (bleed is most noticeable on full black credit screens, where backlight turns on/off).
    Note you can probably organise delivery cheaper in store doing C&C, like I did when I realised it wouldn’t fit in my car.

  • I got the 1/1 of my local. Hope its not shit!

    • It's so cheap it doesn't matter.

      Put up with some poor blacks for a couple of years then upgrade to an OLED

  • I had this brand. Pretty bad. Slow menu, poor motion specially with black images, yellowish on the corners, very crap. I sold it on gumtree couple months later.

  • My 65 inch become land fill after 15 months. I suggest you avoid.

  • The sound is ridiculously tinny… but nothing a soundbar wont fix I guess

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