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Roasted and Salted Cashews 800g $10 @ Coles


Cashews are native to South America and were introduced to Africa, South East Asia and India. These countries are the major growing regions today.

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    Is it International Cashew Awareness Day?

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      Minimum word count required for description.

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        Coles has a minimum word count for their own website?

        • Minimum words not to offend the elected president or Cashews from South America, under Venezuelan law.

    • It must be.

      • Did I miss something? I'm a bit confused…

      • Cry racist for what?

  • In a way, Cashews are cheaper than lettuce :)

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      $ per calorie?

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    You can buy 750g of salted peanuts from Aldi for like $4. That's nuts… Although they're not actually a nut, they taste pretty damn good.

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      Ok goober

    • Cashews aren't nuts either.

      Listen from about 35 minutes here to find out more! 😁 https://youtu.be/ABUMvhOnPn0

      • They're apple seeds right? I saw some pictures a while back. Crazy!

    • I think you should also try raw peanuts.. (with red skin) peanuts, healthier and taste good too..you may find in Indian store..

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    Come for the bargains
    Stay for the historical georgaphy lessons !!

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    Is it true that these nuts are roasted and salted, or is this a (R)oasted (S)alted (mith)? I think he's trying to warn us guys.

  • I heard that these cashews aren't that great though. I'm all for cheaper cashews, but not if the flavour isn't good. Anyone tried them? If they are just a bit salty, I don't care about that

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      Aldi's salted and roasted cashews are frequently around this price (often cheaper when they have the 1kg bag) and taste good. They're my go to snack. I used to get their mixed nuts (also the Forresters brand) but I kept getting off nuts. Not much of an issue for many, but I tend to eat them by having a handful and blindly shoving them in my gob. The hit of an off roasted nut isn't awful but not one I'd choose willingly.

      • I'll keep an eye out for the aldi bulk packs then, thanks

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        I appreciate knowing more about your nut eating habits

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          better than the habits of your nuts

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          Send me your credit card details and I'll phone you and go through in exquisite detail how I eat a banana.

  • colesworth cashews in the cheap packaging are crap.Costco for the win. Even my local nut man has better cashes than them(colesworth)

    • At what cost?

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        was just under 20 bucks last week(few bucks off - on special) for 1.3kg. The actual nut is larger and softer…

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      Costco imports cashews from Vietnam
      Not sure where the coles/Woolworths nuts are sourced

      • Aldi's version is also from Vietnam.

    • how much in costco (and is it cheaper than this deal) ?

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        More expensive, but they are about 10+ times better.

        I want to try Australian ones, but last time I checked they were 60 bucks a kilo.I love Australian but not that much….

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    ww is matching coles yet?

  • Free with perks voucher?

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