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UMIDIGI A13 Pro 6.7" 6+128GB - $250.13 Delivered @ UMIDIGI eBay


Decent deal on at the moment, phone discounted by ~$50 and shipping from Australian stock rather than overseas. Already 13% off and can get another $10 off with coupon code.

Disclaimer: I was requested to post this by a UMIDIGI rep via email.

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  • CPU and screen are a let down

    • Unisoc Tiger T610 and 720p is kind of… eh

  • $228 for me using code: PMAY12

  • Apart from the other letdowns already mentioned the 21x9 aspect ratio for the screen is annoying. 18x9 is ideal.

  • i had a Umidigi from a while ago that they advertised with having this super strong screen that can't be damaged … mine literally dropped 30 cm and the screen smashed and went funny … they refused to fix it … turned me right off :(

    • -1

      You dropped it though..

  • +2

    I had an Umidigi that stopped working after 8 months. Customer support is terrible.

  • after the experience I (and my family) have had with Umidigi phones - - I suggest avoiding them.

    my last umidigi phone was the A7 pro. got it in July 2021. it lasted about 3 weeks before It died overnight whilst charging (did not turn on).
    that phone was bought as a replacement for the Umidigi F2 that I had been using for 9 months. I dropped the phone about 1 metre on to carpet and the microphone became too temperamental - wouldn't work 70 +% of the calls, and the wifi stopped working. (prior to that I had a meizu M6 note which lasted over 2 years and was a replacement between phones whilst waiting for delivery).
    I bought 2 of my kids Umidigi phones A3X + A5 Pro. less than 6 months later - one stopped working (just stopped - no damage -just wouldn't wake up after charging - dead) . the other - the screen started glitching/ghosting so much that it became unusable.
    bought my kids an Iphone8 each , and myself a samsung a22 (which I dislike)

    • Well you beat me. I had one that appeared to have problems after updating and had a corruption message if I could get the screen to do anything. Just shows how desparaye I am for a deal I was looking at this.

  • +1

    Avoid like plague. If you are after a budget phone get a Poco or Xiaomi. May have to spend $50 extra for same specs but it will be worth it. This is using some third rate chinese processor from Unisoc and support will be non existent.

  • I have used the A7 pro for close to 2 years. By far the best budget phone I used. Great battery life. Decent camera. Tough screen and body. I have dropped it 1000s of times on carpet, tiles, wood and tar roads. The original screen protector and cover have been fab.I wish they keep making these phones in future.

  • They are good budget phones while they work, but reliability is questionable. If you experience any problem, you may as well throw it away. No support, and customer service is terrible if not non-existent.

    Had three of them between myself and family members. No more.

  • PMAY12

    I have bought UMIDIGI phones for my mother and daughter and they haven't had any trouble with them….

  • I had an umidigi phone a few years back and it was great for the price. Sold it on after 12 months to upgrade. This one doesn't seem good value

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